Status of Punch List & Due Bills

Status of Punch List & Due Bills

Does anyone know the current status of items that are still pending from the punch list/due bill and what items that have changed from original specifications. i.e.: memory seat link to key FOB & door handles extending as you approach the car.

dahtye | October 27, 2012

I took delivery today and the only thing on the due bill was the parcel shelf.

There are profiles for multiple drivers. The profiles remember many settings of the car. But sadly the profiles are not connected to the key fob.

When I readjust my seat after setting a profile, a small icon shows up on the main panel asking if I want to update my profile with the new setting - this is a nice surprise not having to navigate to the settings screen to save the new profile.

My DS said wi-fi hot spot is coming with a future s/w update - not specific date yet though.

Flex | October 27, 2012

dahtye congrats on getting your car. Thanks for info. Did they give you any info on lighted vanity mirrors or iPhone app?

sergiyz | October 28, 2012

Same here, although both parcel shelf and HPWC are missing for obvious reasons.
iPhone app - no hard date, but probably within a month or so.
No mention of a service plan or data plan.
Didn't care about vanity mirrors so didn't ask, though sun visors are puny, and the mirrors look like an afterthought.
I'm very happy with the car though, everything made a perfect sense to me in terms of controls, instruments and interface.

Volker.Berlin | October 28, 2012

Check out this thread. There is no better source available:

JZ13 | January 2, 2013

I tried to click on the above link and it took me to a page that says "access denied". I am a registered user and I have "built" my S. anyone know why I can't access?

Carefree | January 2, 2013

Did you reserve a car? You can only see locked threads if you are a reservation holder or owner.

markapeterman | January 2, 2013

Call Tesla and they will unlock it if you have a reservation.

JZ13 | January 2, 2013

Yes, I have a reservation and I have actually "built" the car.

JoeFee | January 2, 2013

I have had the car since mid November 2012 (VIN 791) so the due bill stuff is getting long in the tooth! I understand the need to get out cars but they need to deliver them error free, clean/detailed, and complete as ordered ASAP!

riceuguy | January 2, 2013

@JZ...there is a known have to call or email and they'll unlock your access to the threads.