Server Crashed!? :-)

Server Crashed!? :-)

I just thought I would start this one now so we can get a head start.

Once the design studio is released everyone will jump on at relatively the same time and crash the server... or at least slow it to a crawl and there will be pages on posts.

This way when people say, "They should have know!", they can actually say it and mean it. I don't think I have been a part of anything with this kind of fan base that hasn't managed to crash the server on the first day.

I have notice the forum seems to be running faster for me. Maybe they have already upgraded in anticipation, this is a California company.

Another warning Tesla. Never put your forum and newly to be released app/page on the same server farm. When the server goes down or bandwidth diminishes your fanatic fans (like me) will go absolutely NUTS when they can't post about it on the forums. It's the whole reason we all log in at the same time to use the app in the first place! If both are on the same server farm remember to anticipate twice the bandwidth use because before, during and after playing with the design studio forum posting will be continuous throughout the process.


good luck.

BYT | March 20, 2012

Them you hit the TMC server if that happens... :) I should check out the TMC site come to think of it.

phb | March 20, 2012

Hell, even the Apple servers get overloaded when they open the store to order the new iThingy and Apple has some HUGE capacity to draw on if it needs to not to mention the cash available to buy more!

We're going to all have to be a little patient (I know that's in short supply around here these days) and remember that being the first to mess with the Design Studio isn't going to mean you'll get your car sooner...

That said, I'd better damn well be able to get on instantly or I'm gunna go nuts! ;)

Brian H | March 21, 2012

No problem. Just tell everyone else to wait a day or two, and Bob's your uncle!

sbeggs | October 16, 2014

bringing this thread back to the future

J.T. | October 16, 2014

Claudia, you're a tad obsessed!! :-)

sbeggs | October 16, 2014

guilty as charged!