Roof handles for easier entry for physically challenged

Roof handles for easier entry for physically challenged

Has anyone found a third party for providing inside roof grab handles? My wife has a slight instability and uses a cane or walker based on her strength that day. She uses the grab handles for getting more stability in and out of our other cars.

Thanks for any replies or advice

Brian H | March 12, 2014

The door handle is shaped and reinforced to double as a grab handle. Actually, it triples as a coin bin etc. too!

thranx | March 12, 2014

There really needs to be a solution, aftermarket or otherwise, for this. My wife is in the same situation. As she turns to sit down in the passenger seat, her balance tends to go, and she has nothing to grab onto to steady herself.

Grabbing the door handle would only result in her pulling the car onto her legs...not good.

Mathew98 | March 12, 2014

If you have a pano roof, you can open the roof and let her grab the top portion of the opening. It's not pretty but it's an interim solution...

dborn | March 12, 2014

Personal preferences of the designers/ CEO should not come into consideration for a mobility aid. I as a driver use my handle to assist entry and exit into a car. I am NOT 40 something like the people above mentioned!

thranx | March 12, 2014

@Mathew98; thanks for the thought. But she's only 5'1", with severe back problems. An inside handle is really still the best solution.

wcalvin | March 12, 2014

I miss the overhead grab handles quite a lot. My current workaround:
1. Open door to extreme position so it is stable.
2. Use steering wheel to help rotate 90 degrees, getting feet on ground.
3. Right forearm to rest on window ledge of door, left hand on seat back. Arise.

Getting in is easier. Sit down at 90 degrees, then rotate using steering wheel to pull around, pulling door in as you go so that you do not have to stretch to grab it.

just an allusion | March 12, 2014

Any of the current aftermarket distributors of such accessories should be able to address your issue.

renwo S alset | March 13, 2014

I agree. Have the same problem with my Lambo, it's a bitch to get in and out. What's wrong with these people?

sule | March 13, 2014

I am not "challenged" and I have the grab handles in my ICE car (about to be replaced with Tesla). To get in and out I, however, *always* "grab" ... not the handles but the "top door frame / roof" - easier for me and feels sturdier than the interior handles. Maybe you can do the same.

roger.nagel | March 13, 2014

thank you al for the suggestions
I am still hoping to find a third party solution that will ot interfere with airbags etc.

Any one used a third party with Tesla blessing?


thranx | March 13, 2014

I also thank everyone for their suggestions, but I'm with roger.nagel in this.

@Sule; bet you won't be grabbing the roof of your new Tesla and leaving fingerprints all over it. Again: if my wife, or others who are elderly, or who have physically disabilities, were capable of grabbing and using the roof/door frame/top of the seat, they wouldn't need the grab bars.

Mathew98 | March 13, 2014

@thranx - This is where you are the knight in shining armor to assist your wife into/out of the car ever time. You get to open the door, securely place her in the passenger seat, and briskly walk to your seat and then instantly launch the MS.

You don't need any stinking grab handles when she can grab on to you every time.

melfont | March 13, 2014

I too was dismayed about th slack of assist handles front and rear. I contacted customer support and they gave me a story about needing to strengthen the roof. Isn't this the same roof that broke the test equipment in the NTHS tests? My wife also has issues with the small visors and lack of light for the vanity mirrors. Will they bet the Model X right??? Red S85 and number 134 for MX.

melfont | March 13, 2014

...the lack....

HGP16 | March 13, 2014

Google "suction cup grab bar" for a look at possible (temporary?) solutions that have been developed for handicap bathrooms. Not sure how much weight the pano roof can take, but I imagine some of the forum's engineer-types could provide advice.

renwo S alset | March 13, 2014

With my Lambo I used I-hooks and a rope.

thranx | March 13, 2014

@Mathew98; chivalry extends only so far with a previously wholly physically independent West-Texan part Commanche.

Need the grab handles.

sklancha | March 13, 2014

It is easy to forget how seemingly insignificant perks, such as grab handles (which were not designed as a handicap adaptive automotive equipment) are missed when they are no longer available.

Any reputable licensed vendor for medical adaptive equipment sales and installation should be able to provide some suggestions. My healthcare provider gave me a list of recommended modifications and adaptive equipment, and a list of approved qualified vendors. The unique attributes of the Tesla should not be any more challenging to the vendor, then the uniqueness of every individual client and disability.

I hope this helps.

roger.nagel | March 14, 2014

I am hoping a Tesla engineer can identify a place to instal a third party handle

I am thinking about the suction handles on the glass roof but it will look awful clugey

RedShift | March 14, 2014

Any solution will need to attach to the frame. I don't see an aftermarket solution in the horizon. | March 14, 2014

Has anyone tried this (

Looks very interesting and much better than an overhead handle (although it is something extra to have to deal with).

thranx | March 14, 2014

@sklancha; good idea, but dubious about the likelihood. Will check it out anyway.

@GaryREM; will have a look: thanks.

AoneOne | March 14, 2014

Also, it would be great if the steering wheel would lock when the car was in park. Then it would be a much better prop when getting out of the car, especially when the driver's side is facing uphill.

jordanrichard | March 14, 2014

I certainly don't mean to question anyone's physical limitations, but if this was such an issue, why did you buy the car. The lack of roof handles certainly could not have come as a surprise.

A Tesla rep told me that they can provide a third party vendor with specs to install grab handles. You can't just put them anywhere, due to the curtain airbags.

michael1800 | March 15, 2014

@Jordan, the OP isn't criticizing nor complaining... he/she is just looking to see if anyone has went successfully with an aftermarket modification. No need to create the 'why did you buy' argument for a productive thread imo. Unfortunately, however, it seems no one has made a permanent installation. Sorry OP. :(

thranx | March 15, 2014

@jordan; understandable question.
I do all the driving (my wife no longer can drive) and don't need grab handles, or you're quite correct...I probably wouldn't have bought the car. She gets out of the house maybe once or twice a month. It would be nice to have the grab handles for her.

Brian H | March 15, 2014

Why not get the Tesla specs and put aftermarket handles in? Seems obvious.

loefvinc | March 15, 2014

I would see if there are any Limo fabricators in your area. These folks know how to take cars apart and have access to many custom or prefabricated components. Grab handles should be one of them.


dbower | March 16, 2014

At this site, look at "leveraging devices":

Some of the other devices may come in handy too. Many occupational therapists specialize in senior/disabled driver support.

thranx | March 16, 2014

Thanks for all the suggestions. Limo fabricators sounds like a great idea.