Model X in Store

Model X in Store

I live near Philly, so does anyone know of a Model X in Store Yet?

kittylitter | December 19, 2015

None in any of the stores, yet.

carlk | December 19, 2015

I was at the Santano Row (San Jose) store Thursday. The guy there told me "don't quote me since no one knows" but he thought there will not be one at store until February/March. He said Tesla needs to ship every car they make to customers right now which I think makes sense. I have a feeling they are not too eager to sell more X at this time since there is already a huge backlog. | December 19, 2015

The folks in Rocklin also said the Feb timeframe.


snlnk | December 19, 2015

I was at the Dublin, CA store a couple of weeks ago and, likewise, the salesman there said he didn't expect an X in their store until March. But he also said that, before March, Tesla is going to invite groups of X reservation holders to test-drive events to help relieve angst of folks (like me) that would really like to see and feel one before ordering it. Of course I don't know how he got this info or how true it is, but it sounds like a great idea and I'd sure like to see it happen. Does anyone else know about any plans for such events?

SJVCommish | December 19, 2015

I was recently at the Boca Raton FL store and was told the same thing.

madodel | December 19, 2015

Not specifically, but I remember them doing something similar with the S. I had to drive to Harrisburg to test drive an S, but I didn't have one reserved and anyone could make an appointment to test drive it. That was before they had the KOP store. They just travelled around from place to place. I think they placed ads in newspapers and on the web site. It's been well over 2 years so I don't recall exactly. My DS (in Springfield NJ) said I will be getting my Signature a while before they get an X to demo.

kittylitter | December 19, 2015

Didn't Mark Templeton (founder #03) say he was leaving his blue X at the local showroom (somewhere in FL) while on his trip.

If you are near there you should look at his thread on this forum. I don't remember the exact name but it has "founder 03" in the title, I believe.

kittylitter | December 19, 2015

It's called "MX VIN 3 - Owner's report".

kittylitter | December 19, 2015

His car is/was in the West Palm Beach Tesla store while he is on a trip to the "left coast". If you are close to there and want to view I would suggest calling first.

DuSercan | December 19, 2015

Canada also said feb march. Sounds like a blanket statement to all dealers

ian | December 19, 2015

Hopefully this is an effort by Tesla to "under promise and over deliver." ;-)

SJVCommish | December 19, 2015

The West Palm Beach store is probably the one in Riviera Beach which is also a service center. That is where I will be taking delivery of my X.

JeffreyR | December 20, 2015

My birthday is in late February. Here's hoping they arrive for test drives by then!

William9 | December 24, 2015

June of 2012 Tesla had the "Get Amped" event at the factory to allow Model S reservation holders an opportunity to view and test drive. Was great fun and well done. Allowed us to finalize our Fall 2012 delivery. Am hopeful something similar is in the planning stages.

jordanrichard | December 24, 2015

DuSercan, Tesla has no dealers. They are called stores.

snlnk | December 28, 2015

@madodel, thanks for the info. I wish I could test drive first, but I'm convinced enough already that I'll love it that I'm not going to slow down configuring and ordering while waiting for a test drive. Hopefully I'll be able to configure in the next few weeks (RN 15,2xx).