Tesla Factory - Tilburg, Netherlands.

Tesla Factory - Tilburg, Netherlands.

So apparently Tesla is opening a new factory in Tilburg in the Netherlands. According to the Article it opens on 22.08.2013, or tomorrow!?

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Here too:

Sorry it's in German. But google translate does a pretty good job:

As we reported in December, Tesla Motors opened its new assembly plant in Tilburg for the electric vehicle model S. As a concrete opening date of the Californians called the 22 August (so next Thursday).

Thus, this would be the first European work of Tesla Motors in Europe, most recently the first copies of the Model S in Europe were handed over to customers in Switzerland and in Oslo.
In Germany, the price range for the electricity Tesla Model S starts at 71,400 euros, depending on the battery capacity you can go far with the E-Car from 380 to almost 500 km.

Has anybody anymore info on this?? Comments naturally welcome..

ArieK | August 22, 2013

Official opening of Tilburg 'factory' is today!

bent | August 22, 2013

My understanding is that they ship over the Model S in (big) parts to the EU, and then do final assembly within EU in order to avoid being hit with import tariffs on finished vehicles.

Switzerland and Norway are different because they are not part of the EU, and cars get sent to them direct from California fully assembled.

Thank You. | August 22, 2013


ArieK | August 22, 2013

Video footage from inside the Tilburg assembly plant

Jean PierreD | August 23, 2013

the model S comes, 4 in a container via rotterdam. The car is 'completed' and on wheels, except some wiring, the motor and the battery
it takes +/- 2h to perform the final 'assembly'; a car is supposed to stay 24h in tilburg, not more.
thanks to this process, Tesla and their clients are saving 10% duties on import ...
Tilburg is a nice plant designed to extend its activities: ready for model X or more ...

ItsNotAboutTheMoney | August 23, 2013

@Jean PierreD

Exactly. It's taxation-enforced inefficiency, that hopefully will become more efficient over time.

hpoe5 | August 23, 2013

Here is the English translation (provided by Chrome):

Tesla opens subsidiary in Tilburg

Thursday 22 Aug 2013, 19:26 (Update: 22-08-13, 19:40 )

The U.S. manufacturer of electric cars Tesla Motors has today opened a new assembly center in Tilburg. In the new center, the electric cars of the Model S ready made.

From Tilburg wants the manufacturer supplying cars to customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. The cars come through Rotterdam by ship in Tilburg and assembled in the new assembly center.

The establishment of Tesla in Tilburg is a hefty lobbying preceded by the municipality, the province and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The assembly center employs fifty people.

15,000 cars
Tesla, which is based in California, began in 2003 making electric cars. The manufacturer has already sold 15,000 cars.

The new Model S is sold in Europe since this summer. Yesterday it was announced that the model in safety tests in the U.S. at all points the highest score achieved.