Suggestion box

Suggestion box

I have had my Model S for a year and love it to death. We like it so much that we have a Model X on order and can't wait to get it.

I do however have some minor suggestions and wonder if any other owners would agree with them. Here goes:

The cup holders need improvement they are in an inconvenient location.

The sun visors are too small.

I miss a clothes hanger hook near a back door.

I would pay real money to get blind spot locators in the side mirrors.

Sure would love to see some of these incorporated into the Model X. Aanybody else?

Bill Piedemonte

J.T. | March 16, 2014

If you had also mentioned seat belt adjusters and lights on the vanity mirrors you would have won A BRAND NEW CAR!

Bill, I'm only making fun because you are the gazillionth person to mention these.

AmpedRealtor | March 16, 2014

Let's have a suggestion box icon on the display. I'm sure many of us get ideas that would improve the experience when we're in the car, but later cannot recall the idea or thought. A little suggestion box icon would be great for submitting feature requests and send them straight to Tesla.

notice | March 16, 2014

@amped good idea

renwo S alset | March 16, 2014

amped. Voice command should take dictation. You know, stream-of- consciousness suggestions.

AmpedRealtor | March 16, 2014

+1 VIN20353!

Captain_Zap | March 16, 2014

I want a DOH! button on the steering wheel.

That way I can do a memo reminder for myself so I can focus on driving instead of saying DOH! and then trying to remember what I forgot until I got home.

I'd like any changes cup holders to become an optional for those that want them. I like the ones we have now because they can be covered and they are out of the way. I find cup holders to be clutter collectors that can be difficult to clean.

I never realized anyone ever used those hooks to hang clothes in a car until I met these forums. I tried them a couple times in other cars a long time ago but it just reduced visibility. I'm a bit surprised that they are still in cars. Are the blind spot detectors necessary because there are garments hanging in the way?

notice | March 16, 2014

@Zap, just hang my drycleaning in the rear driver side window, no blind spot there, and only has to make it between the drycleaner and home, short ride. Now I have a choice of taking the S85 or my wife's Yaris to go to the dry cleaner. Decided I don't need any clothes hooks! Clothes can lie across the back seats.

jordanrichard | March 16, 2014

If one has the pano roof, you go to an arts and craft store and buy those little 1-2 inch diameter suctions cups that have a hook in them. This would be perfect to hang clothes that are on hangers. These would be completely hidden from view form the outside or even in the rear view mirror since it would be up on the glass and hidden by the center roof support. | March 16, 2014

There are a number of good ways to make suggestions. Take a look at:

chrisdl | March 17, 2014

You need to hang your clothes on the INSIDE of the car. If they block your blind spot, you're doing it wrong... unless your clothes are still wet, of course ;-)

WØQR | August 30, 2018

I've missed this in the Tesla and other cars for years and I don't see why we can't have it. I'd like to see the 5 volt USB and 12 volt acc socket active all the time. There's no reason to have the car 'on' to have these power points.
It could be an option if someone would feel better but I'd leave mine on all the time.
****LEAVE 12 VOLT ACC SOCKET ACTIVE | August 30, 2018

@WØQR - Makes sense, but I think the concern is vampire load and the small loss of range from keeping these areas powered up (especially 5V, where a small DC-DC converter must always be running to maintain power). Currently it's part of the powering for the MCU, so quite a bit would need to remain powered up. Of course a hardware design change could reduce the vampire load and keep the 5V active.

The 12V would not have any vampire drain if nothing was connected to it. But if some larger load was left connected, it would cut into the range a bit. A 120W load would reduce the range by a mile about every 3 hours.

goodmanrw | October 29, 2018

I love driving my Model 3 in Chill Mode. Very smooth and great economy. Several times I wanted to have standard mode acceleration to get out of a tight situation. Would it be possible in Chill Mode to have it transition to Standard Mode when you put the pedal to the metal? This would provide the best of both. I don't like driving in Standard Mode because it's too sensitive for my normal driving.

sr.smr | October 29, 2018

I like your suggestion goodmanrw. I use Chill to smooth out the ride, but as you stated, there are times that Standard would come in handy.

PBEndo | October 29, 2018

Minor quibble
In my P85DL, the "Max Battery" button is adjacent to the "Chill" button. This is a poor design as one would never want chill when using max battery or vice versa. Yet the active area for the 2 options has approximately a 1 pixel row of separation. So an inadvertent press will give you exactly the opposite effect. They should move Max Battery over next to Ludicrous.

jacobtoldam | December 9, 2018

I love my 2015 Model S 85D. Full stop! No "but" :-)
One problem I have, every time I drive, is "autosteer speed restricted to 70 km/h" due to incorrect speed readings or missing speed limit signs on the road (I live in Denmark). I drive the same road every day and every day it gets it wrong (last year it actually got half of it right...??). It would be great, if you could teach your Tesla new tricks - so to speak. If you could tell it, if it is doing something wrong and what the correct solution is. Or that autopilot would communicate with Google Maps in order to recognize what type of road you are driving (and thus getting the correct speed limit).
A third way I suppose could be, that 3 or 5 unique drivers should correct or add a speed limit on a particular stretch of road in order for that information to be validated and then stored.
Maybe it's not possible. I still love my Model S :-)

Cadabeky | December 9, 2018

Would like to see off timer in the charging parameters. This would allow manual syncing w/ solar array. Charge while sun is up. Stop charging at dusk. Also MPH on main display. My steering wheel is always blocking my view of the display behind steering wheel. Really not a fan of new GUI for contols. Not sure way chages are made that are worse than original. Maybe a QA guy to review changes before released to installed base? Almost went into the ditch trying to figure out where my radio stations went. Crazy.

alanstates | January 22, 2019

Love my Model 3. I would like to see the elevation/altitude to the right of the temperature on the display.

grsager | February 22, 2019

This has been suggested before and I will add my vote for it: there should be BOTH an on time and off time for charging. One on/off would be great, but I could even use two - one for super off-peak rates and one for the time my solar panels are probably at peak output.

EVRider | February 23, 2019

@alanstates: Why would the altitude be useful to you while driving? None of my previous cars showed altitude — do any other new cars do that? | February 23, 2019

Altitude could be useful if you drive your car off the C130 rear ramp at 20,000 feet and need to know when to pull the ripcord. The did it in Fast and Furious movies, so a few people need this feature!

Bill_75D | February 23, 2019

@alanstates - Tesla Winds running on the browser gives the altitude as well as wind speed and direction.

p.c.mcavoy | February 24, 2019

@EVRider - My Garmin GPS unit has the option to display altitude and I got in the habit several years ago of always having it displayed. It was more a curiosity thing which I enjoyed having at times when traveling. Not really a functional need to figure out how to get somewhere, but more for my understanding of terrain in areas where I've not lived or traveled a lot. That was something I missed at times when traveling with my MS90D before I became aware of the option to use TeslaWinds via the browser. I don't have it pulled up all the time, but will periodically when I'm curious how high the ridge is I'm climbing.

EVRider | February 24, 2019

@p.c.mcavoy: I understand why a Garmin would have this feature, since you can use it outside of the car for hiking etc. I was trying to figure out if there was an actual use case for making this available in the car (other than curiosity). Still waiting to hear from the person who posted the suggestion.

pj3ec | February 24, 2019

In hilly Seattle we use and rely on regenerative braking a lot. In cold weather, sometimes with snow/ice when we need it most it is minimally available for a very long warmup period. Pre-conditioning via climate control is very inefficient. A separate remote app switch (independent of climate control) for pre-conditioning just the battery would be very helpful.

ted.pfefferbaum | February 24, 2019

Spotfiy would be sweet!

Sailfast | February 25, 2019

My car is great, but there are changes more important to me than making fart noises or having Santa Claus on my dashboard or too short a clip from More Cowbell.

Nav system: I do like having both the dash and touchscreen information in my S BUT the Garmins I use in my non-Tesla vehicles are much more helpful on showing what lane or lanes to use for upcoming exits and splits. Plus I do like having elevation info.

And of course I really like how turning on/off the heated steering wheel is so intuitive . NOT! And has anyone
Counted the number of touches needed to turn the back and passenger seat heaters off when using your phone to turn the heat on from inside the house. It takes many pushes for each seat, feels like “wack a mole” because after you turn one seat position off and move over to the next one, the one you just turned off comes back on.

As for battery preheat so full regen at startup, I live on a hill and have to descend 700 feet to go places . I would like to be able to tell the car the time I will be starting out so that charging would finish then.

AstroSteve | March 1, 2019

My 2004 BMW 325XIT DVD navigation shows elevation. I like having it but I have no idea where it gets the information as it is not in the GPS signal AFAIK. I assume it is included in the map database.

kantmann | May 17, 2019

Simple request: can Tesla enable the option disable the front passenger power window control (window lock) either with the existing window lock control, or when there is no person detected sitting in the front passenger seat? Our mischievous Wheaton Terrier Finley (~27 lbs) has figured out how to open the window while we’re driving, or in the brief time between enabling ‘dog mode’ and walking away from the vehicle, but before it auto-locks. He’s really a pain sometimes. Thank you, Chris

akikiki | May 17, 2019

How many people do you think have this same problem that would warrant Tesla software engineers modding the software to accommodate Finley? If I were you, I would be looking for an alternative solution.

PuckDucker | May 20, 2019

Would any other non-autopilot Model S owners like to see just the speed limit display in the driver's display? I don't want any overspeed indication, scrolling lane lines, or depictions of other vehicles. Just the speed limit display would be terrific to have for us non-autopilot owners.

akikiki | May 21, 2019

PuckDucker. Got a request/suggestion? You can go over to, register and post your request comment. Many have been deployed. Its gets visibility. Lower right side of main page, after you register.

mxuereb | May 31, 2019

The autopilot settings are resetting each time I start up. I turn off lane departure and would expect it to save that setting but every time i start up the setting is reset on. This is very annoying and somewhat dangerous for me as there are sections of my drive it kicks on unexpectedly due to odd line markings when there is no danger.

kyvico | June 3, 2019

Please add favorite or quick dial or search function to the phone app, it currently takes forever to scroll thru my contact list to find the person I want to call. Definitely a distraction!

gregmiller1817 | June 3, 2019

2014 MS P85+. Altitude for snow/ice conditions. Built in 2 inch receiver for trailers w/ light connector. Ugrade kit/parts listing for legacy Tesla's. Can you imagine! Full hardware and software upward compatibility. Could even have refresh option. Could be revenue generator for Tesla repair facilities. Let SEMA run it. How about trunk shell insert ala El Camino for tools/camping. Small aluminum Tesla trailer ala Northern Tool. Solar home carport kits w/ PowerWall.

Marvelones | July 7, 2019

I have a model 3. I would love it if I could view "events" from sentry mode when I get back in my car to decide if I wanted to keep them or not. Also to react quickly if there was damage to my car etc. There are events every time I use sentry mode and most of the time they are benign. Its a lot of work to remove the USB stick go in the house when I get home to review the events then put the stick back in the car.

john.trapp | July 7, 2019

What I would like on the iPhone app for the Climate control is to state at what time one wants the desired interior temperature. So, say one is planning to drive off at three o’clock and one wants 19 degrees, the app should work out at what time the air-conditioning should be switched on to achieve this. Otherwise it may use up precious electricity if it is switched on too soon, or not achieve the desired temperature if it is on too late.

geo.teepe | July 7, 2019

I would like to see elevation displayed in the car and on the super charger icons on the map.
In an electric car altitude extents your range, a little like altitude does it in an aircraft.
For instance; From Dawson City Yukon to Eagle Plains my car needed charging.
From Eagle Plains to Dawson City it did not. Altitude made the difference.
It would have been nice if I had known this in advance

claus | July 10, 2019

I would be great if you could be able to mark that you are navigating to a chargingstation (other than Tesla Supercharger), so that the battery pre-heating function will be enabled.

amndflschr | August 15, 2019

It would be nice if the automatic door lock when you walk away had a checkbox to disable when the car is parked in your garage? Something like the location based mirror folding... A bit cumbersome to unlock the car to unplug the charger or just get into it for something when its in your garage safe and sound...

steveg1701 | August 15, 2019

Many software updates ago there was a feature where you could override the walk away locking on a one time basis by double clicking the roof of the fob after exiting the car but they took it away, wish they would restore it but I like your idea better!

steveg1701 | August 15, 2019

Many software updates ago there was a feature where you could override the walk away locking on a one time basis by double clicking the roof of the fob after exiting the car but they took it away, wish they would restore it but I like your idea better!

booshtukka | August 15, 2019

I’d really like to be able to seek through tracks by holding down the skip buttons, instead of the random behaviour I have right now.

l.laforest | September 6, 2019

In Quebec, Canada, where all the electricity comes from hydro, there are big lithium resources and govt is looking for private partner to go from the mines to the batteries. They are also planning the integration of a whole recycling process for old batteries as well.

It would be a good opportunity for Tesla to build a battery shop here with lower carbon impact, great stability and proximity with the US.

clmooring | September 10, 2019

Car Wash mode... when activated, the car would go into neutral, turn the wipers off, fold the mirrors in and possibly allow the car to stay in neutral with no-one in the driver seat

mikeo.cfp | September 10, 2019

I would love to have a setting in the app to notify you at a set time, like 10:00 PM, if your car isn’t plugged in. We all forget sometimes!

erik | October 15, 2019

1. When in Reverse, it would be nice if the size two cameras could be active at the bottom of screen. The proximity of the adjacent car is nice, but does not need to be so big. The sides if the screen could change color to better indicate near by objects if screen space is an issue....

erik | October 15, 2019

In parked entertainment, consider allowing video to be play via usb. Not all areas have good signal and kids usually want to be entertained while waiting in car.

erik | October 15, 2019

There is a diagnostic screen on the console that sometimes shows. Would be nice to have access to a full diag screen that would let you reset things like favorites for radio, reset door heights and learned areas where car is raised.

erik | October 15, 2019

Some areas have AM radio for event or site information. Would be nice to have.