TM needs a more family car

TM needs a more family car

Model S has dashing dimension numbers (5 meters long and 3 meters in wheelbase), but its second row is still not for adults. Maybe it is because the motor, so the seat height is affected. So for next car, TM definitly needs a conventional car, a family car, like BMW X5 or VW Toureg. Gull-wing door soure looks fashionable, but it is not family oriented.

mrspaghetti | May 9, 2013

Why is the gull wing door not ”family oriented”? One of the main reasons for it is to make it easier to enter and do things like load children. The terms ”fashionable” and ”practical” need not be mutually exclusive.

KOL2000 | May 9, 2013

don't know what you are talking about. It's got room for 3 large adults to sit comfortably. Did you test drive it? It has as much room in the second row as our SUV! | May 9, 2013

This doesn't make sense to me. Not sure you know the MS or the planned vehicles.

Brian H | May 9, 2013

it's not polite to do that in public.

jchangyy | May 9, 2013

Been driving my ms for 3 months now and has plenty of room in the back. More than my mdx and Camry.

If you don't have pano roof, headroom in the back can be limited for taller passengers.

tylerhen | May 9, 2013

I would say the second row in my MS has MORE room then our family van. BTW, the "family" van sits in the garage whenever we go anywhere as a family(2 adults + 2 kids). This weekend, the grandparents will be coming along for 4 adults + 2 kids and we will be driving the MS exclusively.

Pungoteague_Dave | May 9, 2013

I smell a troll. The rear seat of the Models S is just fine for three adults. Having had the largest BMW's, Mercedes, etc., it is quite apacious and comfortable. It isn't up to the crew cab in our F-150, but for a luxuryt car, it is hard to beat. Try it first.

Maestrokneer | May 9, 2013

In fairness, the backseat isn't really comfortable for anyone over 5'-10" (or at least isn't without significant slouching). I'd also be concerned about my safety in the back if an accident occurred given my head would hit the roof instead of a headrest.

Fortunately, I never sit in the back, but the raking roof line does provide cramped headroom. That being said, this thread is pretty pointless given Tesla's next car, the Model X, is exactly what he's looking for.

weeandthewads | May 9, 2013

When I hear family car I also think price. They need a $40K version of some type. Right now they are a luxury car maker. It is about putting the tecvhnology in as many hands as possible. Eliminiate the need for oil.

jbunn | May 9, 2013

Did he get wished into the cornfield?

What would be trick would be a back seat that reclined a bit. Would be comfy for napping out on long rides. Not really possible though because of the rear shock towers, but would be cool.

Brian H | May 9, 2013

patience, Grasshopper. This time last year there were 0 MSes on the road.

GLO | May 9, 2013

Model X, you can reserve now.

CarlE_P439 | May 9, 2013

I am enjoying my Model S but a Tesla station wagon would be more practical as my family's second car as opposed to the Model X (though I confess my wife is on the waiting list)!

olanmills | May 9, 2013

How is the gull-wing door not "family oriented'"? Is it because it's kind of flashy? In practical terms, it totally is family oriented.