Tracking highest VINs

Tracking highest VINs

This thread is for tracking the actual highest VIN-number. Actually I found a VIN 9903 at TeslaMotorClub.
When do we see the 10.000?

Benz | April 15, 2014


Could you tell us wether you live (US / Europe / Asia)?

will2372002 | April 15, 2014


I live in the US/Dallas TX

bonaire | April 17, 2014

Any high vins lately?

From the folks at teslamotorsclub, they have a thread going there but some posters here don't add to the list. Maybe people here don't know about teslamotorsclub as a web site?

Ginormous Balz | April 17, 2014

Just got mine!

40534 - Taking delivery at the factory end of May (and it can't come fast enough.

Ordered it late March.

Ordered the 85 with a few upgrades.

theGshow | April 18, 2014

One...step...closer...VIN is here 41102.

Ordered 4/3/14; Confirmed 4/4/14. Mid-May delivery, but hoping they bump it up even earlier!

rangerdad | April 18, 2014

Just got my VIN today as well.. 41118

ordered / confirmed 4/7/14. June delivery. No other updates.

85 with grey, grey perf leather, piano black, tech, smart suspension, ultra sound, parking sensors, subzero, shelf.

theGshow | April 18, 2014


P85, white, pano roof, matching yacht floor, leather, 21" grey turbine, tech pack, UHFS, lighting, sensors.

pinnacle_fitness | April 18, 2014

got my vin today also 40771


may 26th delivery

theGshow | April 18, 2014

Nice Pinnacle.

How'd you get a firm delivery date? Also, when did you confirm you order, and where are you taking delivery?

pinnacle_fitness | April 18, 2014

no firm delivery date the specialist just said they're expecting delivery the week of the 26th.. just was keeping things short haha didn't wanna bore people with too much detail... delivery at the norristown location which they say may be moving to devon instead? since they're in the process of moving

theGshow | April 18, 2014

Just confirmed my delivery 5/22 in Costa Mesa, CA. DS indicated there was a good likelihood that it could come earlier.

GAGSTESLA | April 18, 2014

Mine is 5-21, still thinking about going to the factory to pick it up and start my road tripping!

DDGRBB | April 18, 2014

41319 assigned today for 5/30 pick up at factory

Brian H | April 18, 2014

We were tracking average/day for a while when the reservation #s were issued in strict sequence. How many days since June 22, 2012? I make it 665.

So the daily ave. sits at 62.1, including all the slow early months. Excluding a couple of those leaves about 600 days, or an average of 68.9/day. There were a couple of higher peaks back then, short-term, but the cumulative daily never got out of the 50s until recently IMO.

About 69/day is just over 25K/yr.

sbeggs | April 19, 2014

@Brian H, good analysis looking at reservation numbers over period of nearly two years.

martin.ferch | April 20, 2014

41488 assigned yesterday - desired delivery (to Germany) July

raetser | April 21, 2014

I just noticed my reservation number changed to a VIN number ending in 40794
I ordered beginning of March and should get the car end of June I was told...

tes-s | April 22, 2014

3636x in Milford ready for delivery.

I'm having the under shield installed, and saw this 85 and another one ready for delivery.

Magnus_Jansson | April 22, 2014

41489. Delivery to Sweden in July

Brian H | April 22, 2014

So, 41xxx being manufactured, 36xxx being delivered, = 5xxx in the pipeline(s).

negarholger | April 22, 2014

Brian - 5xxx have been delivered... just to poke at you.

Benz | May 5, 2014

VIN # 60.000(+) to be delivered in Q4 2014?

J.T. | May 5, 2014

VIn #42982 assigned April 30

tes-s | May 5, 2014

@benz - I would put money on it!

l.glazerman | May 5, 2014

38747 - expecting delivery around May 19

ocean | May 5, 2014

43540 - May 5 expect delivery in July

Mathew98 | May 5, 2014

Cinco de Mayo - Time to party like it's 1999!

yasha | May 5, 2014

40470 - expect delivery June 5th

Brian H | May 5, 2014

Ja, lost count of my xes.

_ | May 8, 2014

43796. Expected delivery June 19.

helge.erikstad | May 9, 2014

Got VIN today! :D 44039

rene.lebel | May 9, 2014

Got VIN yesterday : 43883. Estimated Delivery still Late June.

marshbur | May 9, 2014

Got VIN today: 43985; Delivery late June

hilbert16 | May 13, 2014

VIN 437xx/438xx with expected delivery June, sounds to me interesting.
It would be nice to know the source for these informations.
No info on my dashboard (My Tesla).

Mine is earlier (VIN 43061), and from my local Tesla Product Specialist I have today been informed that expected delivery is begin August.

Mathew98 | May 13, 2014

@hilbert - Those are US deliveries and it is typically 4 to 6 weeks between Vin# and pick up.

Tack on two more months for EU transport and customs and you will get yours in August.

duidui | May 22, 2014

Got VIN 45700 today destined for Hong Kong, expect delivery in mid-Aug.

carlk | May 22, 2014

@duidui That would be RHD MS right?

ScoobyDoo | May 22, 2014

VIN 44499, delivery date June 28.

goehring9 | May 22, 2014

44069 scheduled for June 25 - fingers crossed!

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | May 22, 2014

45732 only says July!

james.ruhmel | May 22, 2014

11597 California

amperialist | May 22, 2014

41578 - New Jersey; Delivery scheduled June 6. This seems a bit too high based on the prior post today. Any idea why?

tes-s | May 22, 2014

Based on the original post a year ago, over 30,000 in the past year!!

s.tournier | May 24, 2014

45779 for my P85....
Confirmed May 8th...

s.tournier | May 24, 2014

And delivery is June 27th

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | May 24, 2014

@s.tournier: what part of N.America are you taking delivery? My P85 is 45732 and taking delivery in Toronto, Ontario. Only date I have is July!

paul | May 24, 2014

@EdwardGTesla2 When did you confirm? I'm 45343 also in T-O with July showing, although I'm expecting August. Your P85 probably gets priority over my S85.

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | May 24, 2014

Confirmed on May 8th. This one is for me but have access to the wife's when she is feeling sorry for me. so I am sure to whine as often as I can get away with it. So far it's working.:-)

paul | May 24, 2014

Looks to me from various pieces of info that a few weeks ago there were about 200 orders a day. How many cars a day can they ship out of Fremont?

s.tournier | May 24, 2014

@EdwardGTesla - I am in Minnesota... Was listed as July and then Tesla called me and updated to June 27th...