I searched the forum for a previous discussion on a future wagon model, but couldn't find it. Those posting seemed enthusiastic about the idea, and i'm sure it would be popular in Europe. I know there's a plan for an affordable sedan after the X, and then a pickup, but i would love to own a Model S Wagon, just like this one:

DTsea | January 9, 2014

Why? It's already got so much room....

negarholger | January 9, 2014

A hatchback is functionally the same as a wagon. You would gain a little space, but loose significant range.

jordanrichard | January 9, 2014

Though I am a fan of wagons, having owned both Mercedes and Volvo wagons, they are not as aerodynamic as a well designed sedan like the MS. The main problem is the back of the car, particularly Volvos that have a fairly straight flat back end. At highway speeds this has a drag affect. Elon said the reason the back end of the MS is sloped as it is, was to help with the aerodynamics, despite the limited view out the back.

Nicola | January 10, 2014

Yes, i understand about the drag issue- you would loose a little range, but not significant. And by the time they actually consider a wagon option (after Mod X, economy car and pickup) the battery tech will probably have improved enough to offer 700 mile range, in which case range loss is a minor issue. Also, if you're worried about drag, don't buy a pickup! Terrible drag. Maybe a battery improvement is what they are counting on to offset the pickup drag, too. I just like wagons. Europeans and Seattle-ites understand.

ian | January 10, 2014

Wagon lover here too. How'd you know I live in (ok, actually near) Seattle. I'd buy a Model S "avant" in a heartbeat!


David N | January 11, 2014

If nothing else it is an attractive design

Haeze | January 12, 2014

I would have figured the Model X would meet all the needs of Wagon lovers...

jordanrichard | January 12, 2014

The Model X would fill this niche, if the third row of seats could be removed.

alcassfast | January 12, 2014

Stunning looks.

ian | January 12, 2014

Except for that lovely 2 box design that is a true wagon. That also makes it so very un-aerodynamic.

Miggy | January 15, 2014

Good looking wagon, cross between the Jag and Mazda 6 wagons. but for me it would still be the sedan Model S and the Model S wagon for my wife.

Miggy | January 15, 2014

Just on Fuel consumption, the Mazda 6 is combined 6.6 litres per 100km for both the wagon and the sedan. this is for the petrol 2.5 litre model.

dchesterp | January 17, 2014

I'd buy another Model S if it was a wagon. I don't particularly like SUV styling of the Model X. With a wagon version of the Model S it could still have the pano roof.