So disappointed terrible paint quality, peeling.

So disappointed terrible paint quality, peeling.

Took delivery of my 2015 S85D two weeks ago and it has sat in my garage while I waited for my appointment for paint protection to be installed.
The installer went over the car and pointed out numerous flaws in the paint that are really disappointing for a car that is 112K.

The edge of my hood is peeling or it was touched while wet, granted its not visible unless the hood is up or if you are sitting on the ground.
But the paint is very thin in this area based on paint the paint meter readings. The PPS installer is concerned in the event of film failure, removing it could pull the paint off since the edge is so thin. He also found a teeny tiny hair and marring on the doors. The marring on the doors I am paying to have fixed and am just going to go ahead with the film install on the hood since I dont want to deal with repair which usually turns out to be a mess if done.

I just cant believe such obvious flaws are missed, I get that no paint is perfect you can always find something wrong. But when the flaws are so obvious it makes you question who is handling quality control.

J.T. | April 20, 2015

@lawrence.b Very sorry to hear about the lack of QC on your car. If you haven't already you should contact your service Center or Delivery Specialist and make them aware of the flaws in the paint. Get it on record. Supply any pictures you've taken of the flaws. You might get them to pay for paint correction and as far as the frunk hood goes, it it proves to a problem later on having it on record might help.

Good luck.

jordanrichard | April 20, 2015

The service center will get this fixed.

lawrence.b | April 20, 2015

Thanks for the replies, I sent an email so hopefully Ill get a response.

Love my car just disappointed that obvious flaws are overlooked.

J.T. | April 20, 2015

I'm sure the forum moderator has probably already seen this thread and is contacting the appropriate parties. They really do want you to be happy. It just takes a little time and patience to get there.

Keep us updated, please.

sorka95032 | April 20, 2015

Just got mine 3 weeks ago and there's nothing like that under my hood. One thing is different from other cars I've had in the past. The underside of the hood is clearcoated which is a first for me.

Not the paint job they claim comes on $300K cars for $71K, but it's pretty good. There is a slight bit of orange peel but what there wasn't was any swirl marks at all. In that regard is was perfect. I opticoated it last night. That along with triple bucket washing and I should be able to prevent swirls....unless of course Tesla service decides to wash it even when I tell them not too. Hopefully that won't be an issue.

Dwatson102 | April 20, 2015

My paint is perfect. Let tesla fix it.

Captain_Zap | April 20, 2015

Which color is that? It isn't clear to me in the photo. I'm guessing standard white.

jordanrichard | April 20, 2015

The way Bentley/RR/Lambo etc. get perfect paint jobs is through a lot of color sanding. They purposely put on extra coats of paint/clear coat (paint with no color pigment) to then sand it down to get rid of the orange peel.

DonS | April 20, 2015

I never thought of it before, but maybe now I'll have to check inside my frunk and door openings for imperfections. On the other hand, no I won't. It is INSIDE.

mcIary | April 20, 2015

The first thing you do is complain here? You weren't immediately on the phone to your closest SC? Yes that's a defect. Let them fix it...

lawrence.b | April 20, 2015

They said the they would take care of it if it ever becomes a problem.
The spot could easily become a problem because its right wear your hand raises the hood, the Xpel dealer is going to wrap it further down so it should prevent any issues.

Wow, tough crowd.. As I said am happy with the car, just think their quality inspection on paint should be more detailed. No paint is perfect, but glaring flaws should not be missed, specially when the flaws deal with paint thickness.

KL | April 20, 2015

I would insist the service center fix it, or return the car. I got my S85D in February too ... I wouldn't put up with that.

- K

Roamer@AZ USA | April 20, 2015

@lawrence.b. "glaring flaws" ???

Extremely minor and insignificant things that need a magnifying glass and special lighting to see. Detail guys make money showing you how hard they had to work to make your car perfect.

Those glaring flaws are nothing compared to what shopping carts and car doors are going to do to your paint.

P85D | April 20, 2015

mclary must have been warned, comments are boring now.

lawrence.b | April 20, 2015

Roamer@AZ USA, you are ok with a piece of hair in you paint? Are ok with being able to rub your paint off with your finger?

Sorry, I don't park my where its going to be damaged by other cars or shopping carts.

I am amazed how people get butt hurt when a problem is pointed out.

Im not bashing Tesla, just pointing out a problem so others can check their cars at delivery.
I have read this forum and learned about quirks and common issues, none of which my care has and I am grateful that others point out problems, so buyers know what to look for and Telsa knows what to correct.
I have NOTHING bad to say about Tesla, they contacted me TWICE and said if there is any paint problem that occurs later on they will take care of it.

Roamer@AZ USA | April 20, 2015

I probably would not lose much sleep over what you described as a "tiny tiny hair". The slight paint orange peel on the lower non visable surface of the frunk looked to be about 1/8 inch by 1/2 inch.

The paint defects seemed to be incredibly minor.

For me the only dilemma would be that the cure would be worse than the disease. If you want it corrected get it corrected. The fix may do more damage than the minor flaw.

On the bright side ancient Indian legend has it that if you make a perfect item the evil spirits will inhabit it. To prevent this it is important that items have a flaw. So maybe Tesla is just warding off evil spirits to protect you.

eye.surgeon | April 20, 2015

I hope you get it fixed to your satisfaction. I have yet to own a car without a paint flaw somewhere. It doesn't bother me. There are guys on the F150 forum that crawl up on roof and find paint flaws in the rain gutters and get all butt hurt over that.

lawrence.b | April 20, 2015

I agree, I am not going to mess with and well.... create a mess. All automakers seem to have paint issues, I see 80k Escalades with splotchy pearl paint and it just kills me.
Only purpose of my post was to be informative (and part was diappointment), as it seems Telsa takes care of issues that are brought up by its customers and corrects them so they dont continue to happen.

Love my car, and love their customer service... nothing is perfect but they try damn hard and thats all you can ask for.

lawrence.b | April 20, 2015

excuse my typos..

TeoTeslaFan | April 21, 2015


Unfortunately there is a lot of fanboyism on Tesla forums which makes them less than ideal to report problems. Calling them is good but you could also try the following to provide feedback to Tesla:

1) Service centre survey forms. Watch Jerome Guillen from 16:24 to 17:53 Youtube video

2) Website contact form. Scroll down. Click "Contact". Change topic to "Model S Owner Feedback".

3) Send an email to Jerome Guillen (VP of Sales and Service) to:
jguillen teslamotors com

J.T. | April 21, 2015

@lawrence.b I'm glad that you are satisfied with Tesla's response. As for contacting Jerome as Teo suggests I would hold off on that until you have some issue where you're NOT satisfied with Tesla's response.

As for the "hazing" some posters get, I wouldn't take it to heart. It is a tough crowd but there's still no better place for information. Take the good with the bad.


Kapil | April 21, 2015

Just here to show my support for @lawrence.b

Too many fanboys here. The car is outstanding but it isn't perfect. There are recurring defects, a gross lack of QA for a car in this price class. I know...I've owned two now.

The Service Center does take ownership of the issues and tries to fix them. The Tesla people are sincere in their eagerness to help. But that doesn't change the fact that a car costing 100k ships with bad paint jobs way more often than it should.

LostInPA | April 21, 2015

Whether you choose to touch-up the paint yourself (because it is in a inconspicuous spot) or have Tesla address the issue (new car quality control problem). You should definitely fix the peeling issue, as peeling has a tendency to spread over time.

Captain_Zap | April 21, 2015

I'd prefer to have Tesla fix it so that it stays under warranty.
This is what warranties are for.

Good luck!

TeoTeslaFan | April 21, 2015


Quote: "They said they would take care of it if it ever becomes a problem."

The overall warranty on the car is until 50,000 miles or 4 years whichever comes first. The problem could happen at 51,000 miles. Also the resale value of the car is reduced. It doesn't seem an appropriate response to a manufacturing defect. Even if you accept their response and don't mind resale value, if that statement isn't documented anywhere and the person who said it forgets about it or stops working there or you move to some other place covered by a different service centre, it could be a problem.

TeoTeslaFan | April 21, 2015

I changed my mind about contacting Jerome. You should contact the regional service manager first.

cpmarino | April 21, 2015

Ferrari is notoriously bad at painting cars, so the fact that it's a $100k car means little ... the production process, even when hand-assembling like Ferrari, just isn't conducive to the highest quality of painting.

Up to me, I'd have a high-quality body shop, or perhaps the shop doing the film or wrap, correct the defect as part of their process. There will be plenty of other areas of the car to "correct" no doubt, it's all part of the same deal. It should be PERFECT before you wrap it, and if Tesla or the folks doing the wrap advised otherwise, I'd find someone else. You can't just cover it up, it needs to be properly fixed.

Discuss the option with Tesla, and perhaps they'll pay for the correction portion. Honestly, that's all they would do anyway is hire someone to fix it, or farm it out, so if they're willing to do that, they may be willing to eat a $300 or $500 cost for you having it done.

While I agree that it is relatively minor now, there's no guarantee that it will stay that way.

Son of a Gunn | April 21, 2015

@lawrence don't accept rudeness from any of the rabid regulars here. Some of them have lost touch with their manners and think that being anonymous is a shield from civility or objectivity. They don't realize it hurts the Tesla brand and goodwill. Ironic. That paint problem, damn straight you should expect better.

Grinnin'.VA | April 21, 2015

OP: Sorry for your paint problems.

My 85D arrived by truck in Rockville, MD with a few paint dings.
At my delivery appointment we discussed these obvious flaws. I went through the normal delivery process, signing all of the forms. Then instead of me driving my 85D away, they sent it to a paint shop to have the paint damage repaired. And they provided me an Uber ride home.

Several days later, I got a call from my DS telling me the paint damage was reparired. He arranged to have a flat-bed tow truck deliver my new 85D to my driveway.

I couldn't hope for better service from Tesla in fixing the paint damage.

Of course, as this played out I kept my detailer informed. Based on his recommendations, I drove the car very car very little, avoiding anything that could damage the paint for the next three weeks. Then I took it in to get Modesta (similar to Opticoad Pro) put on it.

So for practial purposes, I needed to wait for about a month after my delivery appointment before I had my 85D ready to drive normally. Of course, that sucks. But what the hell, one more month of waiting after a 5+ month order-to-delivery wait isn't very important in the big scheme of things.

Good luck.

Go Tesla!

J.T. | April 21, 2015

Son of a Gunn | APRIL 21, 2015 NEW
@lawrence don't accept rudeness from any of the rabid regulars here. Some of them have lost touch with their manners and think that being anonymous is a shield from civility or objectivity.

Son of a Gunn | April 1, 2015. Yeah, suck it up people. How lazy. What do you think this is, a German car company where they have solutions ..

Son of a Gunn | FEBRUARY 22, 2015
Husbands of Jinkie and ImaJean, can you get your wives please?! They're in the mancave causing trouble. Oh, please take your angst-filled teenage son jdub too. He's a real downer. Maybe take him fishing. Thank you!

Son of a Gunn | FEBRUARY 22, 2015

I'm happy to see that there are still some really good people out there.


These generalisms...Oh gag me. This is an internet forum. You were able to make judgments about humans, good and evil, wealth and famine, based on a few paragraphs in this bs discourse you started? Man, go out, get a real life and real life lessons. Come back in 20 years.

@Son of a Gunn Thanks for all of your lessons on cilility.
Son of a Gunn | FEBRUARY 22, 2015
Oh, and don't pat yourself on the back. Insulting old folks doesn't take a lot of effort. You just showed you're a rude jerk. I''m a jerk too, but I admit it. Also seriously doubt you own a Model S. Self-respecting car lover would never have so much angst.

J.T. | April 21, 2015


Son of a Gunn | April 21, 2015

At least I'm standing up for it. What do you do @JT? You maintain a FAQ but you have no spine against your rude virtual friends. Get a clue. They're going elsewhere. Regular "hazing"...give me a break.

AmpedRealtor | April 21, 2015

@ lawrence.b,

I, too, am sorry to hear about your issue. My car's paint is as close to perfect as it could possibly be, but then again, I never looked at the paint under the frunk and rear hatch in close detail. I agree with those who say you should probably leave it alone. If it's not visible from the outside, then I would say it's fine. But it's up to you to decide that, and it's the service center's job to make sure you are satisfied.

Dr. Jerome Guillen's name gets thrown around here a lot, but it's not appropriate to contact him unless you've tried to escalate to the service manager and then the regional manager. After that, sure, contact Jerome. But we don't want to flood the good doctor's email box if we haven't tried getting satisfaction locally first.

Son of a Gunn | April 21, 2015

Escalate it to the top. These quality issues will bite Tesla. Local managers will band-aid to cover their a$$. As production volume goes up it shouldn't be a maxim that quality issues rise proportionally. That's not true. There's just some bad hires.

J.T. | April 21, 2015

@Son of a Gunn What do you do @JT?

I revel in my superiority and hope to lead by example. :-)

Most people get over it when they realize the quality of the information and the generous spirit of the forum members. If they can't take a few unkind words and decide to leave then they are simply spiting themselves.

Son of a Gunn | April 21, 2015

Fine @JT. You do deserve recognition for your contributions (sincerely saying it) and I'm sorry for being an ass.

Son of a Gunn | April 21, 2015

I feel strongly against glossing over these quality issues. If you want to be an underachiever, fine, but don't tell the OP that it's okay and to live with it. Why should that be the American standard? We will be competing with MB and Lexus here and Tesla is my last standard bearer. I want to expect a grade A.

J.T. | April 21, 2015

@Son of a Gunn No worries. The operative post was this from the OP :I have NOTHING bad to say about Tesla, they contacted me TWICE and said if there is any paint problem that occurs later on they will take care of it.

So, as long as he's happy our work here is done.

I do agree strongly with you on QC and that it should be much better after 50,000 cars. Still, as long as they're making it right post delivery they're only missing on two fronts: they make a bad first impression on delivery ( but the new owner is usually too excited to be bummed out) and they put added pressure on their already incredible service department.

I have confidence they'll figure it out "soon."

NOLEK SUM | April 21, 2015

"I am amazed how people get butt hurt when a problem is pointed out."

Welcome to the world of the Tesla model S forum,where the fanboys rule, and Thou shalt not say anything critical about Tesla.

My paint is great. And my service center tells me that all the stuff on the Forum about soft paint is nonsense. He says they use standard auto paint. And why wouldn't they? He also says carwashes will not affect it any differently than any other car.

AmpedRealtor | April 21, 2015

All of the nonsense about "soft paint" usually comes from a detailer or someone who would benefit financially from selling you an aftermarket product. It's pure BS. When someone tries to do that in our local Tesla facebook group, we jump on it quickly.

TeoTeslaFan | April 21, 2015

You mean when professionals criticize the soft paint, you don't mind attacking them on Facebook because you are a fanboy and don't really understand how things improve and how your fanboyism works against Tesla but you are happy that other fanboys like you support you.

To All,
Here are some videos of Elon talking about negative feedback. People who like Tesla should support negative feedback because it's very helpful. Watch Elon if you don't believe me. Jerome said the same thing recently. He wants everybody to fill out feedback forms when they visit service centers. Fanboy attacks against people who provide negative feedback is not good for Tesla. Like Elon said, "Don't tell me what you like, tell me what you don't like.​"

AmpedRealtor | April 21, 2015

@ TeoTeslaFan,

What on earth are you talking about? We delete those posts in our FB group because those posts end up being advertisements for detailing work by those posting the nonsense. We do not allow advertising in our group. That's the reason.

You seem a little obsessed.

TeoTeslaFan | April 21, 2015


I'm talking about your comments:

Quote: "nonsense about soft paint ... pure BS"

There is no reason to react to an aspect of the car that needs improvement. I've read many messages where people were told by detailers the Tesla paint is exceptionally soft. In business it's more helpful to see criticism as an opportunity for improvement instead something to be upset about. I don't have anything against you personally. I think generally negative feedback is very helpful. That's how things improve. We should encourage it, organize it, redirect it to Tesla so they can make things better.

SomeJoe7777 | April 21, 2015

>> I've read many messages where people were told by detailers the Tesla paint is exceptionally soft.

So let me get this straight: Owners of Model S vehicles of this forum are supposed to believe your 4th-hand information (owner -> detailer -> message board -> Teo) over their own eyes and experience with their own vehicle?

A) That's not going to happen.
B) You undermine yourself by assuming it should.

TeoTeslaFan | April 21, 2015

Let's not hijack this topic with unrelated discussions. There are many topics about soft paint (I wonder why) if people want to discuss that. OP's problem is not soft paint.


As far as presenting the problem goes, you did really well by adding that picture. It is refreshing to see people who put an effort to present a problem well and avoid unnecessary discussions.

AmpedRealtor | April 21, 2015

@ TeoTeslaFan,

There is no reason to react to an aspect of the car that needs improvement.

I'm not. Soft paint is not something that needs improvement because it isn't "soft" to begin with. The claim is patently false. The only people you'll find promoting that point of view are those who work in the paint correction business. Do a quick Google search and you'll see the same thing happens every time a new model is introduced by BMW, Mercedes, and others. It's a sales tactic, nothing more. But you would have no idea for obvious reasons.

I've read many messages where people were told by detailers the Tesla paint is exceptionally soft.

As you did in another thread, your own words prove my point. Detailers are the ones pushing this nonsense because they have $5,000 in paint correction work and Xpel wraps they want to sell you for a brand new car. Isn't it funny that you would presume the detailer is correct - even though said detailer has a bridge he wants to sell you - and everyone else is wrong?

In business it's more helpful to see criticism as an opportunity for improvement instead something to be upset about.

Yes, if the criticism is valid. Detailers spreading FUD about Tesla's paint being soft is not a legitimate criticism. To you, every criticism is legitimate criticism that must be shouted from every mountain top. Tilt at windmills much?

I think generally negative feedback is very helpful. That's how things improve. We should encourage it, organize it, redirect it to Tesla so they can make things better.

Tesla doesn't need you, Teo, in order to make their product better. You clearly don't know what's real and what isn't. You just echo what other people say, copy/paste into another thread or post what you've read elsewhere, then comment ad nausea about how Tesla needs to take this or that seriously. They have over 70,000 owners worldwide providing them with feedback, and from actual usage and experience. Negative feedback is only helpful if it's true and accurate. You seem to think that all negative feedback is true and something Tesla needs to fix. Why do you make such assumptions? Is it because you lack the first-hand experience and knowledge that would provide you with an appropriate filter through which you can separate truth from fiction?

Let's not hijack this topic with unrelated discussions.

I believe the OP is best suited to make that call, not you. This isn't your thread. But I recognize your pattern of trying to change the subject when people disagree with your dramatic and rather uninformed conclusions.

I don't have anything against you personally.

Glad to know I can start breathing again.

sorka95032 | April 21, 2015

Tesla paint is soft but that's a by product of CARB restrictions than anything else. Given the restrictions they have it's remarkably good (except for the OP's example).

Personally I wouldn't let this ride. It could be just the tip of the iceberg and it will likely snowball after the warranty has expired. Get it dealt with now.

TeoTeslaFan | April 21, 2015

@AmpedRealtor: "You just echo what other people say"

Not true. Some unique subjects can be found in my twitter. Start new topic if you want to discuss more. Stop hijacking this. Trying to keep my response short.

AoneOne | April 21, 2015

Call for facts: does anyone have first-hand knowledge of the automotive paints used in California and how they might differ from those used in Detroit, Tennessee, or elsewhere?

Perhaps you've worked in a auto-body shop and know the technology and suppliers, or you work for a coatings or chemical supplier, or for an air-quality regulator or tester.

We've heard from detailer. Now lets hear from the other side.

patrick40363 | April 21, 2015

GM and Toyota used to produce cars in the same plant that Tesla now uses.They used paint and never heard about theirs being soft.