New Model S photos

New Model S photos

would it be possible to release the new Model S photos in slightly higher resolution, so I can use tham as wallpaper? Thank you.

Sudre | June 13, 2011

..... in the garage!

Brian H | June 14, 2011

Heh. I think he's talking about his computer screen. But a wallpapered garage is a fun idea. But with 100 images of the car parked there? A bit much of a muchness, mebbe ...

msiano17 | June 16, 2011

i think he meant to blow it up and take up the entire garage wall as one photo ... like Tesla Parking Only ... Dream coming soon?

DartLady S77 | June 17, 2011

How big is your monitor? I use them directly from the gallery on my 17" widescreen and they are fine as wallpaper.

For images I find that aren't "up to snuff" to use as wallpaper, I use AVS Image Converter and they usually work out fine.