New design 2015?

New design 2015?

Is tesla coming with av new design in 2015? What takes so Long? | January 3, 2015

Yes, soon.
It takes so long because, as Elon says, it is bloody hard to build a new car.

Brian H | January 4, 2015

Only the MX! The MS is not due for a modest facelift till 2016-7, about mid-point in the 7-yr model refresh cycle. Internals like the D are far more significant to Tesla. | January 6, 2015

To get a feel for the complexity of the a Tesla MS watch this:

Brian H | January 6, 2015

New video! VG one. Ths, george.

jjs | January 7, 2015

Simplicity through hidden complexity. Great video thanks george.

Schlermie | January 9, 2015

I've been told by someone who works in design at Tesla that the Model X has gone through significant design changes since the prototype was first shown back in 2012.

Detroit SuperCharger | January 16, 2015

+1 George!