Power Cost RV Campgounds

Power Cost RV Campgounds

One place we often vacation is about 130 miles from the nearest Super Charger and we would be parking the car for 7 to 10 days. (We stay on an island.) Google tells me there are two RV campgrounds/parks in the area we would be parking the car.

What is the approximate cost for electricity to charge a MS at an RV park or campground?

rodhoffman | August 22, 2014

Depends on how much charge you need. I generally offer $5 to $10. If I am occupying a spot they need to rent - pay the daily rate for camping.

Many will just say - free! Give them a ride.

Rod in Evergreen, CO

Rocky_H | August 22, 2014

There is no standard to any of this. It all depends on the attitude of whoever owns or runs the campground. You have to call and ask or negotiate. I know of a couple that just want to be supportive of EVs, so they will let you do it free, but that's probably rare.

If you are going to leave your car there overnight, then yes, they may want a real overnight rental, because it's about taking up a space, rather than about the electricity. If you just need to come and charge for a few hours, then they'll probably be more willing to do a deal for a lesser amount.

rodhoffman | August 22, 2014

If you need 100 miles of charge, 11 cents/kWh hour works out to about $3.40 - add profit of about 30% - call it $5.00 Need 200 miles, make it $10.00. BE GENEROUS! | August 22, 2014

Last year I paid about $20 at KOAs

Sunsational | August 22, 2014

$20 for 200 to 250 miles is still about one fourth the cost to an ICE car for comparable miles. Should be fair to both parties I would say.

rodhoffman | August 22, 2014

KOA is a chain - I would use locals if you can. They are not a corporation taking fees from local small business. Locals are more insightful, friendly and accommodating, in my opinion. I have actually never been charged at local campgrounds - especially in South Dakota and Colorado.

Rod in Evergreen, CO

centralvalley | August 22, 2014

My experience at two campgrounds in remote California: One RV Park charged me 13 cents per kWh--a 90 minute day charge cost me $1.80. I charged overnight at a second park, and he just charged me the overnight rate of $24.

Some RV Parks have meters at each hookup, and others do not. Some do not charge for electricity unless the camper stays longer than a week. You will find that there are many different business models out there!

The best advice was stated above: Call or email first to inquire about availability and cost, and get names in case the person present when you arrive is not the same one you spoke to!

Steve_W | August 22, 2014

Before the Superchargers were installed in Savanah, GA, I charged at an RV park twice. I was charged $20 each time; essentially a half day rental charge.

RedShift | August 22, 2014

I charged overnight for 3 nights for a total of 30$. 10$ a day, unlimited charging at Sierra RV camp in Oakhurst California, close to Yosemite.

Brian H | August 22, 2014

All KOAs are privately owned.

tes-s | August 23, 2014

It is good there are two - competition will help keep the price reasonable.

Are you saying you will park the car for 7-10 days while you go to the island, or is the car on the island with you?

If you are parking it for 7-10 days while you are on the island, you might be able to find a parking spot with a 120v outlet, which would have the car fully charged when you return.

bonaire | August 23, 2014

KOA is expensive for everything. Local ones may work with you more. 120V overnights should work.

And above,
>> $20 for 200 to 250 miles is still about one fourth the cost to an ICE car for comparable miles. Should be fair to both parties I would say.

Depends on the car. In my Volt, i get 42 mpg highway and $3.69 premium. Long trips are pretty cheap. About $20/200 miles. But compare to a BMW 740iL or Audi S8 and could be double. $20income for a few hours of charging is pretty good for a campground. If they have a restaurant, eat there too.

Captain_Zap | August 23, 2014

I have read about people being able to negotiate with fully booked RV parks. They were able to come to agreement with the owner that they would only charge until the reservation holder pulled into the park and they would happily get out of the way.

That is just bonus cash for the park operator/owner.

kenj | August 23, 2014

Called RV park to charge, said they did not have any availability due to reservations but they would allow me to charge until the reservation came in. Got to the park, found a 14-50 spot, they did not have a price, he asked for $5.00, I gave him $10. Needed to charge to 200.

Earl and Nagin ... | August 24, 2014

My normal line is something like: "I'll probably use about $5 of electricity. Will $10 do?"
I've paid between zero and $35 at various different places. The KOA corporate organization has come down very favorable towards EVs using their sites. They encourage their owners to support them.