Public Charger Onley Virginia 4 Corners

Public Charger Onley Virginia 4 Corners

I'm interested in organizing the installation of 2 Clipper Creek High power public chargers in Onley. The Four Corners area would be great a location. There are some places to shop, a historic distric, Hotel and restaurants. Additionally Route 13 along the coast is a wonderful drive and alternate route to get from Delaware to Virginia Beach and beyond. By my count there are at least 3 if not more of us that live in the area. I'm suggesting that we get together and make an offer to the Chamber of Commerce.

Pungoteague_Dave | March 9, 2013


Where are you? Do you have an S?

I live in the area, drive by 4 corners all the time, although not specifically there as there ae no good stores in that center (or anywhere else within 60 miles). I am curious as to why locals would need a charging station there or anywhere in Accomack County. I have a HPWC and can go anywhere in the region and return on a charge. Won't most of us use home charging? I would like to see charging stations between here and the closest cities, such as by the CBBT, or halfway to Baltimore/Washington. Seems to me that those locaions woul also be best for through travelers. Am I missing something?

My observation is that we might want to encourage businesses to install them on heir own. That is happening in most urban locations. We also have a house near Annapolis and note that every Walgreens (6 between Annapolis and Baltimore) have chargers, as does the Parole Whole Foods, plus most colleges, and public parking garages. However, even when patronizing those places, I never plug in. It doesn't seem worth it for an hour of charging, when I have plenty of juice for all my errands, and will be plugging in for the night anyway. My sense is that most EV owners operate that way, as I have never seen a car plugged in at one of those charging stations.

The only time we plug in at public charging stations is at the airport for multiday stays, and on days when teaching at Johns Hopkins, where the car will be stationary for at least four hours, and we need a full charge in order to make back it to the farm in Virginia.

We would be happy to get behind this if you can help us understand why. My hope is that WalMart will catch the EV bug, and put 1450 or equivalent level 2 chargers at their stores. We like to shop local, but don't see real choices here, so WalMart became our local grocer when it recently opened. Still not good, but beats Food Lion.

Our HPWC in Pungoteague is listed on Plugshare for people having range emergencies while routing up the shore.

My5bAby | March 9, 2013

The reason would be to encourage others to come through the area. I charge at home and would seldom if ever would need to use it as well. It is about facilitating our area to grow.

Pungoteague Dave
I left a message asking to meet you a while back and got no response.

There are supposedly a few others who live in or very near the MD VA Eastern Shore who could also get involved. Certainly placement could be debated. I thought the placement was reasonable because it is in the middle of the Eastern Shore

Pungoteague_Dave | March 9, 2013

Sorry, must have missed the post. My direct email is

I am all for encouraging travel here. It woul be nice to stem businesses failures, and the ongoing population decline. We own an oyster acquaculture farm on Nandua Creek.

Peter7 | March 9, 2013

Hey My5bAby,

I would suggest holding onto this idea for just a few months. Between the opening store in Tysons Corner, and new Superchargers that have been promised in the next few months, it might move where you wish to have an extra charger installed. Personally, if I where going to add them (them being CS-100 80A/240V chargers), I would be looking to have them around Richmond to help electrify the 95 corridor rather than around town options.

Pungoteague Dave,

I have the same feeling about the lack of need to plug into these local chargers, but I have decided that I should try to plug into them if they are available (and if they are free). I have found that at many of the locations, the employees and customers at them have never, or rarely ever see EV's plugged in. Plugging in shows they did the right thing by having them there for people to use, that the spot should be left empty because EV's do show up to use it (ICE problems), and to owners that it did bring some business in. It also shows those that don't know the S is electric that it is. It's not unusual for me to get a few comments from passers by as I park there that they didn't believe it was electric, or to come back to the car with people stopped to look. (I also leave my number on the dash in-case another EV shows up and needs to charge).


My5bAby | March 9, 2013


While I'm also under the impression that several supercharges will be installed shortly, the eastern shore is roughly 150 miles from 95 and is a peninsula. While it would be great to have a supercharger on the eastern shore I just don't quite see that as being a priority. Again the thought is also to help bring traffic through the area to stop and spend some time.

Nevertheless, I'm not talking about getting something installed tomorrow. Getting together with other owners, the chamber of commerce and a land owner is going to take time. I see no reason not pursue having a charger installed while we wait and see where the super chargers will be. At a minimum communicating the the community and the chamber of commerce should make it easier for Tesla when and if they approach the community in the future.

Pungoteague_Dave | March 11, 2013


A lot of these are installed at colleges (there are four at Salisbury University off Business 13, and seven at JHU where I teach). Perhaps ESCC would be a good locataion, with some direct government funding. One of their main trade programs is automotive repair. The only problem there is no nearby business services/restaurants.