Tesla Commitment to Satisfaction

Tesla Commitment to Satisfaction

I was on the way back to my office in Long Beach from downtown LA. I had a chance to charge in LA with a 220 connection, but left the adapter at home. I needed a bit of a boost and decided to take a 5 minute detour to the Hawthorne Charging Station. When I arrived there was a black P85 being worked on in the next stall. When I pulled in I was asked how I liked my car. I gushed, but I had two little problems. There was a slight buzz/rattle coming from what I thought might be the speakers in the right front door. Secondly, there was a very minor paint defect that looked like someone had left some sanding marks above the back end of the passenger front door near the pano roof. The next thing I knew, Greg who identified himself as the squeak and rattle engineer was in my car trying to locate the sound. It was minor and we had trouble finding it. We then went on a ride. Finally it surfaced. He got out his earpieces and worked on the car for half and hour. I think he found a light that wasn't pushed all the way into its housing. The noise seems to have vanished. John, the paint magician, came over and worked on my defect which was so slight as to not be worth complaining over.

I've owned Mercedes since 1978. When I first ocmplained about a weak air conditioner, I was told that if I wanted strong A/C, I should buy a Chevy. The car was made for driving not comfort. Thanks Mercedes. I felt like I was bothering the service department. The guys at Hawthorne were fabulous. Actually, fabulous doesn't go far enough. I felt that each of them wanted me to be not only happy but perfectly happy. Each man had pride in his car, his company and his work. I've never felt better about my purchase.

Oh, by the way, I was told that the black car they were so carefully tending was Elon's car. I understand the devotion to his car, but they gave mine the same treatment and I don't own the company......yet.

David Trushin | March 7, 2013

That jibes well with my service experience in Chicago.

cschock | March 7, 2013


sshrivas | March 7, 2013

I hope the other service centers are nearly as good in service. This definitely raises expectations. So far, my experience with Tesla has been mixed - great to excellent on sales side but going downhill on the delivery side. | March 7, 2013

I have found the service center experience to be excellent.

diegoPasadena | March 7, 2013

I had a question for Tesla about paperwork, and I also had a software suggestion. I put both into an e-mail to ownership yesterday. Instead of the e-mail response I had expected, I got a call today clearing up the paperwork question and going over my suggestion so he could submit it as I had intended. That's way beyond what I expected.
Yes, I know, I spent a lot of money for this car, more than any other before. And yet they've not only managed to give me a product that for some reason makes me feel like I won some sort of lottery every time I get to drive it, but they have hired a crew of people who understand this point in auto history exactly - not only what's at stake for the company, but what it takes to make those of us who took this leap of faith to a new technology understand that it wasn't that big a leap after all.

Vern110 | March 7, 2013

Agree with David, the guys at Tesla Chicago, go above and beyond.

rloehler | March 7, 2013

I have had a very positive experience with the Tampa Service Center as well. Great guys down there! | March 7, 2013

Menlo Park, CA has also been great! Thanks to Brian, Randy and Justin (and I'm sure a few others behind the scenes).