Tracking highest VINs

Tracking highest VINs

This thread is for tracking the actual highest VIN-number. Actually I found a VIN 9903 at TeslaMotorClub.
When do we see the 10.000?

paul | May 24, 2014

@s.tournier What's your VIN?

Some advanced delivery dating has been happening in the USA recently, but it doesn't seem to apply to Canada, where EGT2 and I are.

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | May 24, 2014

The problem is if we knew what the production is it would be just one factor in estimating delivery dates. Off north America shipments are probably the biggest wild card but several others can have an effect. So we need to just keep an eye on developments on our dashboard. Currently waiting for "Gone to Production" , then "Preparing for Shipment", then call from DS.

s.tournier | May 24, 2014

VIN is 45779

amatiych | May 24, 2014

45686. Confirmed the order on the 11th. Scheduled to be delivered to NY on July 18.

bonaire | June 9, 2014

bump for June

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | June 9, 2014

45732 confirmed May 8th for delivery in July (no day yet) in Toronto Canada. Still sourcing parts!

Red P Black leather performance seats. All upgrades except sound , back seat, extended nappa leather.

Ajw | June 9, 2014

45160...still sourcing parts for east coast delivery, estimated June 27

reitmanr | June 9, 2014

A few weeks ago, I was told at Freemont that deliveries had gone past 700 per week or about 150 per day. I think I got that right. I do recall that the number was really impressive at the time! So we should surpass 50000 in the next few weeks. I remember what the wait was like when we were's worth the wait! And we are back at 2859, many months ago. Here in Silicon Valley, I am seeing over 10 MS each day, and I don't drive that much. Getting to be just another car.... sure it is!:}

bonaire | June 14, 2014

@reitmanr - do you mean 700 produced or deliveries per week? I guess they are the same thing, really.

jordanrichard | June 14, 2014

Just to give everyone an idea of how fast they are now cranking the cars out, I took delivery on Mar 29th and my vin is 32897.

Kimscar | June 14, 2014

My car is 45330 due July 10th

golftoday | June 14, 2014

46517 pick up at the factory July 11.

arldent3300 | June 14, 2014

47278...... P85 confirmed 5/13. Estimated delivery August. Saw several others confirmed same time but receiving theirs June 29 and 30 already. I am bummed out.

JimR-RedwoodShores | June 15, 2014

Reading the dates, and the VINs, it is pretty clear that the VIN does not correlate well with when things come off the assembly line. I would expect that VIN assignments are being shuffled around (distributed out-of-sequence) to make it more difficult to ascertain the production rates, etc. I wouldn't expect this to have been an issue for other car companies... as I've never heard of such VIN publicity before!?! Most public companies avoid publicizing data that gives insight into how business is going.

For example: I saw an order (above in this thread) confirmed 5 days later than ours, with a VIN that was 1500+ higher than ours, and having the same delivery date.

My VIN is 44232
Confirmed May 3rd (P85+ loaded... should have a short(er?) delivery time)
Delivery (at factory) June 27th (12 days from now)
Still listed as "sourcing parts" but Tesla has sent me the finalized price sheet.

negarholger | June 15, 2014

Last week VIN close to 45k was delivered. VINs are not in order of build or delivery, they give you just a rough idea how many cars.. cars are being build as the needed parts arrive e.g. P85+ has wider tires and if these tires are still in transit then other cars are being build before - you build what you can build. Just in time is a ballet and Tesla is still on the early phase of learning.

akikiki | June 15, 2014

To you new order-ers: Come on tell us your new VIN.
We've not seen anything higer than 47xxx in a while.
We are due for a 48xxx or 49xxx could be about time for a 50xxx

Out4aDuck | June 15, 2014

At the end of this month, lifetime Model S deliveries should be at 39,050 and the highest VIN assignment should be around 49,000.

Ma'Tes | June 18, 2014

Took delivery this week after ordering 4/26

nobueno | June 19, 2014

The loaner I drove over the weekend was brand new... At the Fremont store... 44896

jjchan.OH.US | June 30, 2014

Just received my VIN#: 49045.
Delivery date is still "Late August"

karmamule | June 30, 2014

Hey jjc, out of curiousity, when did you confirm your order?

jjchan.OH.US | June 30, 2014

I placed my deposit AND confirmed on the same day, May 30 2014

Underdog | July 2, 2014

VIN#48903. P85. Late August. Have no fear!

Captain_Zap | July 3, 2014

I loved Underdog! Speed of lightning, Roar of Thunder...
I never thought much of Sweet Polly Purebred.

Congrats on the car.

K85D | July 3, 2014

Vin#49052 S85 Delivery Late August

nickjhowe | July 3, 2014

Less than two weeks to 50,000!! 25,000 was bright orange. I wonder what they'll do for vin 50000?

Underdog | July 3, 2014

@Captain Zap: Thanks! He has Instant Torque and unlimited ZEDog credits.

@ken_koffler: Congrats! I should have ended my last post with 'Late August will soon be here!'

One month seemed like two. Hope the next two are easier.

mbirnie51 | July 3, 2014

I was in my local Service Center on 6/27 (Friday), there were about 7 MS's ready for pick-up by new owners. Each had a little stickey note on the windshield indicating a Saturday or Sunday delivery with Vin#s written on it; the highest Vin# was 45298. These are delivery vin#s not the ones mentioned above for future delivery in August etc. Most MSs that come off the line in the early part of the month go off to Europe or China, and about the 20th of the month, these stay in the USA. With this observance and the guidance from the last shareholders meeting, end of July deliveries in this area should see Vin#s in the 53xxx to 54xxx range.

Brian H | July 4, 2014

There's no difference between a "delivery VIN" and any other VIN. The car gets one and only one, for its lifetime!

bonaire | July 5, 2014

No, deliveries at the end of July should be in the 47000-48000 range unless it is from the factory and that may be a little higher. Vin #s are given out roughly 30 days prior to production. Lately, the latest given out that I have seen was 4908x on 7/1. The factory will be shut down for a couple weeks in July. So, I see Noooo way anything above 49,000 is delivered during July other than maybe fresh from the factory in the 48-49 range. End of August could see some 50,000 range deliveries, of course.

I see 45,7xx went into production on 6/30 and let's assume they build about 2,000 or less in July. Do you see what I am getting at? Also, many in the ranges lower than that have yet to be built - many of the Australia orders have Vin #s now as do Hong Kong, but have not yet been built.

bonaire | July 5, 2014

And, I doubt you will see Vin # 53,000 given out until at least August, delivery mid-late Sept. 50,000 seems destined to be given out around mid-July unless they hold-off given them out for the next week or two due to the plant shutdown for the 2nd line re-tooling.

Out4aDuck | July 5, 2014

VIN assignments averaged 800/week for the second quarter. But with the July re-tooling imminent, the rate has dropped to under 600 in the past 6 weeks. It will easily increase to over 1000/week once things are back up and running. Where we end up at the end of July or August is hard to predict.

mbirnie51 | July 5, 2014

I see my error....My point of quoting the observed Vin# of 45298 was regardless of area in the US, Service Centers get a flow of vehicles from the factory commiserate to that areas orders. My error was not extrapolating the quarterly production rate of 7k+ to a one month rate, which should be +- 2.4K units. So Bonaire…you have more correct estimates (my corrected estimate is 47,6XX). Yes..BrianH..there is only one Vin# per vehicle and I have no way of quesstimating the production date of those automobiles noticed in the Service Center but I would be interested in knowing that they might have come off the production line, say, June 22?? And at what date was that Vin# scheduled into production with the new owner’s commitment deposit??

Brian H | July 6, 2014

commensurate; I commiserate with your malapropism.

Nexxus | July 9, 2014


Mbirnie sounds like that super hero Malaprop Man!!

paul | July 9, 2014

@bonaire There's not much of a rule to this that I can see. My 453xx went into production July 2, 43 days after VIN assignment, and looks to stay there a while (although there's no guarantee that the limited information I see is accurate). The type of car (P85 is said to get priority) and location (some countries may get slow production, unrelated to potentially longer shipping time) are important.

bonaire | July 9, 2014

rapo: My feedback mainly was for US-destined deliveries. Other countries like Hong Kong had Vin #s given 3 months prior to production. Maybe similar for the Australian units.

txakoli | July 9, 2014

Alas, my VIN number was assigned today. 49457. S85 to SoCal.


19 May 14: Ordered. Estimated delivery: Early September
20 May 14: Confirmed. Estimated delivery: Late August
9 Jul 14: VIN assigned. Estimated delivery: Late August

windex | July 9, 2014

Ordered May 17th, confirmed May 20th, vin # 49450 assigned today. S85. Late August.

NKYTA | July 9, 2014

Welcome all! Grin! :-)

Who gets 49,999 and 50,000 this one wonders.

negarholger | July 9, 2014

50,000 will have no color choice - ugly frog green.

johncrab | July 10, 2014

4944X assigned last night for "late August" delivery. Now I can let myself get throughly excited. I called mom this morning and repeated a question from when I was four: "How can Santa get down the chimney when we don't have a fireplace?" Mom's reply, "It will be a case of breaking and entering as always."

SALTY DOG | July 25, 2014

49914 - early September. It's on the way!

Confirmed June 20.

dborn | July 25, 2014

JEALOUS. VIN 46612, and no delivery date. However, i AM in Australia, sigh......

verbraken | July 25, 2014

50471. MS85. Ordered end of May, will take delivery on Sept 3rd. Woohoo!

psrenv | July 25, 2014

51522 conf 6/7..picking up at factory 9-12-14.

draconious_z | July 25, 2014

Need to time my order right, so I can get Vin 54321 :)

Kondo | July 25, 2014

I heard from a delivery specialist that #50000 went to an employee who worked some deals. I would have if I could :) I missed by 93 ... 49903 Delivery September 5th

litmaj0r | July 25, 2014

51583 here. Pickup in Denver on 9/11 .. hope nothing blows up!

karmamule | July 26, 2014

My VIN is 50411. Evidently I have all the info on Model S! ;-)