Tesla Military Discount... ENCS Partnership???

Tesla Military Discount... ENCS Partnership???

With many of the big vehicle makers giving discounts to military personnel and allowing for unique ways of customizing their vehicle from the factory, as is the case with Exchange New Cars Sales (ENCS), I'd really like to see a Tesla Model S brochure when I step into the offices of ENCS.

From my personal experience buying my last vehicle, the ENCS experience was awesome.
I was able to fully customize every possible feature of my Ford F-150.
The color, trim level, engine type, bed length, etc.

ENCS offers military discounts off MSRP for Ford, Chrysler, Jeep, Harley-Davidson, Buel, Dodge and Honda.

Lately, I've been looking to ditch the gas guzzler and get an electric car. The 2012 Ford Focus Electric will be available soon and I'm hoping through this program and I'm seriously going to consider it VS the Model S in my buying decision.

VolkerP | July 1, 2011


you will get a 25% discount on the electric rail gun option. otherwise - nope. Tesla has sold first year's production already. No need to stimulate sales with a military discount program.

Brian H | July 1, 2011

The battery is kinda wimpy by comparison:

'The Ford Focus EV has a Magna drive system and a 23 kWh Ford designed battery pack using LG Chem Compact Power lithium-ion tri-metal cells with over 17 kWh available in the charge-discharge cycle. Ford is likely to match Nissan’s 100 mile range per electric charge. The battery currently weighs 500 pounds. Ford has a roadmap that envisions the battery eventually being reduced to a size of the current Focus gas tank and a weight of only 125 pounds using new battery chemistry.'

Sudre | July 2, 2011

I was starting to get all excited about the electric Ford when I read, "Ford and Microsoft are partnering". Sorry I'd like to drive a car with a computer that runs properly... not locking up because some driver needs updating.

"......and Ford assured me that it would get better as the software controls are tuned......"

If it's Microsoft the "tuning" will take forever. You'll be driving down the highway and the car will slow down while Microsoft updates the software and reboots! LOL

On the up side it looks like it is just the, "Microsoft Hohm energy management application", so maybe it won't effect how the car drives.... just how it charges.
'Would you like to charge your car?'
(you click yes and walk away)
Come back to your car the next morning....
'Are you sure you want to charge your car?'

VolkerP | July 3, 2011

"charging your car... 11% done.... estimated remaining time 15279:42 and 12 seconds. Please do not disconnect the charging cable during that time."

Dan5 | July 12, 2011

I do not think they would offer a military discount. It would be nice if they did, but it's an up and coming company so they may not have the flexibility in terms of money to do that. If you are considering it, think about it this way, it's 57 K upfront - 7.5 K tax rebate - state rebate (if offered)- gas savings.

Yeah- I agree Ford with Microsoft- a sure way for disaster. You have a company that more or less says it's a "driver issue" when something goes wrong and an automotive company known for taking short cuts. Having LG in the mix too, that's asking for trouble, they've been dropping the ball recently in phones and other electronics. My prediction is that car will tank.

acegreat1 | November 11, 2014

Bump*. Do you think they ever will give some kind of discount for military personal?

Brian H | November 12, 2014

No, but military personnel, perhaps.

DTsea | November 12, 2014

Doubt it.