Has anyone found the official pricing for X? It is already $50K more than expected, but looking to see it in writing from Tesla first before I cancel my reservation.

Tropopause | September 30, 2015

For now, only 90 D and P 90 D are available. 90 D may start at $93,000. Elon tweeted today that less-expensive variants of model X are on the way. In the past he's said model X would be $5000 more than a comparable model S. Therefore if a 70 D is offered it should start around $80,000.

Mike.williams | September 30, 2015

I too am curious. Especially living outside of the greenback. My Canadian dollar went south with the barrel of oil. Others in the EU and in the Nordic countries will be feeling the weight of the USD in the pricing as well. I live in Alberta where there is no incentives and a nicely equipped X is going to cost me about $180,000.00 CAD. I need to give this reservation a very hard look....

NumberOne | September 30, 2015

I am hoping the starting price is $90k for the 90D, but I can see where you get the S93k I am planning on getting the 90D myself. There are enough options that I really want that will push the cost well of $100k. I also feel the 70D (likely future offering) will start around $80k.

ernie | September 30, 2015

Yoiks @Mike.williams...that is more than spare change.

Daniel_L | September 30, 2015

@Mike.williams - what are you planning on configuring. I am in Ontario and plan to have my model x $120,000 before incentives and tax rebates. I am a bit worried that it will be way over my budget. My configuration is planned to be a 90D with premium pack $3,600, sub zero $1,200, pearl white $1,800 and next gen seats $3,000. Are you planning for a P90D, because $180,000 is very steep for just a 90D.

Mike.williams | September 30, 2015

Daniel, I have not seen the price or option list. I am only going on the $130,000USD and multiplying it by 1.30 and adding 5% for GST. Perhaps I am being naive in my well equipped price and that I should price an S on the Canadian web site and add $5-7,000. It still is more than I wanted to pay. Even $120,000 CAD is quite a bit for a car that won't do everything I wish it to do. I can price an S and get it over $100,000 so an X might "only" be in the $140,000 mark. Still a lot of change when it won't meet 100% of your needs.

Red Sage ca us | September 30, 2015

What do you get when you multiply six by nine?