Multipurpose Roof Rack

Multipurpose Roof Rack

Has anyone found a GOOD multipurpose roof rack for the Model S? I don't want to fool around and buy an inadequate one. Thanx! | February 22, 2014
RFD | February 22, 2014

Please note that the roof rack only works with the pano roof.

judimasters | February 22, 2014

Might there be one not from Tesla that works great?

bogartsdad | February 22, 2014

Yakima - go to web site, use model year 2012. Only for pano roof.

Pungoteague_Dave | February 22, 2014

Any roof rack specifically designed to fit the built-in roof mounting points on a BMW 3 series will work on the Model S. Racks for other BMW models may also work, but the 3 series (2012) is the only one that I have tested.

Rheumboy | February 22, 2014

Will it hold a deer?

judimasters | February 22, 2014

@ Rheumboy HaHaHaHa Gasp HaHaHa I get ya!

Brian H | February 24, 2014

If he's a deer hunter, he's not joking. aHaHaHaH ← cancelled laughter.

David W | February 24, 2014

White tail in the rear hatch.
Mule deer in the rear with the seats down.
Fallow deer in the Frunk.
Smaller yet ---> rear sub trunk.

Recommend that you get a full set of cargo liners!

renwo S alset | February 24, 2014

Can I carry a full sheet of plywood?

renwo S alset | February 24, 2014

Can I carry the plywood on top of the deer carcass?

David W | February 24, 2014


As long as you cut up both.

Recommend large ziplocks in addition to cargo liners!

EssDub | February 24, 2014

any idea what the effect on range is with a rack (without the deer, maybe with skis)?