just placed my order

just placed my order

queue now at 14,xxx

josephkane | October 28, 2014

Obviously, the demand is still building, I ordered in mid September and got 12592. Looks like 1500 since then.

NumberOne | October 28, 2014

Just wait until people start seeing the first ones out. I think it is going to be like wildfire, although many people still cannot afford it.

sofaguy | October 28, 2014

have been waiting over a year & 1/2, about # 400 !!
can't wait, a model s with dual is not he answer.

NumberOne | October 29, 2014

I have had my reservation for over 2 years already. I had a HPWC installed about a year ago, in order to get on a pilot program which provides electricity a very low rate and included a dedicated meter as part of the option. Well, since the HPWC is the only thing that meter connects to, the electric company has stops by monthly and does tamper and function checks, because they do not seem to believe me that I am waiting for my car, which will be the only thing connected to it. I am really anticipating production, and their visit this morning just reminded me again!

jjs | October 29, 2014

LeonardD - Best wishes in getting your car soon. A year with a lonely HPWC that's a new one!

Let's see... An used HPWC is a terrible thing to waste.

NumberOne | October 29, 2014

jjs, At least there was a tax credit for EV charging equipment at the time I made the purchase, so I did not really pay more than the current cost for the HPWC, and I had to have some [prior homeowner] amateur electrical issues that needed correction, so it was not a total waste.

Still, seeing the lonely HPWC on the wall, right next to the Tesla logo which was so painstakingly painted onto the wall...

Brian Vicars | October 29, 2014

I ordered my HPWC two week after reserving my Model X. Since I am running the #3 wires underground to my detached garage, i will wait till next Spring to complete the installation. I have a 100A breaker to run the power.

dortor | October 29, 2014

if you can I would run more power or at least more wires - once I got one electric car it's become obvious you need two and then you have the issue of how/where do I charge two cars...

wire is reasonably cheap - so I'll pull extra wire - and then worry about how to power that wire later....

Iowa92x | October 29, 2014

Cool story, bro.

Brian H | October 30, 2014

Prudent. Smart. | October 31, 2014

Or one could just gang a couple of 50 amp outlets and set the cars to charge at different times which would take care of the vast majority of occasions. (We don't drive long distances much.). If circumstances change, one could always add wiring, breaker, meter, and distribution transformer.....