Multi Coat (Pearl) White or Multi Coat Red

Multi Coat (Pearl) White or Multi Coat Red

Tan interior, pano roof for sure, MS 85, not P85. 19" Cyclones with MC Red. Is MC White better with Cyclones or standard 5-spoke 19s?

Yes, I just asked about color for white vs. black in another thread and still interested in that head's p comparison. My original order was MC red and the clock is ticking. Another poster suggested to stay with the MC red, so NOW I want opinion between just these two colors.

While I am driving my husband bat-sh*t crazy with my daily color decision changes, I KNOW you all get the dilemma and will support and advice me through my daily anguish as the clock ticks down on my pending order being final.

Ohmman | July 25, 2014

Red, and that's coming from a Pearl White owner. I got white because I live on a gravel road. It hides the dirt and looks great with dark wheels. It did not look as good with the stock rims, in my opinion (I installed aftermarket wheels). However, every time I see a red MS, I know it looks better than mine.

akikiki | July 25, 2014

I've had both. I first bought Pearl White and was happy beyond all possible universes. Then I saw the MC (Arrest-Me) Red in person. Sold the PW and ordered the Red.

But, there's no such thing as a bad looking MS or a "wrong" color. You will be happy with which ever you select.

Zyklus | July 25, 2014

@akikiki -- Why wouldn't you just get your car re-painted?

sule | July 25, 2014

Practical view: white is beautiful to me (and my kids) but needs to be very clean at all times to look its part. Better in sunny areas as it reflects more if the sun away. Style wise it more easily "washes away" and "looses detail" when observed from certain angles and with certain lighting. It could be more stunning than any other but also has the potential to be least stunning of all at other times, IMHO.

Red is the best "true colour" option. It makes its own statement.

Ultimately you need to pick what you feel like, what your style is and what will make you happy. For me some options were "too boring" other "too screaming", some "too demanding" :) etc... and I chose one that was just right... for me :)

akikiki | July 25, 2014

m-tesla, you are kiddin' right?

Mathew98 | July 25, 2014

Get the red. There will be plenty of fire fighters waiting in line to be your next hubby..

gtr | July 25, 2014

I originally wasn't going to go with the RED (my favorite color) as I was afraid it may look like the picture I had seen which had an orange tone to it. We thought we would go with white until we walked in to the Westfield Topanga store and looked at the RED Tesla... We were there for a test drive and it just so happened it was in the white Tesla. I even asked Adrian, our Owner Adviser, was the color I was looking at the RED that we would be getting, twice. We are getting the Multi-Coat Red P85 and I can't wait until the end of September...

Thomas N. | July 25, 2014

We have the Pearl White.

We were parked at the Buellton Supercharger the other day and there was a Black, Blue, Red and ours Supercharging.

Only the Pearl White showed the lines of the car. The other colors all lost the beautiful lines of the car in shadows but ours radiated beauty. I remarked to my son that only the Pearl White showed every line of the car.

We are extremely happy with the Pearl White, especially after seeing how dirty any other color gets quickly.

With all that being said our second Model S (for my wife - her choice) will be Red. So go figure! ;)

romainiacWV | July 25, 2014

I love the base white myself.

hikerockies | July 25, 2014

Color is a very subjective opinion, so here is another one :) I have a solid white S60 and a MC red S85. Model S in MC red looked amazing to me on delivery until I drove into my garage and parked it next to white. White just looks more elegant. Another thing I noticed that the car seems to have different personalities in these two colors. In white, it looks like a big, beautiful and elegant sedan. In red, it looks smaller and athletic as opposed to elegant. I drove a pearl white loaner for couple of days. I liked solid white better than pear white. Solid white is a bluer color than pearl white.

akikiki | July 25, 2014

Zyklus, m-tesla, I've built street rods and painted cars. The effort to strip all the non-metal off a car to get to every fraction of an inch of colored metal to change to another color is equal to taking a car completely apart and re-assembling it. If that is not enough description for you to visualize the effort of why not just paint it. Well, sorry.

Red Sage ca us | July 26, 2014

Pearl White -- for my Mom, but only because there isn't a Gold version.

RED -- for ME.

paulk2510 | July 26, 2014

We saw both the pearl white and red and kept flicking back and forth between the two. We ended up settling on the s85 with mc red (tan interior, pano, standard 19" wheels) after seeing the red in the showroom. At first we thought the showroom just had the lighting set up to make the red look better then what it would look like when we got it, but i must say that it looked even better when we received the car. This combination with the tan interior is fantastic! You won't be dissapointed.

johncrab | July 26, 2014

Tesla Red is just an unbelievable color. I was tempted. Really tempted. I live in the desert and just keep going back to pearl white which is what I ordered. It hides desert dirt well and is reflective. I also never grow tired of white but I do of other colors and I tend to keep my cars quite a while.

What tipped it for me is the police officers in my family who say they really do pay more attention to red cars, hence "Arrest-Me Red".

johncrab | July 26, 2014

Just a quick note...according to the Laws of Karma, if you order the touch-up paint before you get the car, this reduces the chance of needing it.

Trekker56 | July 26, 2014

I agree with hikerockies above. We have a solid white and love it. MC white had that yellowish tinge which we did not like neither paying $1,500 extra for it seemed worth it. White also shows the contrast of the dark Pano roof very well and makes it look very sporty.

P85D | July 26, 2014

Anyone notice the new grey, looks like Dolphin Grey is out. Love the new darker grey.

LMB | July 26, 2014

(LMB spouse)

LMB ordered the red sight unseen in 2012 (had to wait until May 2013) and loves it. It hides dirt very well, as the red just kind of shines through. Like most Tesla colors it looks very different under different lighting conditions. Try to get a look at one in bright sun, bright cloudy, dark cloudy, and twilight.

Electricious | July 26, 2014

I have the MC red and LMB is right---the color looks quite different in different lighting. I also don't like an orange-red, and this is not orange-red as the picture on Tesla's website. The color is gorgeous. The car is so beautiful. It also seems to hide dirt fairly well (at least compared to my last black car). I know you're also considering black, and given how easily dirt will show, I wouldn't select that color myself.

To help you decide, think about what is appealing (and unappealing) about the various colors you're considering. For me, I liked the idea of a car that drives this well (and this fast) to have a color that reflected that. Others like the idea of a "green" car having a more conservative color. Still others may want the color to reflect MS's elegance. Considering which aspect of the MS you want the color to reflect may help you decide on the right color for you.

jeffsstuff | July 27, 2014

I've never obsessed over car color before but I changed my model S color at least a dozen times before finalizing it. I ended up with the mc red and love it. Then again, I haven't seen a color I don't like although I'm not a huge fan of the gray (but that is my wife's favorite color).

xradr | July 27, 2014

I liked the red.

Also, might consider standard wheels. When you get the car, get rial luganos for $1100. save yourself $1400. The rial turbines look a little better IMO than the tesla version. | July 27, 2014

This is very helpful advice. Thanks to all of you for your input and I look forward to more before my finalize date of August 5 gets here. So keep the opinions coming, please!

I had all but eliminated the black, based on cooling in Florida (efficiency=distance), keeping it clean, and the dreaded swirl marks. But @Electricious has a good point of what the red, white and black will convey. Each a great color, each with a very different character. Nice to hear that the red hides dirt well.

I had changed my order to MC White over standard 19s with tan interior. I expect I will go back to the original MC Red over Cyclones, although I will look at aftermarket wheel options as @xradr suggests.

2kids10horses | July 27, 2014

My Pearl White isn't at all yellow. It's "whiter than white".

And dirt doesn't show. I washed it recently to remove the bugs off the paint armor, and when I did, I could see how much dirt was hiding there that I just hadn't noticed!

All Model S will show more dirt on the rear of the car than anywhere else.

Mathew98 | July 27, 2014

Dirty arse syndrome? Try wiping the butt more often with Optimum No Rinse...

Ohmman | July 27, 2014

One problem with ONR is that it leaves a slight residue which is an attractant to dust. Therefore, if you drive in dusty conditions (gravel road for me), you will find that you end up dirtier on the bum than if you'd just blown it off with a leaf blower.

No matter what, if you drive in dry/dusty conditions, the MS definitely collects around the license plate ridge and in the water channels of the back hatch. I vacuum a lot of it with my wet/dry vac, as necessary, and live with it the rest of the time.