Public knowledge of Tesla Motors and the Model S

Public knowledge of Tesla Motors and the Model S

Here in Europe Tesla is pretty much unknown (I live in Italy). What do the average Americans know about the company and the Model S? Is there a lot of advertising on TV for the Model S or just some stuff online? I fear that Tesla may not make a splash here in Europe due to the lack of knowledge the general public hold regarding the company and its products.

Blueshift | September 9, 2013

There is zero TV/print advertising here in the US as far as I know. Tesla has been in the news (business, environment) a fair bit. Showrooms exist in malls. I'm surprised at how many of my *tech* minded friends already know about Tesla. On the other hand I wouldn't be surprised if 90% of the general US population has not yet heard the name.

Tesla probably already has buyers for their 20k cars this year (and 40k next?). After that perhaps some advertising will be required.

Haeze | September 9, 2013

If Europe is anything like the US, once people start seeing the cars in their area, the name will spread like wildfire.

At my place of employment, only about 5 people knew what Tesla was, and what they do. Now that I own one and drive to work every day, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone of the 200 or so people there who couldn't tell you all about the car.

Brian H | September 9, 2013

Very pertinent observation; how many of those 200 would you guess will end up ordering before 2014?

bent | September 9, 2013

In Norway, the public envy has already started. Envy is long established as a political force in this country so it will be interesting to see where that leads. My prediction: those who can afford the Model S will order one, and those who can not will lobby for having EV incentives killed for "luxury" segment cars.

Haeze | September 9, 2013

@Brian H
I know of 3 who are getting the funds together to purchase. And this is in a workplace of people who do not make 6-figures. The majority make around $50k/year. Only a handful make even close to $100k/yr.

Anonymous | September 9, 2013

I was in line at a local UPS store the other day and one of the employees asked if anyone in there owned a Tesla (I'd parked on the street). I said "I do", he asked about the cost and when I told him around 70-120k he said "oh, that's not bad, I'd heard they were like 300k!

There are many mis/uninformed people over here!

What kind of car is that? A TESLA, MODEL S
Who makes it? TESLA

J.T. | September 10, 2013

People's eyes light up when they find out it's made in california.

alanwwebb | September 10, 2013

The US has seen a lot of awards in the car magazines that has helped awareness especially among car buffs; and Consumer Reports magazine giving it their highest rating ever made TV news and has spread the message to quality seeking consumers. So, we have a broader base of knowledge than in some parts of Europe, I think.

The Model S gets a lot less notice and attention on the street than the Tesla Roadster did. It was much more "different" looking. To some, the Model S is just another pretty sedan.

jonlivesay | September 10, 2013

JaneW, we have found that we get noticed way too much! It's nonstop advertising as we drive down the road or go shopping. I've found myself talking to complete strangers for long periods of time, eyes forward while driving as my wife chuckles because someone else is eyeing the car or leaning out window taking pictures. The car is like a rolling billboard! If Europe loves cars and I think you do, Tesla will catch fire there very quickly much in the same fashion as it has here.

Roamer@AZ USA | September 10, 2013

No need to advertise. They can't make that many that fast.

Unless its on Facebook half the country doesn't know something exists. Then only if it's a selfie or a picture of a cute puppy.

I think I have given over 100 test drives to friends and business associates. When we are on a safe open stretch of road I tell them to put the accelerator on the floor and don't let up until they feel the need for safety. I get the same reaction every time, they look at me, as the car is regenbraking down, and say holy shit. Its bad for my economy but it sure is fun. I charge 100% with home solar so it is pretty harmless entertainment to let the car loose to do what it does best, accelerate.

Glad its made in the US but had to swallow hard to buy something made in the Peoples Republic of Taxifornia. Hated to pay the extra costs piled on due to California taxes.

amacedo | September 11, 2013

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising, and once Teslas are circulating in the streets in sufficient numbers, word of mouth will keep the sales momentum not only going but accelerating. If Tesla owners help spread the word by allowing test drives among their friends and acquaintances, and by making an effort to dispel discrediting myths, Tesla sales will accelerate even faster. And this, in turn, will help ensure the success of the electric car revolution.