My reservation number changed to RN760059

My reservation number changed to RN760059

What used to be my reservation number is now replaced by RN 760059. Anyone know anything about this?

RonaldA | October 2, 2015

Mine is now over a million, I have no idea. When I reserved my number was around 16700 and delivery estimate was early 2016.

timf2001 | October 2, 2015

Seriously, we need a FAQ on this as it's about the tenth time someone has posted.

Your reservation number has not changed. It has always been the same 6 or 7 digit number starting with RN. You should not post this number publicly as it is essentially your private account number for working with Tesla.

Your reservation sequence number is the number you may be more familiar with. This number is no longer displayed on your My Tesla page, but is still hidden in the source code. No need to worry, your spot in line has not changed.