Reports of a new direction

Reports of a new direction

This news makes me want to cry. I am the epitome of of a Model X owner if it remains similar to its original plans. This bigger body idea is terrible!
I wouldn't drive something as big as the Model X if I could help it but I live in Michigan and need snow clearance. We live just out side of Ann Arbor on 30 acres and we do not have the luxury of plowed roads. I also need the extra third row, I have two Bouviers and three children ( adopted, because we are so eco-conscious we didn't want to contribute to over population, but had tons of love to give!)

EdieMilo | July 22, 2013

IMO ... I think this article is totally bogus!!
First of all ... there are no quotes from any TM sources.
And all that BS about mounted rifles, indoor and on a roof rack ... pleeezzee!!
It's completely ridiculous! IMHO ;-)
Until I here this information directly from TM or Elon ... I don't believe a word of it!!

David70 | July 22, 2013

And what's the nonsense about a tunnel for the batteries?

Brian H | July 22, 2013

I hope it's not too late for you to do your bit to combat de-population.

Alex K | July 22, 2013

This topic has already been covered in another forum thread: Long Wheelbase Article.

Rachelsmith043 | July 22, 2013

Apparently there is speculation that it could be picked up through a military contract since the engine is silent. It sparked the ideas mentioned in the article. The other thread provides no more insight on the issue and my thought is that maybe if enough Tesla enthusiast speak up, we will still get something that resembles the original concept.

Brian, sorry to offend you but my comment was made only to be cute. I have three children, they happen to be adopted, and I thought it slightly amusing to say that we are "that Eco-conscious". It's the joke I told my grandmother when she laughed at me after I shared my decision with her ;o)

Brian H | July 22, 2013

Rachel, read my comment again. By about '45, de-population will begin, and be far more destructive than population growth.

dz4 | July 23, 2013

@Brian H

Sorry to bump into the debate uninvited, but I'd strongly disagree regarding de-population.

The video posted, talking about 'concerts' clearly reflects a western – based worldview, when that is not where over-population is a huge challenge. I'd recommend for reference looking up any of the many Hans Rosling lectures online he explains this best. Or just visit: (his website, with stats).

In short: among the countries with the highest population growths are The Congo, Afghanistan, Somalia. Those also have the highest mortality rates. Is over-population the root cause of their problems? Not in itself, more a symptom of poverty and war but it does add to the instability as there are more mouths to feed and a 'youth bulge'.

I'd also point out that from Rosling's analysis the connection between population growth and environmental degradation is far from trivial.

So the answer ends up being 'its more complicated than that...'.

dz4 | July 23, 2013

Here it is... right to the point. A talk (10 min) on population growth and the environment:

Its not a trivial matter.

ppape | July 23, 2013

Back to the thread topic. This article is HIGHLY suspect as to factual basis. Cramer has a well known history of being anti-Tesla. Why on earth would Tesla 'follow' anything Chevy or minivans are doing. If you really know Tesla and their vision, you would read this article and red flags would be up everywhere.

Look at the information on the Model X on the Tesla website. That is accurate.


dz4 | July 23, 2013

@The article...
Because the only thing missing on a pricey California based eco – friendly car is... rifle racks!
Oh and make it like the hummer.

I'd put that news story with the category with alien abduction stories. Something so outrageously un-probable needs a great deal of proof.

cloroxbb | July 23, 2013

This article sounds rediculous. All four pages of speculation, unfounded rumor, and basically nothing of substance.

They even said that the Model S 2.0 would be coming out around the same time.

Bogus article me thinks.

cloroxbb | July 23, 2013

whoops, "ridiculous"

Brian H | July 23, 2013
Brian H | July 23, 2013

"The United Nations Population Division (UNPD) is the most reliable source of population statistics in the world,...and, according to the UNPD, population growth will continue to slow down over the next few decades. In fact, if current trends persist, our growth will halt right around 8 billion by 2050. After that, our numbers will start to fall off, slowly at first, and then faster."

UNPD Excel file:

See the "Low Fertility" option. Its the only one that's ever been close to accurate.

dz4 | July 23, 2013

@Brian H

You make a false assumption that you are giving me data I do now know about already.
Yes, there are many countries with below replacement fertility rates, particularly Japan, Taiwan. The average child per woman in the world today is around 2.5.

But it still does not reflect the whole picture...

Please just do this, you will understand what I'm talking about. Go to choose GAPMINDER WORLD, then change Y axis to 'children per women'. This is all UN data.
You could mark replacement level at around 2.3 (I don't remember exactly why its not 2, but it should be the right number). Anyway you get a similar picture.

While some (mostly rich countries) have low fertility rates others (very poor countries) have very high rates.

Anyway I'd argue population growth is not the most important thing to focus on in terms of sustainability and well being. Cheap and accessible energy is. Cheap energy means economic growth, lower food costs, better access to clean water... and with all that the population changes could be manageable. IMO.

Brian H | July 23, 2013

The "high rate" countries have seen some of the greatest falls, and do not compensate any more. As the demographer says, it's still a puzzle why it's happening in some places. But it is.

jk2014 | July 24, 2013

Model X will be the new Army Humvee. Tesla military contract coming. Mark my words.

shop | July 24, 2013

Depopulation will very likely happen. The third world, most especially the largest two, India and China, are finally pulling themselves out of poverty. And as counties become richer, their fertility rates drop. Personally, I think necessity will once again be the mother of invention and as the world depopulates, advanced technologies like very advanced robotics will keep worldwide standard of living high.

jbunn | July 30, 2013

I am a proud second generation member of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, and bringing my son up to be the third generation.

Brian H | July 30, 2013

The rest of us demand the movement be reflexively pro-active.

Tiebreaker | August 23, 2013

jbunn - may many future generations of your family be proud members too.

Brian H | August 23, 2013

Yawn. Population will peak at about 8bn in 2040 or so, and decline thereafter. VHEM is a non-solution to a non-problem.

jeffpoel | August 27, 2013

Read Jared Diamond's book "collapse" and you will understand exactly what is going to happen to our civilization. Or watch Soylent Green if you are not a reader.

bent | August 28, 2013

Diamond's basic premise is that societies collapse because they do not understand what it is they are doing wrong nor that continuing to do so will be disastrous. So Easter Island lost all its trees because no one really stopped to think, won't we need trees in the future.

There is reason to think that we actually do understand what we are doing wrong and that we know what we should be doing instead, and so even were we to fail to completely change direction we are still in a good position to mitigate the worst effects of our activities. As such our current society is not a good fit to Diamond's hypotheses about societal collapse.

It's the black swan that would lead us to a Diamond-ish disaster: that one unlikely thing that no one ever thought would be important. But we can't really meaningfully discuss that one because by its very nature we don't know what it is.

Skotty | August 28, 2013

There is a humorous irony to talking about someone's future generations all being part of a voluntary human extinction plan.

ian | August 28, 2013

You got that too Skotty? ;-)

cloroxbb | August 29, 2013

The premise of the movie "Idiocracy" will come to fruition and extinction will happen soon after.

kabalah70 | December 20, 2013

Boy, you people don't know how to stay on topic do you?

ian | December 23, 2013


carlgo | December 28, 2013

Rifle rack? In a Tesla I would expect an electric rail gun. Efficient depopulation and lead-free, no harmful emissions as with traditional gunpowder. Talk about green...

Don't know the effect of miles or range lost per shot though. Maybe you could only shoot a couple of times.

However, if a windmill was placed in front of the gun, it could charge the battery...

Brian H | December 29, 2013

Require much less power if it fired poison BBs.