Rearview camera

Rearview camera

I find myself checking the rearview camera more and more while driving, especially before changing lanes. I was wondering if others had the same experience. I find that the camera has a much larger field of view than all 3 mirrors taken together. I have the HD camera that comes with tech package.

olanmills | January 22, 2013

Yeah I think it's cool that you can do that. However, I don't keep the rearview camera on while driving because the seeing the moving fisheye image for extended amounts of time makes me feel a little bit sick, even when I'm not looking directly at it (focused on the road ahead),

GeirT | January 22, 2013

Never tried of course, but see where you are coming from and like the idea of a wider rear view angle. I have a camera in my ICE that kicks in when I back and have wondered why they did not allow the camera to work while driving. It would just ad to traffic awareness. I would not however look at it the way olanmills indicate but use it as one of the 'tools' alongside the mirrors.

olanmills | January 22, 2013

To clarify, what I am saying is that even when I'm not looking at it, but it's still in my peripheral vision (the center console screen always is), it bothers me.

sandman | January 22, 2013

I normally have no issue with motion sickness but I also don't like the combination of fisheye and less than 30 frame per sec. I don't get sick, it just doesn't sit right with me. My kids LOVE it however.

jat | January 22, 2013

I tend to keep the rearview camera on all the time to compensate for the poor rear visibility. It is also nice that there are no blind spots at all when doing so -- even a Smart pulled up far enough to be out of the rearview camera's vision is readily visible in the side mirror without even moving your head.

GreenDot | January 22, 2013

I would want to leave the camera on, but my passengers (namely my wife) would not like it due to the motion sick comments above.

I think it would be great to have the camera be an option to display on the side of the speedometer.

Brian H | January 22, 2013

How to be coming and going at the same time!

BYT | January 22, 2013

I do use my rear HD camera while driving, in fact my custom configuration on my 17" screen is HD rear camera on top, Nav on bottom and only sometimes the audio on top to change the tunes and them back to HD camera again. I added to the software enhancement list to automatically change the audio mode back to rear HD camera mode after 5 to 10 seconds of inactivity as that would be perfect for me to have that option in the menu.

I have never found it distracting nor to cause me motion sickness. My passengers however get motion sickness all the time, because I'm often doing 0-60 in 4.4 seconds from light to light... ;)

Brian H | January 22, 2013

Do you make them clean up for you? How's the smell?

jemartin | February 5, 2013

On a related note: I could have sworn that the camera display could be placed on the upper half of the screen. It's in the lower half of my screen right now and I don't seem to be able to place it on the top half anymore. What am I missing? (I have version 4.2)

nickjhowe | February 5, 2013

@jemartin - i usually have the camera view in the top half - and I also have 4.2. So the 'swap' button doesn't work? And when you press and hold the camera icon you don't get the choice of top and bottom halves of the screen?

jemartin | February 5, 2013

nickjhowe: The swap button doesn't work. The camera display stays at the bottom. Whatever was at the top goes to the bottom though, and is hidden behind the camera view. The top half becomes entirely grey. When I swap back, whatever was hidden behind the camera view at the bottom goes back to the top and becomes visible again. I'll just reboot the main screen tonight. Maybe that'll fix it. Using the camera as a rearview "mirror" while driving is less that optimal when it's at the bottom of the screen.

kiddidoc | February 5, 2013

Are there any plans of placing a virtual grid to help with distance perception when backing-up?

BYT | February 5, 2013

Sounds like a soft reset issue to make the camera positions swap again. @Brian H, I slow down after they get funny feelings to prevent the need for cleanups.

DouglasR | February 5, 2013

@kiddidoc, as I recall, it's high up on the Prioritized Software Enhancement List, but nothing has been promised by TM.

nickjhowe | February 5, 2013

@jemartin - Sorry for your problems. A reboot will probably fix it. Post again when you've tried it.

sandman | February 5, 2013

@jemartin. Had same issue. Main screen reboot fixes it. Not sure how I got into that state but I was certainly movin and growing windows when it happened.

cpetrush | February 5, 2013

I also had the camera stuck in top window and could not switch it down. I did nothing and it fixed itself in 3 days.

jemartin | February 5, 2013

Yep. A reboot of the main screen fixed it. I can now display the camera top or bottom. I really like the ability to drag the app icons from the top bar to where I want them on the screen. I think that's new in 4.2 and I just noticed it recently.

nickjhowe | February 5, 2013

@jemartin - it came in 4.0

MandL | February 6, 2013

@jemartin / nickjhowe - the app position pop-up is new in 4.x, but previously you could launch an app in the bottom window by touching the icon and sliding down at the same time. It was a little trickier and not so explicit, but once you got the hang of it worked great and it was MUCH quicker then the new way of doing it. I miss the old way.

nickjhowe | February 6, 2013

@MandL - me too.

Lush1 | February 16, 2013

Love having the rear view camera on the bottom of the screen while driving in traffic. Model S has a big blind spot and the camera covers most of it. I can see cars beside my flanks that would otherwise require a major head turn. When it looks clear in the camera, I turn my head to double check, but the display often saves me from needing to turn my head because I can tell with a glance that a car snuk into my blind spot and decided it was a good place to hang out (grrr).

Camera on top annoys me and I can understand how it could make some people motion sick. Sometimes the camera display refuses to move to the bottom. If I swap, the bottom app moves under the camera display and the edges of it can be seen around the edge of the camera image. Sometimes if I franticaly start tapping and dragging, (while not moving of course) I can get it to swap, but I haven't figured out the exact sequence of taps and drags that works. It might not be consistent.

Only had the car for 5 days and don't know how to do a screen reboot. My delivery guy explained how to reboot the car, but I can't remember that either. Would appreciate help, but will start searching internet.

Hills | February 16, 2013

Press both scrool wheels at the same time for a few seconds to reboot.

nickjhowe | February 16, 2013

@MandL - I discovered the other day if you press and hold an icon, the icon grows in size and you can drag it into the top half or bottom half of the screen - not just over the little screen icons. Kinda like the old behaviour, but not quite.

olanmills | February 16, 2013

@Lush1 that sort of happened to me too. When the rear-view camera is on, and then HomeLink buttons are opened, the video is supposed to be shifted down to make room for the HomeLink buttons, but the other day, the video remained in place, though the border framing it shifted down. I didn't try to do anything about it and It kept happening for a a couple days. However, rebooting the screen (as Hills describes) made the problem go away.

FYI, pressing and holding both of the buttons on the steering wheel that are above the scroll wheels will reboot the guage cluster screen. Pressing and holding both of the scroll wheels will reboot the main center console screen.

Robert22 | February 17, 2013

@ nick-

Yes, you can actually just touch and drag the icon into the upper or lower pane. It really becomes a touch and throw. I ddn't think the screen tracking could keep up with it but even a flick motion works. My passengers always comment on how quickly I can change the screens.

Brian H | February 17, 2013


mcptwo | February 17, 2013

With the HD Camera (Tech Package) is it possible to focus the rear camera so that Items appear closer as they actually are? I realize we might lose so of the wide angle. Might this possibly be a future software update?

nickjhowe | February 17, 2013

@mcptwo - no technical reason I can think of why pinch and zoom wouldn't work with the camera are just zooming pixels, not the camera lens itself.

mcptwo | February 19, 2013

I am becoming more dependent on the rear view camera. Today Was driving in the rain. Unfortunately the camera was nothing but blurry drops of water. My wife suggested Rain-X. I will try that, any other ideas?

riceuguy | February 19, 2013

Rain-x is a great idea...I will be trying that!

bradslee | February 19, 2013

I was driving MS in the rain today first time in the Bay Area and the rain drops got on the rearview camera making the view blurry. I just stopped at a parking lot and use a tissue paper cleaned the camera. It works fine afterwards.

christurbeville | April 3, 2013

Has anyone tried the aquapel on the rearview? I want to have it self clean better but I'm worried aquapel is only for glass and the lens is plastic. Maybe I'll rainx that and aquapel the windshield.