Seriously, some news or just some reassurance

Seriously, some news or just some reassurance

I understand the need for Tesla to maintain secrecy and build anticipation; however, with their order first production strategy I don't see why they can't provide a little more PR to the kind folks who have placed money down on their vehicle site unseen. I am dying to get my X and won't be changing my mind short of it coming out looking like an Aztec, but it would be more fun to get more frequent teasers.

vperl | February 6, 2015

No, wait in corner, be happy.

Red Sage ca us | February 6, 2015

And... What if it looks like a Volkswagen Vanogon?

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vandacca | February 6, 2015

@Red_Sage, I would still buy a Model-X if it looked like a Volkswagen Vanogon; in fact, I would be somewhat excited too! Imagine roasting marshmallows under an open falcon-wing door before heading to bed in the upper canopy. :)

jjs | February 6, 2015

I see all the waiting is making some of us stir crazy. ;)

Khagge1 | February 6, 2015
jjs | February 6, 2015

Hey wasn't that the car we saw in the X secret test video! :) | February 6, 2015

@khagge1: Next week your wishes will be fulfilled. It will happen sometime after 2:30 PM Pacific time on Wednesday, February 11. You only have to hang by your thumbs a few more days.

jd3tm | February 6, 2015

So, you think they will announce something at the earnings/analyst call?

Not the right venue I think. There should be some sort of gathering that allows either shareholders or MX depositers to attend I would think.


jdiii | February 7, 2015

Right-schmight: it is largely a Q&A session with no constraints on the topics of the questions. On the third quarter call the Model X was asked about. Elon responded. I don't expect a reveal but I do expect newsworthy information concerning schedule, if nothing else.

timf2001 | February 7, 2015

The shareholder letter and conference call should contain most of what you are asking for. At the very least, it will confirm whether the Model X is on the previously announced schedule or if it has slipped again. Since this is the end of year report, it should provide increased guidance to how many cars Tesla plans to build and deliver in 2015. They may list Model S and Model X separately, but it would not surprise me if they lump the two together to provide less certainty.

RPMTESLA.COM | February 7, 2015

I was at the Tesla design center recharging my model S only last Sunday on Super Bowl Sunday, and I met with Dan the delivery engineer from the old videos he assured me that this summer the model ex will be releasing and deliveries will be made to signature owners they are very very very close to finally starting the full production up and getting these things out I can't wait to see one the summer on the road.