Rent a Tesla?

Rent a Tesla?

Could Tesla circumvent the current "dealership" issue by having their display/service centers become "rental" locations? Not a leasing agency, but an actual location where one could rent a Tesla for a variety of periods of time just like any other rental outlet.

johnwladd | March 11, 2014

I don't have the answer, but I find it very likely this could indeed work and is a good idea. Imagine renting a Tesla Model S for like a month from these "rental" locations. After that month, there is no way a person is going back to a regular car. At that point, the potential customer would just buy it in another state and bring it in. Good idea IMO.

hitesh2269 | March 20, 2014

I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia and I would love to rent a tesla. Just to get the idea and feel of the car how it works. Before I buy it. And by driving in town I might impress one of my friend or family member to buy the tesla.

Car t man | March 21, 2014

And one could return the rental in the closest store in neighboring state, when buying one.

Brian H | March 21, 2014

Check out to see if they have any owners registered to rent locally.