Mobile app?

Mobile app?

I was wondering if there is an ETA on the Mobile app and its features. I think it's one of the Top 10 most useful things about the car, and I'd love to have it soon. Will it be rolled out to both iPhone and Android? Any info would be appreciated.

Brian H | December 17, 2012

Big software release/upgrade Jan. 1 or so. Bigger than 4.0.

timdorr | December 17, 2012

I thought there was a 4.1 update rumored to be coming soon to address the bugs in 4.0?

amneet | December 17, 2012

Just got my model s on Sunday. They said its coming very soon.

kidalex | December 17, 2012

I was told that it was coming "soon" as well but no further details :-(

July10Models | December 17, 2012

The real question is; when will the SDK be released?

shawn.ellis | January 23, 2013

i have a windows phone,

Brian H | January 23, 2013

Soon, about, or so -- all weasel words, stretchable and almost meaningless (in practice).

Salman | January 23, 2013

@shawn.ellis, so do I. TM hasn't announced a version of the app for Windows Phone yet, so I'd recommend as many of us as possible ask them for one. I've already submitted a query to their questions forum.

Tylyoung | January 25, 2013

long overdue

Designtime | January 25, 2013

I suspect that the ratio of Windows phones among ModelS owners is higher than the population in general. That being said, I have little faith that we will ever see a Windows Phone app, even if market share triples.

I am pinning my hopes on them publishing the SDK.

Timo | January 25, 2013

"Windows phone" (usable that is) is really new. Their market share will increase quite a lot more than triple in incoming years (just because entire concept is so new: if you start at one and then buy two more you have just tripled your market share ;-P). I don't think it takes much time before that app is in their to-do lists.

OTOH I seem to started to count time in terms of decades instead of years, so maybe my "soon" is yours "not for ages".

murraypetera | January 26, 2013

Smart phone market share
Android 59%
iOS 35%
Windows 3.3%

I would guess time and energy will go to the bigger markets first.

You might get your app quicker by switching phones.
But the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

Designtime | January 26, 2013

Well I for one would certainly not switch phones to use the app. I would bet that no matter how quickly Windows Phone grows there will be no app in the next 2 years.

Like I wrote before, I am speculating that the percentage of Model S owners with Windows Phone is higher than the general population. I still think that our best bet is the SDK. At that point we will have access to the car from Windows machines and our phones.

Getting Amped Again | January 26, 2013

I think they need a Windows and Mac desktop app also for those who don't use or have a smartphone. They still want to precondition their car and battery while at home or work, plus set up Ready Time charging, etc.

I would assume (but I'm ignorant of the facts) that if they made the Windows PC version they could port it to a Windows phone OS pretty easily. Then just about everyone is happy. :)

patp | January 26, 2013

@Getting Amped Soon

When the app will become available, I'll post a solution that will let you do this from a Mac or Windows machine...