Model S Performance vs Signature Performance

Model S Performance vs Signature Performance

I am trying to decide which model I should get : the Performance S or Signature Performance S.
It seems that most of the specs are the same once you add the tech package and sound studio package to the Performance S.

Even when adding those packages, the cost is still higher by $9000 for the Signature Performance model.

I know you can't get the red paint with the performance S, but is their really any other difference?
A Tesla rep told me not to bother with the Twin Chargers since you really won't need it 99% of the time.

Any thoughts?

Thanks, (and I hope this post doesn't get hacked like all our other posts here !)


jkirkebo | November 24, 2012

The difference is you can't get the Signature version anymore in North America or Europe. Sold out.

tomas.hutters | November 24, 2012

Hi Michael,

The short story is that you will indeed be paying a premium for going Signature. As far as I remember, early delivery, exclusive badging and Signature Red are the only unique Signature specs. This has been discussed in detail and at length here and elsewhere, but unfortunately we do not have access to all those good old Forum threads at the moment ;-)

mbarontseff | November 24, 2012

Thanks for the quick responses.
So looks like I will be going Performance S.

I figured this had to have been brought up here before. (Just can't see those discussions now).

tomas.hutters | November 24, 2012

And yes indeed, Model S Signature is a limited edition car (1.000 per region).

Brian H | November 24, 2012

EU was reduced to 500 Signatures, now sold out. Canada has a separate SSL + Sig. total of 200.