Tax benefits for Tesla in Germany

Tax benefits for Tesla in Germany

Hello, I am looking if there are any tax advantages to the Tesla S in Germany. I currently have a BMW 5 series and I am up for car renewal next year hover it's about a 25K jump from the BMW to the Tesla. I already know the standard tax rules for freelancers so I am only interested in the Electric car tax advantages (if any).


Car t man | December 7, 2013

I don't think you really have any meaningful financial incentives in Germany.
I could be wrong but that is what I remember.

Buy the car through via financing or lease it. Or first imagine doing it that way, so you have a better picture of how quickly the savings will make up for the price difference, not to mention that Tesla is the better car..

Objective1 | December 7, 2013

Your primary tax benefit in Germany may be avoiding fuel taxes. Have you checked if electric vs. gas/diesel costs over, say, 5 years, will help make up the price difference?