Speed of getting in and out, doors and more

Speed of getting in and out, doors and more

I'm a late comer to the reservations.. 19K+..

As I watched the unveiling video, couple of questions popped in my head - sharing them here to discuss:
1. Falcon wing doors operable only through a button inside? Why Elon did not invoke the door handle? Anyone here tried that? (scenario - child forgot the backpack in the rear seat and we are 50m away from the locked car. How am I going to get that backpack out?)

2. Automatic front doors - knowing me, I would rather open it myself and get in. Also, have you noticed that demo car unintentionally opened the driver door and Elon had to close it awkwardly. Anyone experienced this in person?

3. Turning radius - does anyone have this data?


Tâm | September 30, 2015

Good questions!

1) I don't know the answer either. I always assume what works with S's fob should work with X's fob.

2) I don't know the answer. I assume you can disable auto front door opening and shutting tight.

3. I don't know the answer again. But the stage was small and it could maneuver on stage so that's pretty good!

Madatgascar | September 30, 2015

Neither door handle was shown to present itself in the reveal. I was surprised Elon had to go inside to open the FWD. Also surprised how the front door popped open after the driver got out and closed it - probably because he passed close by and the car detected his fob and auto-opened. This would be a pain in real life. I am hoping you can disable the auto opening front doors in "settings" and open the FWD by both the handle and the fob. these are the kinds of things that can be fixed via OTA updates if needed.

Is the X fob a bigger version of the S fob? Didn't see this yet.

Red Sage ca us | September 30, 2015

I remember seeing at least one Falcon Wing Door, possibly on a white one, being opened with a press on the exterior handle at some point.