Supercharger for 60Kwh battery

Supercharger for 60Kwh battery

I have reservation 6009, placed just under a year ago. I have 28K miles on my 6 1/2 year old BMW as I do not drive very far daily. I have been trying to decide on the battery size i "need" for a while. Just want to share / vent my displeasure with Tesla over the Supercharging hardware for the 60Khh battery.

Originally the supercharger option was standard on 85Kwh battery, not available on the 40Kwh battery and TBD on the 60Kwh battery. Then, over this summer, it was listed as included on the 60Kwh. At the Supercharger Station unveiling event, Elon Musk reported there was going to be a charge for the 60Kwh battery. I went to the local showroom over the weekend and was told that since I had already desired that option and it was listed as included on my build, the fee would be waived but that I would have to call to take care of that.

I called a few days later to finalize my build and was told they would not waive any fees for me. I was told that some people are going to get the hardware included for free with the 60Kwh battery while others will not. They decided if you have reservation 4000 or earlier, it will be available for free and you will have to pay if you are above that reservation number.

I am not happy at all about the back and forth. I can understand that if people signed contracts before this went into effect, Tesla could not change the contracts. But if I was told not once (online build over summer) that this was included but twice (at the local showroom), I would hope they would honor that. Instead I was told unless it was written in the contract, the prices are variable.

We all are trusting this company (that is in many people's mind doomed to fail) because we believe this technology is the future and the people at Telsa are the people that are going to bring this to reality. The way they are handling this concerns me and I am thinking about postponing / delaying my deliver at this point.

Volker.Berlin | October 18, 2012

Here is the latest, official comment from GB, along with comments from forum readers:

Here are two other, slightly older threads pondering the very same issue, with a total of no less than 10 pages of posts:

Maybe you want to add one of those. I think the issue has been beaten to death already, but then again, that's just me.

mrspaghetti | October 18, 2012

You got bad info. Those with signed contracts prior to posting of supercharger fees on website get it free. Everyone else pays or doesn't get it. Has nothing to do with res #.

jwolens | October 19, 2012

@Volker.Berlin- Your links were helpful so thank you for posting them.

I guess my mistake was going to the Tesla Showroom. I was given completely wrong information by someone who knew my reservation number. So he should have known that I would not be "grandfathered" in for included supercharging. When I found out that was incorrect, I had more angst than those on who posted on the prior threads.

I do have a few thoughts though. If people had already signed contracts that included the 60Kwh battery and supercharging at no extra fee, legally I would think Tesla had to honor those. If they allowed other people to finalize before a specific date to also get the supercharging included at no charge, then bully for them.

However, it does not change the fact that some reservation holders, like myself, had set up configurations that included supercharging as included with the 60Kwh battery and then that was retracted, as I was told when I called Tesla, "If there is nothing in writing, it can change at any point".

While others seem to think the way Tesla handled this could not have been better. I think there is room for improvement.

I do appreciate your information. I guess I will check the forums as my best source of Tesla info.

mrspaghetti | October 19, 2012


It says right at the bottom of the Design Studio page that (paraphrasing) all prices & options are subject to change. A thorough reading of everything on the Tesla website is a must for anyone considering purchasing this car - even the fine print.

The store employees are definitely not the best source for info. They're basically just there to make sure people don't mess up the cars on display and answer basic questions.

Brian H | October 19, 2012

I think GB is going to have to increase store staffing to the point that every employee can spend 1 day a week, or 1 hour a day, getting up to speed on all changes, refinements, and new developments in design and policy. Maybe computer track info they've accessed and been checked out on.

Misinformation to the customers and prospective customers is not just a nuisance.

mrspaghetti | October 19, 2012

@Brian H

I agree that store employees should be more knowledgeable, so if they're telling you something you can rely on it.

I don't necessarily think they need to increase staffing and get them the absolute latest news though. I'd just like to see them know at least as much as those of us who've spent some time on the website and the forums. And in my opinion, they should be doing that on their own time - they get stock options, for God's sake. That should be more than enough incentive to become a total Tesla geek.

jwolens | October 19, 2012

@Brian H- "Misinformation to the customers and prospective customers is not just a nuisance." Yes- well said.

@tesla.mrspaghet- I did not have a big problem with the supercharger added cost initially. I thought, I guess they crunched the numbers and needed to get some money back due to the added cost. I did read the fine print and understood that prices where subject to change.

However, I did not like the back and forth and think that is not representative of a system/company that is being "customer friendly". Seems like decisions are being made rather haphazardly.

Most importantly, I also would expect the Tesla's stores to be a better source of information than the Forums and that is why I went there instead of spending my time on the forums. If one of my employees told a customer something, even if it was wrong, I would fix the problem. Maybe train the staff better or honor what the employee said.

My 2 cents...

Brian H | October 19, 2012

"Seems like decisions are being made rather haphazardly."
I rather doubt that. In fact, I'd bet big against it. More like: considerations ranging from design constraints to cost to supplier capabilities and competence to "tearing and stretching" as internal systems are supersized to keep up with ramping and growth to surprise events to explosive widening of environments and perspectives as the "real world" has its say, etc., etc., are impacting their internal systems and managerial capacity. Like simultaneously juggling knives and bowling balls and balloons. ;)

jbunn | October 19, 2012


Definatly bad info. I got my "Time to build" mail on 8/23 and completed the configuration and signing process on 9/4, receiving the acknowledgement the next day showing it as accepted. I'm also a 60 with an R number of P4100 or so, and had supercharger shown at no cost. They announded the change from included to an additional charge of 2,000 on a Friday, and rolled it back that Sunday. Since we had a signed contract, that was a pretty rough weekend. But the criteria is did you have a signed contract, accepted by Tesla that says "No Charge". If you do, you are not effected. If you don't, when you get one, it's a charge.

Something interesting though... Because of the production delay, we won't be getting the car by November/December. Probably more like January, which means the car is not in factory assembly yet. On learing more about the tech package, my wife said the turn-by-turn maps is a must have for her. She also has a bit of a hard time seeing at night, and she usualy gets stuck as the designated driver when we go out. I wanted her to have the xeon headlights for her driving confidence, since we are sharing the car. I called today and asked the config specialist if a Tech package could be added. He said sure. (always easier to get them to let you spend more. lol)

Two other questions. I wanted to know if this would affect the delivery date (after checking he said no), and if I would lose the supercharger benefit (checked and said no). With that in mind, he canceled the config and redid the paperwork. All that happened today and I have the paperwork to sign.

How it looks now, is they show the supercharger as an option with a price of 2,000. On the next page where they show the financials, they have a -2,000 deduction of "supercharger early adopter".

While the miscommunication was tragic, it's pretty clear they ARE operating with integrety which is good to know, and I'm happy to pass on to everyone.

jerry3 | October 20, 2012

Misinformation and lack of product knowledge from the Tesla stores doesn't seem to be any worse than at Apple stores (another store where the employees have the reputation of being enamoured with the products they sell).

jbunn | October 20, 2012

Regular readers of these forums may have better product knowledge than new store employees. On the other hand, they have lives, and we dont.

MB3 | October 20, 2012

I have a full life. Right now its filled with waiting for my new car. Then it will be full of driving my new car.

jwolens | October 20, 2012

I had time today to sit down and read the forums on this issue.

I understand the sequence of events better now, although I was not told accurate information at the store (obviously) or even when I called and spoke to my reservations agent. I bet part of that was that I was mad at what he was saying, but he was mentioning something about waiving fees for those who signed before October 12th or something that I have not seen anywhere else. If they did add extra people to waiving the fees, good for them.

I do think shooting an email to reservation holders (like GB forum post) would have cleared up many of my questions.

I will say I called TM and spoke with same reservations agent 10/17th and asked specifically about if it was possible to add the supercharging to the 60Kwh later. I was clearly told that this had to be added at the factory and could not be added later. After reading GB's post, now I am really confused. I think I know what I want to do and will probably finalize next week once I get that question answered.

@jbunn- I appreciate your post and information. Thank you!!!
@brian H- now that I have read the forums, I agree and would now just say that communication has been poor and that TM did respond appropriately but did not communicate well that info.
@tesla.mrspaghet- now that I have spent some time on the forums and probably won't be back for a while, I guess you are TM's forum watch dog to provide caustic remarks to those who question the party line. Now that I see where you are coming from I understand and I appreciate your views, although I do not agree with most of what u say. I did find one comment from you that was helpful!

Brian H | October 20, 2012

jbunn, mboedigh;
+1, +1
Who says obsessing and nitpicking isn't a fulfilling lifestyle? Thousands of TM reservations are 'existence proof' that it is!

jbunn | October 21, 2012

Brian +1

Its been my lifestyle of late. The closer the time comes, the harder the wait. Obsessing and nitpicking is as close as I can get to driving.

mrspaghetti | October 22, 2012


@tesla.mrspaghet- now that I have spent some time on the forums and probably won't be back for a while, I guess you are TM's forum watch dog to provide caustic remarks to those who question the party line. Now that I see where you are coming from I understand and I appreciate your views, although I do not agree with most of what u say. I did find one comment from you that was helpful!

Not my intent to be the watchdog or provide caustic comments, and certainly not to enforce any 'party line'. Glad I was able to provide at least one helpful comment though.