Parking Sensor Chimes

Parking Sensor Chimes

Quick question for anyone with parking sensors. I just picked up my MS yesterday and LOVE it. I also have no regrets around reconfiguring for the parking sensors. The only issue I have with them is that the beeping (warning chimes) are not very loud...and not audible at all when the stereo is playing. This is in contrast to the intuitiveness of the stereo quieting upon incoming phone calls. Just a minor inconvenience I'm more than happy to accept with this amazing car but was just curious if anyone else had this issue and if there is a volume control for these chimes that I may just not be aware of?

...and I will preemptively agree with those witty posters out there... YES...turning down my stereo is of course an option. :)

J.T. | August 29, 2013

@201w77 Quick question for anyone with parking sensors

You're fishing in a very small pond at this time.

NKYTA | August 29, 2013

I'm driving a P85+ loaner for the day (we'll not driving much, gotta work to pay for the girl in service) that has parking sensors.

It is only 4.5, 1.33.61, but does have a parking sensor "UI". However, it looks nothing like the Norwegian video showing parking sensors in use (which was 5.5 I think). It has 4 "cones" split up into 4 slices (green, green, yellow, red) from top to bottom er, on top. And bottom to top on the bottom section.

There is no audible alert. There is nothing indicating N inches to object either.
The motion from one slice down to another slice is a bit choppy.
I found it of little use pulling into my garage (which is a tight fit), but perhaps I've just got it down after 9 months. If it had range to objects it would be useful for the garage. It might be useful for other parking.

So, I'd say no rush for me to retro-fit the sensors, until I try the latest UI. Guy at the service center said that the retrofit may not be as costly as some have be speculating on the forums, as the wiring harness is in a lot of cars already.

As for the + drive? Well, I'm no @lola or @jat, but here is what I've noticed in all of ten miles:
- hugs the road in corners slightly better than my non+
- both Go pedal and brake pedal are more sensitive, but the car only has 85 miles on it
- accelleration from stop seems the same, though I sense a slight pull to the right off the line

SDR06 | August 29, 2013

Now you are rubbing it in :(

Damn when will Tesla retrofit the cars with parking sensors!!!

AndyZ | August 29, 2013


earlyretirement | August 29, 2013

I agree the chimes aren't loud at all. With the radio on with music on they are hard to hear but you have the visual to look at which is impossible to miss if you are looking.

Something I like is that the front sensor is automatically working. On my Audi Q7, I have to turn it on for the front sensor to work.

Here is a very short YouTube video I made of the sensors below. You will see that you have the faint chimes as well as the visual in inches. You can change to metric system if you want or if you're out of the USA.

It's GREAT that it shows you how many inches you have. And from the moment it says "Stop" I measure about 5 inches of safety. I tested with my child's wagon which is fairly low to the ground but it won't work with a low curb for example.

The back works the same way. In the video I didn't back up until it says STOP but it works the same way.

I do wish you could make the chimes louder but they work very very good.

NKYTA | August 29, 2013

Yep, that was the new UI I was looking for, thanks!
What minor version of 5.0 do you have?
I will patiently wait for the retro-fit option.

earlyretirement | August 29, 2013

@ NKYTA - I have version 5.0 (1.35.102).

You're welcome.