Pothole near Costa Mesa service center.

Pothole near Costa Mesa service center.

I left my sig S at Costa Mesa service center 2 days ago for Tech install 4.2 firmware. ( They push the 4.2 over the air 3 times, all 3 times fail to installed ) At the service center they found out one sensor in the car fail so it could not take the new firmware. After left the rental car at CM service center, I drove my beauty Sig S home, only found out my Note 2 was left in the rental. I call and rush back to CM service center to get my phone before rental car was pick up by Enterprise. On Baker St, I made a right turn into Pullman St, I hit a pot hole, oh shit, it cut the wall of my front tire. It cost $427 and 1 hour to replace the tire. Beware of this pothole if you go to Costa Mesa service center.

kilimats | February 15, 2013

sorry to hear but i like how you went offtopic so bad haha

Brian H | February 16, 2013

Sue! You'd never have had to drive there if 4.2 hadn't failed. >:P

DC@Tesla | February 16, 2013

It seems the 21 inch wheels are quite vulnerable to potholes. Makes me anxious as I ordered those (reps said in California they should be fine). How large was the pothole? Is this vulnerability particular to tesla?

Brian H | February 17, 2013

Performance tires and wheels are suited to perfect dry roads. Even then, they wear out fast. Outside that, the margin of error is small and you PAY for indulging yourself. >:(