Model S ordering - Milestone tracking & emailing of significant events

Model S ordering - Milestone tracking & emailing of significant events

Tesla, if you're reading, I hope you would take this suggestion into consideration. It would be easy to implement and would greatly improve customer satisfaction. I want to propose that you add a "milestones" tracking to the My Dashboard page so it shows in chronological order the completion milestones of the car order, paired with auto email as these milestone events occur.

For example, when I was waiting for the VIN assignment, I just had to keep updating my browser everyday to see when something on my configuration would change. I had an expectation that I would get emailed but it didn't happen. When it showed up on the browser, I had no idea when it occurred and may have been days before I saw it. It also overwrote the prior event.

Knowing in time when these events occur is important because the customer has a dependency on it, such as insurance pending a VIN or electrician jobs pending receipt of HPWC.

I'm proposing that you simply show something similar to how UPS or Fedex shows order tracking. Significant events are presented as well as emailed. For example, something like this:

06/01/2014 Order confirmed

06/15/2014 Sourcing parts

06/28/2014 VIN assigned

07/11/2014 HPWC shipped
07/19/2014 Entered the production queue at our factory.
08/xx/2014 ....

sbeggs | September 1, 2014

@tsla500, good idea!

johncrab | September 1, 2014

I made a similar suggestion to my DS about flow of information during the process but if they played it for laughs I would be equally happy:

1) Order Confirmed
2) Beating up on vendors
3) Batching parts orders and talking to vendors' competitors
4) Very agreeable call from primary vendors
5) Hiring more elves
6) VIN assignment
7) Hiring non-drinking elves
8) Entering production queue
9) Explaining to non Brits and non Geeks what "queue" is
10) Meeting with Elf Shop Steward
11) Came to terms with #10
12) The Tesla Factory has begin building your car
13) We'll tell you more but we want you twitching in a corner for a while
14) We didn't really mean that last's coming. Relax.

EVino | September 1, 2014

jc, lots of laughs on that one. They all qualify as milestones, for sure! Or a diary.

Kpg81 | September 1, 2014

Yes great idea, just like what SolarCity does when having them build u a system.

EVino | September 1, 2014

Is that kpg1981 sharing a positive and agreeable sentiment? I knew you had it in you.

khaian1009 | January 26, 2015

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