My Thoughts after 48 Hours with my P85+

My Thoughts after 48 Hours with my P85+

After months of gleaning lots of very helpful information from this forum, it's only right that I give a little back -- so here are my thoughts on my P85+ after 48 hours:

1. Wow. I mean, just... wow.
2. I still can't believe the acceleration. Like the California Adventure Roller Coaster that rockets off the line.
3. The storage capacity is phenomenal. Everything that I kept in my Mercedes S Class trunk now fits in the compartment below the trunk in the Model S. This car is a ridiculous combination of exotic sports car performance and practicality. The lack of center hump is a huge plus.
4. The leather on the seats is much nicer and smoother than I expected.
5. I'm 6'4" (torso tall), so I wish the seats would lower a bit more.
6. The car is so advanced in so many ways that its shortcomings (for a $100K+ car) are annoying: No active cruise control, no collision avoidance, cheap stock headliner, mediocre overpriced sound system.
7. Slacker integration is great. Lame that it doesn't come with an XM/Sirius trial.
8. Turn by turn directions needs traffic info integration a la Waze.
9. I don't think I care about the lack of center console. Forces me to keep things clean and organized.
10. I love the regenerative mode when I take my foot off the accelerator. I also turned creep to Off. In stop and go LA traffic, I use my brakes soooo much less.
11. I agonized over my color choice. Very happy with Blue/black interior. Gorgeous color. I probably would have been thrilled with whatever color I ordered (so don't overthink it. Stick with your first choice and be happy.)
12. This car is wider than my S Class (mirror to mirror), so I'm glad I got the folding mirrors (tight garage door).
13. I wish it had LTE instead of just 3G.
14. I think I may be done with ICE cars. I've had several Porsches, Mercedes, BMWs, etc. This feels better. I've driven lots of exotics including Lamborghinis, Ferraris and the Bugotti Veyron. This is just as fun. What I save in gas, I'll be spending on tires.
15. I don't miss the roaring exhaust of those sports cars. This sounds like a jet engine. This sounds (and feels) like the future.

Thanks for all the great info! Drive safe!

xradr | November 18, 2013

welcome to the club. 1 year out (12K+ miles) agree with you on most of these points ... especially #1-#3.

enjoy it ...

jat | November 19, 2013

I am sure if you really wanted it, you could get a free trial from XM -- they sure annoyed the hell out of me trying to get me to re-up after the 3-month trial in the LEAF ran out, and offered free months.

What would you do with the LTE vs 3G? You could download software updates quicker, but that is at night when you are sleeping and probably tethered to your home Wifi anyway. You can't watch video, so about the only use is to get web pages slightly quicker -- I doubt bandwidth is really the limiting factor there (but that may change when they switch to Chrome, though the CPU for the screen is still pretty wimpy).

polyphase | November 19, 2013

Congrats! "It feels like the future." That sums it up! Um, unless your vision of the future is a dystopian wasteland with roaming zombies...but I digress.

rdw95 | November 19, 2013

Congrats, and welcome to the club. Just wait until you have it for 48 will start to get tired muscles from smiling.

stephen.pace | November 19, 2013

Congrats! All indications are that #13 will be resolved at some point. You'll swap that module for 4G and be good to go (but you'll have to pay a monthly fee at that point). If you want it now, you could just tether your car via Wifi to a 4G access point.

Brian H | November 19, 2013

You may be interested to note that Elon has stated that once all SCs have solar panels and onsite battery backup, they will keep working even after the Z.A. takes down the grid.

tesla.mahedy | November 19, 2013

Welcome to the family.

With regards to #7...
The Sirius/XM trial is given by the dealer and as there is no "dealer," there is no trial.
If you do indeed decide to set up Sirius/XM, restart the Center Console Screen, it restarts the radio. I couldn't get it to work without a restart.

Enjoy the car!

cfOH | November 19, 2013

Another Plusophile! Welcome!! :-)

Yes, the car is awesome. I am particularly enamored by the high-output feels like I'm teleporting into the future at warp speeds (to badly mix a metaphor). Some people don't like it, but it reminds me I'm really getting on it (otherwise, I'd have to get up to speed just to hear tire and wind noise. :-)

Anyway, I hope you love yours as much as we love ours. It's a game-changer, for sure. I hope this truly is the beginning of the end of ICE cars.

jat | November 19, 2013

@tesla.mahedy - they kept calling me and sending me offers including free months, and it wasn't the dealer. YMMV depending on how often you turn them down :).

thranx | November 20, 2013

@Brian; ZA already has trouble with their grid (off-topic...sorry, couldn't resist).

hademarco | November 20, 2013

With regard to #7, I must be one of the lucky ones. I had 1 month free XM. Delivery was January 2013. I just hit 10,000 miles last weekend. Loving every mile.

lolachampcar | November 20, 2013

The conversion as just begun. I no longer have pistons in my garage (except for the back up generator - those pesky hurricanes). Soon you will find noisy piston engines annoying. You will find that they actually stink and what is with all that jerking around shifting stuff?

The BMWs are gone. The motorcycle is gone (still have a Zero :) ). The Maranello is going. If only Elon could do a RedBull plane with an electric motor then I would be set.

Brit.l.T | November 20, 2013

Welcome to the club. Wait till you have a few months under your belts and then have to revert to an ICE. I felt like I was 15 learning to drive again.... it was awful!

skymaster | November 20, 2013

Or go on vacation and be "forced" to rent a ICE for one week. It was torture!!

eddiemoy | November 20, 2013

welcome to the club! i love pulling away from everyone at a stop light, no noise, just seeing them melt away in the rear view.

my tires holding up really well at 6k miles so far in a few months since i had it. about to get my snows for the winter.

2050project | November 23, 2013

@SLev -good post, but there are some ways to "upgrade" if you want to treat yourself come holidays...

#6 - Great sound system, these guys do custom Model S sound systems:

#6 - Collision avoidance system aftermarket install popular among Tesla owners:

#9 - easy, popular way to keep center channel in MS interior neat and organized:

#14 - gas savings going to new wheels/tires, good thought indeed:

logicalthinker | November 23, 2013

adding to 2050project's list

#15 - blind spot warning system

logicalthinker | November 23, 2013

that should have been #6... but whatever

huiterwyk | November 24, 2013

What folding mirrors? I have just taken delivery of a P85 and did not know folding mirrors was an option. Also can't believe there is no coat hook.

Mel. | November 24, 2013

Welcome SLev, when you can let us know what you think of Tune in?