My 60 can outrun a brand new Camaro SS

My 60 can outrun a brand new Camaro SS

I don't know what's with the 237 on ramp from Lawrence. I have had 3 drag races. One with an older M3, another with a friendly Tesla Roadster, and today, an orange, brand new Camaro SS (4.4 0-60 according to the web).

So I am 2 lanes from the right lane which alone leads to the right ramp in pole position, waiting to do my favorite burn out across 3 lanes, which is my patented driving behavior here on some days. Today, the Camaro shows up with a tattooed young gun in the lane to my right. So I know, that he too, must accelerate very fast, in order to cut in front of the car to the right of his lane. So I chuckle, and wait for the green light. I floor it, leave him one car behind trying desperately to catch up, swing prodigiously to the right, take the sweeping on ramp like a bat out of hell, slow down purposely, he catches up in the lane next to me, and I floor it again, and watch him try to catch up! I had made my point by then, and immediately coasted at 70, while the thoroughly (unmistakably) pissed off driver tries to egg me on for a interstate speed race. Hah!

The entry level Tesla family hauler vs the cream of American muscle. :-)

Thanks Elon, you made my day.

GoodReason | August 26, 2013

Great story! Can't wait for my S!

Oh, but keep it to the speed limit, you two. :)

J.T. | August 26, 2013

@RedShift Just for fun could you post this on the drive responsibly thread. They're gonna go crazy over there.

Anonymous | August 26, 2013

jtodtman, I like it :)

lolachampcar | August 26, 2013

You'd never catch me boy race'n my P85+ on the road (unless you were in another MS :) )

carlk | August 26, 2013 Yeah right buy an MS and drive responsibly. You are also going to act like a real gentleman when Jessica Alba invites you to her house for a drink.

J.T. | August 26, 2013

@carlk Well, from what I read on the other thread my ownership requires me to put the collective before myself. So, though drinks with Ms Alba would be a lot of fun, I'm not sure, as long as I own my car, I'm allowed to have fun. It might reflect poorly on other owners and we can't have that, now, can we?

Andercam | August 26, 2013
RedShift | August 26, 2013

Regarding driving responsibility: if you met me, you'd swear I am an honest, hardworking engineer type. You would want to make me president of the 'Society of Responsible Tesla Drivers'. ;-)


I would never pick a fight with another Tesla. My 60 is at the lowest pecking order. I don't know why I picked the fight with Camaro today, probably because I did not know its 0-60 time beforehand!

Makes you think, though: 60kwh is tested at 5.1 at its best, and the claimed 0-60 for the SS Camaro is 4.4.
My guess, that number cannot come without clutch dumping and other shenanigans that you have to go through to disengage traction,and other nannies in the Camaro.

dbaskara | August 26, 2013

I am getting a MS60, it is good to know that I am not getting a slouch of a car and it still has power and torque

dbaskara | August 26, 2013

how did you do against the M3

cfOH | August 26, 2013

Makes me realize that I need to spend more time on roads not limited to 35 MPH.

jat | August 26, 2013

@RedShift - the point is that 0-60 times don't tell the story. The distance traveled is the area under the velocity vs time curve. Even if he is at 60mph sooner than you are, you were going so much faster earlier because of your instant torque, you were well ahead of him when he hit 60 (plus if you are turning, you are likely both traction limited on acceleration anyway).

The LEAF isn't a barn-burner by any stretch, yet when I was driving that I would regularly dust BMWs and Chargers at the light, being ahead at 30mph despite being sure they are actually faster on the clock from 0-30.

Mathew98 | August 26, 2013

We can have fun and drive responsibly, no? Here in the East Coast there aren't many MS on the road.

So when I see @jtodtman's white MS I will bow to him with my red S60...

cwmenne | August 26, 2013

I had an impromptu drag (up to highway speed) with a V10 powered M5 in my S60 and I had him by a large margin early on, but he did catch me after he got into his high revving power band. Still a lot of fun and I was surprised how well the S60 did. I also did a ride swap with a guy in an Acura NSX this weekend and we both agreed the S60 seems quicker than the NSX, although lacking the exhaust growl (and smell). That little NSX was pretty impressive, it was riding in a cart on rails. Very different than the MS.

J.T. | August 26, 2013

@Mathew98 I haven't seen a red one in the wild yet. Saw one today at Queens SC. Absolutely magnetic.

stsanford | August 26, 2013

Hey @Mathew98, you in Islip? If so, I saw yours at the bagel place by the train station last week ;-)

Be on the lookout for my Grey 60, responsibly dusting Camaros and Mustangs

NKYTA | August 26, 2013

On our trip to Tahoe, we had some fun in the passing lanes on 50 with (what must have been) a souped-up Mini-Cooper. I had pulled out to pass in the passing lane with little urgency, then noticed this black/blue dot become larger in my rearview. When he got close, I fully hit the Go pedal from 60 - 80, see-ya! He got the jump in the next passing lane, so I followed and had to manage the Go pedal so I wouldn't get to close to him as we were passing the other cars up the pass. At the end of that run I got the thumbs up out the window from the driver. Plenty of other gawkers the whole

In the Raley's parking lot in South Lake, I parked towards the back. A newer model Shelby Mustang parked nose to nose. The guy had the hood open and was explaining how much HP his baby had to his buddy. My wife (correctly) whispered pop the frunk, so I did. Casually walked up and put the bag in the frunk, looked over and said, Wow, what do you need all that stuff for?

Gawkers aplenty in South Tahoe, but a white beat us to the Harvey's chargers.

On the ups and downs of mountain driving, NKYTA is a champ for sure. Downhill is great, 30mph curve coming up...if you time it right all you've done is let off the Go pedal at the correct time (and you can take the 30 rated at 45 in my P85).

I used to live in Avon, CO - shout out to my CO buddies having fun on the passes in their next-gen vehicles.

hpatelmd | August 26, 2013

@jat +1
I have left a BMW M5 behind in my non perf MS, & feel that maybe only the super cars (Lambos, Ferraris etc) could hang with or take me from a red light. That instant torque can never get old.

RedShift | August 26, 2013


The M3 was a coworker, so I "won". It was a friendly. So was the Tesla roadster.

I not care whether I "win" as long as I have fun.

One thing though: the squirmy rear reared its head again at the end of the sweeping ramp a bit. Scared me a bit. Taking it in for the suspension service soon.

RedShift | August 26, 2013

I *dont* care, typo. Was starting to sound like NNT there!

Brian H | August 27, 2013

So, what's your 0-35?

Mathew98 | August 27, 2013

@stsanford, @jtodtman - I live in Queens but travel to Merrick every other weekend.

I attempted to get an LI detailing shop to put OptiCoat on my MC red 60 but couldn't leave the car there for 10 hours. I ended up applying OptiCoat 2.0 on the MS myself. It was a lot of work but the result is well worth it. The dust and dirt just slide right off the car with the heavy sud car wash I use.

I have been bolting in every traffic light and I'm usually halfway down the next block before the other ICE start to roll off traffic signal.

The only thing on wheels to pass me at traffic lights are bicycles ;)

cfOH | August 27, 2013

@Brian H: Depends on how late I am.

tommy356 | January 2, 2015

Beating SS's, M5's, V10 AMG's??? Come on guys .... You realize the other cars have to be paying attention for it to be a real race. Line em up at the track and lets see some videos .... too funny. These are great cars but get a grip on reality. HAHAHAHAHA. The only videos online I see with Camaro / Tesla ... the Tesla gets stomped. Plug in boys and try again.