Local Reporter Gets Bleeped After Flooring My Model S During Interview

Local Reporter Gets Bleeped After Flooring My Model S During Interview

The Dayton Business Journal is doing a story on workplace charging and electric vehicles. I offered the reporter, Olivia Barrow, a chance to test drive my Model S. We approached a stop light and I told her to floor it. You can imagine what was bleeped out, it starts with "Holy" and ends with an exclamation point.

Bighorn | February 4, 2014


Mathew98 | February 4, 2014

Nice. Nothing like an unsuspecting innocent potty mouth journalist.

Who's next on your test drive list?

Jewsh | February 4, 2014

Good work.

jordanrichard | February 4, 2014

Did they approach you or did you go to them. I have seen a few videos like this an dhave wondered how the TV station came to know the owner to do the interview.
Just curious.

tezzla.SoCal | February 4, 2014

I heard the high pitched whine also

jjb94941 | February 4, 2014

And it doesn't even appear to be a P85. Right?

lolachampcar | February 4, 2014

That is bleeping hilarious!

NKYTA | February 4, 2014

Very Nice!!

jordanrichard | February 4, 2014

In all the test drives I have done, I don't recall hearing such a pronounced whine when flooring it.

Tâm | February 4, 2014

I got mine (standard 85kWh) for more than a year and it has whined consistently when you floor the accelerator. Yes, since day 1.

You don't suggest my car carries some kind of whining disease after more than 32,000 miles, do you?

ir | February 4, 2014

The whine is normal, some cars are louder than others. The techs at the Fremont service center said it was the contactors when lots of current goes through them. No ideas how true that is.

TeslaLandShark | February 4, 2014

I usually don't hear it because I have the sound system playing but mine makes that whine too. Don't know if it was always there. I've had my S85 since March 2013. Car has been issue free so far.

paulfgoode | February 4, 2014

Nice video.

Andrew_OH_S60andS70D | February 5, 2014

Olivia wrote an article on the first Supercharger in Ohio, which is in Macedonia. When I saw the article, I sent a note telling her that I attended the ribbon cutting. She contacted me, and I asked if she had ever driven an EV. When I found out she had not, I offered her a test drive.

The two Ohio Tesla showrooms are not able to give test drives. The State shut them down because regulations state that test drives must start and end in the dealer's parking lot. Since the two showrooms are located in malls, the test drives were starting and ending in the mall garage. I believe Tesla is working to get a variance, but the Ohio Automobile Dealers Association is fighting it.

There are several owners in Ohio that are offering test drives to potential customers while this is all being worked out.

You are right, Jjb94941, mine is just a 60. I had a loaner P85 once, and it feels like twice the torque to me. A P85 would have yanked the camera out of the hands of the guy in the back seat.

Jewsh | February 5, 2014


"A P85 would have yanked the camera out of the hands of the guy in the back seat."

Hehe. I actually have footage my brother in law took when we did a short film on the Tesla Model S. I was at an on ramp and he asked me to floor it for effect.

Essentially the video was of my side profile, then him goading me to gun it, then of the roof of the car as he desperately tried to hold on. I believe at some point he uttered "Holy ()*@#$)*!!!!" or the like as well. :-)

Good on you for doing your part and giving test rides.

RedShift | February 5, 2014

That's hilarious!

The high pitch whining noise is back after the last software update in my car as well. It was gone from around May of last year till around October of last year.

Either they should silence it ( why is the noise dependent on different software versions? ) or they should get a better tone.

Sgt Barone | February 5, 2014

Good to see Tesla getting some publicity in the Dayton area!

Andrew_OH_S60andS70D | February 5, 2014
NKYTA | February 5, 2014

Cool, thanks OP!

AmpedUP | February 5, 2014

Andrew, I'm so stoked to see a "bleeped" response to the acceleration of an S60. It is almost impossible to find videos ANYWHERE that feature a standard MS. Thanks! (I will now stop obsessively researching 0-60 times of various cars in an effort to figure out if my S85 will be "good enough")

Captain_Zap | February 5, 2014

My "whine" is more like a the whistle of a turbo. I have a P85.
It has had that sound since new on aggressive acceleration.
I like it.

RedShift | February 5, 2014


So you paid 20k more to get a noise like a turbo. :-)

Mine sounds..... like a sad cat.

Roamer@AZ USA | February 5, 2014

The Holy Sh t thing is the best part of test drives. Almost seems to be a universal first timers reaction.