Watching 60 minutes the other week, I enjoyed a segment on Sal Khan, Khan Academy. At Khan’s office was a white board and on it was written “THINK EPIC.”
I liked the way it sounded and how appropriate it was for TM and the “S.”

The Khan Academy is an exciting evolution of teaching and schools. Just like TM.

You Tube-60 Minutes-Khan Academy. Hope you enjoy it.

prash.saka | March 22, 2012

I love the Khan Academy and what it does. And the person, Sal Khan himself, is a very modest person.

I remember reading one of his interviews where he was asked why he has this free academy and if he ever thought of making money from it. His response was, "I have a great job, great family, two honda cars; what more does a man want to be happy?" (or something on those lines). Such an amazing person.

~ Prash.