Protective coating & tint

Protective coating & tint

Just placed my order yesterday for a metallic blue MS. Looking to take car straight to detailer after delivery for wash, claybar, & very light polish, then immediate OptiCoat. After that, will apply paint protection film. Finally, will apply tint on windows

1. Any recommendations / criticisms for or against & alternatives not listed below:
-Opticoat: basically another layer of liquid clear coat with great sun protection
-3M: thickest 8mm coat on market but slight orange peel after application & harder to install
-VenturShield: glossier, easier install, less stretch marks over time, more easily stained (eg bird poop)
-Xpel: new film that's self healing, less swirls
-3M Crystalline for tint

2. Opinions on Opticoat first or paint protection film first?

3. I live in North Orange County, California. Any recommendations from personal experience for specific shops that apply the above? Looking for installer who wraps the edges & not just use precuts that may leave raw edges. Better yet, prefer detailer who will take the time to remove the plastic trims / badges / rubber parts to do meticulous edge wrapping. Anyone do hybrid install: 3m for bumper / fenders, but Xpel rest of car?

-Show Car Detailing in Anaheim Hills was recommended for OptiCoat. Anyone use them?
-Ultimate Shield in city of Orange was recommended for Xpel. Anyone use them?
-Recommendations for a place to apply the 3M Crystalline?

Thanks for any input.

Captain_Zap | October 12, 2013

Many, many threads on this. Detail shops have chimed in too. Use to search these forums.

J.T. | October 12, 2013

I'm not in your locale but I had received three quotes for Crystalline for 70 on windows and hatch. 70 is the legal limit in ny. I emailed 3m to see if there's anything the $800 guy could do to make the install worth $200 more than the other guys. 3M said that as long as they're all authorized crystalline installers go with the cheapest one. It's guaranteed by 3M.

octintshop | October 12, 2013

Here at OC Tint Shop in Irvine we have already done dozens of these vehicles. We use a lot of the 3M Crystalline film on that vehicle for the sides and back windows and a lot of clients will choose to have us tint the windshield and also the sunroofs as well for it.

For clear bra we use SunTek's film it is a self healing film and comes with a 5 year warranty on the film.

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like pricing on getting your vehicle done.

plpham123 | October 12, 2013

I used Clear Bra Pro for my Xpel Ultimate install of full front of car. He came to my house and installed which was convenient for me. Did a great job while wrapping the edges and was professional. I called around and the price range for Xpel Ultimate was between 1400-1550. This place charged 1450.00 and I think he did a great job. If you're interested, his number is 562-810-8468. For opti-coat pro, I used a local guy out here in Rancho Cucamonga. He charged 350 for application of opti pro and additional 150 for polishing the car prior to application of opti pro. There was very little paint defects when I took delivery so I don't really know if polishing or claying the car is really necessary. If you get bright led light and examine the car closely when you take delivery, you might get tesla to detail your car prior to hiring someone to apply the opti-coat if you see a lot of paint defects. To be honest, I watched the guy apply the opti coat and it seemed very easy. Easier than applying wax as you don't have to wipe it off. Just make sure its applied evenly. I could of done it and saved myself $400. Finally, I tinted all windows including windshield for 550.00. I used Steve's Professional Tinting in Upland. He uses Formula One ceramic film made by llumar for last 10 yrs. I've tinted my bmw 550, Bmw m3 and never have experienced any problems so I keep comping back to him. Of course tint had life time warranty so any time you are unhappy in any way he will redo it. I had my m3 for 6 yrs and most recently my 550 for 3 yrs and never had any problems with the tint. If you get pulled over and get fix it ticket, he will remove the tint for free. Of course he'll have to charge if you want to re apply. Good luck with whatever you decide.

ollie | October 12, 2013

I'm getting opticoat pro done when I take delivery... damn, I figured that would be the end of it. Are you guys saying it's best to have yet another product applied on top of the opti?

plpham123 | October 12, 2013

By the way, I did get quote for 3M new window tint and they wanted to charge about 1000 for all windows which I really didn't want to spend that much given the chance I may get a fix it ticket. Funny thing, I got fix ticket to remove front window tint on my 550 once but he never mentioned the windshield. I just paid the 150 fine instead of having to remove the tint and re-apply it.

plpham123 | October 12, 2013


Opti coat will not protect your car from impact of small rocks and road debris which will cause paint chips to any front facing parts of your car. Clear bras do decent job of this and Xpel supposedly is self healing if it gets damaged.

ollie | October 12, 2013

@plpham123 - thanks. And it's to be limited to the front only? If it is front only, is the line of demarcation visible? I'm getting blue metallic.

ir | October 13, 2013

Ollie: don't get the package from Tesla, go aftermarket. You can ask the to wrap the entire hood so there is no "line of demarcation". As long as entire pieces are done, they can tuck the edges so they don't show. Of course it will cost a bit more, but well worth it.

plpham123 | October 13, 2013

@ Ollie

You can't even tell the car has a clear bra as he does front fenders, full hood, and full front grill and wraps the expel around the edges. Make sure whatever installer you use does that if you decide to have the xpel wrap.

sctint | November 4, 2013

Here @ Southern California Tint Upland We Specialized in Window Tinting & Invisible Paint Protection ( Clear Bra) we used 3M Ventureshield - Suntek Paint Protection Films, for Window Automotive Glass Tint we are Exclusive Authorized Dealer For Huper Optik Ceramic
also Suntek Ceramic CXP, 3M Vinyl wraps for hoods,trunks,roof-tops 3m carbon fiber wraps

Southern California Tint
Upland Huper Optik Dealer
1306 N Benson Ave Upland Ca 91786

info | May 7, 2014

I agree with ir, don't go with Tesla's offering, a local and trust tint installer is definitely the way to go on this one. 3M Crystalline would be our recommendation on a project like this. Make sure you ask the installer for pictures of their work on other Tesla cars or at least other high end luxury type vehicles, and ask to see complete work in the shop. You want this done right the first time, and trust me, the abilities of tint shops vary greatly!

agavzer | June 21, 2014

Does anyone have a recommended tint specialist in SF Bay Area? Taking delivery 6/29 and want to go the next day. I have to park under an oak tree! Thanks!

mcgreevyphillip | June 22, 2014

After reading all the threads this is what I ended up with on my brand new blk P85: opticoat $600 but I hear prices have gone to 800 to 1000 driven by Opticoat. Tint- Photosync 55% sides/back and 75% front. All is performing very well. At this point would do the same.

peter | June 22, 2014

Does anyone have a recommendation for the Sarasota Florida area for these coatings?

Kimscar | June 22, 2014

I used Richard at Show car detailing to put opticoat pro on wife's Saturn Wagon. I have aappointment in July for Tesla. I like Richard and the work he does. He has a place for Crystalline 3M. I'm doing Photo Sync at extreme autowerks.

Brian H | June 23, 2014

Mentioning the city you live in would make your post meaningful.

J.T. | June 23, 2014


matt | June 23, 2014

I recommend Jimmy Lucci at Lucci Elite Detail ( This guy is the best in OC and does all the big, rare exotics. He's correcting/coating my MS next week, and has done an amazing job on my other vehicles.

With respect to OptiCoat, I recommend going with CQuartz Finest instead. OptiCoat doesn't have the same depth of shine as the Cquartz Finest. Jimmy can do either tho.

On the clear bra (and window tinting), he can get also you a discount from Protective Film Solutions ( It will all be done at one time so there's no need to make multiple trips.

Good luck and congrats!

gtr | June 27, 2014

Does anyone know of any place close to Lancaster, L.A or even Santa Clarita? And having gotten the nerve to finally participate in this forum, what order should this work (tinting, opti coat, Xcel) be done?

sctint | July 28, 2014

here @ SCT Motorsports in Pasadena, CA we provide professional Auto Glass Tinting if you're looking for Ceramic Tint we carry Huper Optik true Nano Ceramic Films,Xtreme, Nano Cermic, Select, Drei for Advance heat rejection. Autobahn Best Performing window Tint in the world.Powered By Huper Optik films

SCT Autobahn Performance Films

JustMe | July 29, 2014

I used Show Car Detailing in Anaheim Hills to opti-coat my white model S. Richard and his wife - super nice people. Drove me home when I dropped off the car and picked me up later that night when it was done. They spent all day on it and did a great job. Almost one year later and the water still beads off it. Richard also gave me great advise on how to properly wash the car using 10 minute car wash as well.

I used Signature Tinting in Costa Mesa for my tint all around - including the UV clear on the front windshield. SUPER nice folks and an equally super job. I had a small defect develop on the front tint. They drove me back to my office when I left the car there and delivered the car to me when they finished re-applying the film.

NomoDinos | July 29, 2014

If you're willing to venture to Cerritos, I highly recommend Extreme Autowerks. They did my tint and Opticoat on my last car, and I've seen them do just flawless work with Suntek and Xpel. If you go there, Bing is the guy you want.

KidDoc | July 29, 2014

I have Xpel on the front and got a hit from a rock that tore a small hole in the Xpel film but appears to have spared the point. I contacted my Xpel guy and he says if it tears through the entire film it will not "heal" and the only way to fix that is to replace the entire panel. I think I have a picture of it somewhere.


KidDoc | July 29, 2014
KidDoc | July 29, 2014

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EESROCK | July 29, 2014

When we first got our car, my husband mentioned that the car paint needed about a month to cure before we put 3M on it. Was that just rumor?

Brian H | July 30, 2014

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Brian H | July 30, 2014

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benemac | August 30, 2014

I was looking into getting the car opticoated before a trip, but because of factory delays, it looks like we'll be getting the tint and PPF and possibly wait to opticoat until our return. However, we'll be at Disneyland for a day and will spend the night. You mentioned Show Car Detailing that seems to get great reviews. Can you tell me what he charged you? We'd probably have our car for a week by the time he'd get it.

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | August 30, 2014

Is this the one?

Dwatson102 | August 30, 2014

As everybody jumps into this aftermarket paint stuff consider that unlike ordinary cars which probably spent 3 to 6 months in transit and sitting on a dealer's lot, the paint on your new model s is likely only 2 to 3 weeks old when you take delivery. It is probably only partially cured. Be very very careful. I once had a detailer put swirls into a brand new black car and the game was over. Never successfully recovered that finish.