Musk interview, Danish TV... sneak peek at huge Model X frunk...

Musk interview, Danish TV... sneak peek at huge Model X frunk...

Check out this link from the Danish television show DR:!/
Be sure to note how large the Model X frunk is! Big enough for two golf bags.

Dalec | September 28, 2015 | September 28, 2015

While the video is not in English, when Elon speaks it is in English.

At 29:42 someone off camera says "no photos" and then Elon says "It's fine don't worry about it". And then the camera pans to the Model X under construction (although it doesn't look like it is in a production line).

The Black Model X shown being built looks like one Falcon door is black and the other is white! The trunk does look wider than the Model S. You can also see the glass windshield goes all the way back to the front of the falcon doors.

Front view at 35:44, but it's not complete - no bumper or front facia.

A few seconds later is a 3D rendering view, but this is the original 2013 prototype.

mzero | September 28, 2015

he compared Tesla Motors to a child and

bobby | September 28, 2015

Thanks for posting this great video! I was struck by two things:

1. How emotionally invested Mr. Musk is in Tesla and SpaceX. I was struck by the fact that he started tearing up during the interview.

2. at 29:50, we get to see the frunk on the Model X, and it looks alarmingly small! Am I interpreting it wrong? It looks barely big enough to hold my gym bag (let alone golf clubs). It looks smaller than the "trunk" in my Italian sports car with a name that starts with F....

Either way, the good news is we'll get a lot more clarification tomorrow evening. :)


grant10k | September 28, 2015

@bobby, I think the frunk is deceptively wide. If you can fit a golf bag sideways, then you can fit two on top of each other, easy.

Rajkrishnan9 | September 28, 2015

Wow!! He must have been in a really soft mood!!!
How can that frunk hold 2 golf bags ????

mintoob | September 28, 2015

Great interview. Thanks for posting. I am glad to believe in his dream of sustainability and provide my support via MX purchase.

jordanrichard | September 28, 2015

Actually it was the interviewer that said "No Photos" in reaction to seeing a sign that stated that.

Red Sage ca us | September 28, 2015

Yeah. Elon has commented on that time before... He said that he hadn't really considered having a nervous breakdown... But that low point was probably the closest he had ever come to having one in his life.

Gert van Veen | September 29, 2015

Thanks for sharing.
Elon Musk is really committed. And under stress, of course. This commitment might be enough reason to buy a Tesla.

Pbfoot | September 29, 2015

Wish they would translate into English, would love to hear/watch and understand the entire program.

teslaver | September 29, 2015

awesome! thanks dalec.

teslaver | September 29, 2015

wow.. didnt see him so emotional before. Wish him & TM super success for the X! & yep.. seems like he has had bad luck with vacations.

Dalec | September 29, 2015

There is another Musk interview in which Elon was asked about the late Neil Armstrong slamming private space exploration. Elon teared up and choked up, and said that was hard to take because Armstrong was one of his heroes, while he was growing up during a very rough childhood. It was very sad to watch and actually brought me to tears watching it. I feel sorry for Elon and wish him the best.

Dalec | September 29, 2015

Here's a link to the 60 minutes interview with Elon Musk. Neil Armstrong section starts at 11:40.

David N | September 29, 2015

Very nice.
Elon is a true modern day champion of the good of humanity.

Ankit Mishra | September 29, 2015

Wow. Never seen that before. He was really hurt. Maybe that's why it's said "Never meet your heroes". Thanks for sharing.

Ankit Mishra | September 29, 2015

Would you have given up?

Elon- Never. I would have to be dead or incapacitated to give up.
At 8.25

Pbfoot | September 29, 2015

Really enjoyed watching this; even more amazed at the person that is Elon Musk. Thanks for sharing.