Tracking highest VINs

Tracking highest VINs

This thread is for tracking the actual highest VIN-number. Actually I found a VIN 9903 at TeslaMotorClub.
When do we see the 10.000? | July 9, 2013

Quick update for VIN 15609 (an MC Red S85). Reserved on 6/19, release for production the next day (got the VIN), with a delivery window of July 15-31. Just heard back from my Product Specialist that it will "pass the Factory Gate" on 7/12. That's about 22 calendar days, which is cool; however I think I read the factory was closed for the first week of July, so this is more like three weeks or so for a bespoke care, which is pretty impressive.


cohast | July 9, 2013

#16632 Delivery late July

SamO | July 9, 2013


I think the methodology for the tracking is spot-on. That your number tracks the other data point of the factory tour leads me to think that Tesla is sandbagging in their comments and is building lots of cars.

Their jobs section of their website shows they are filling hundreds of new spots for second and third shifts.

All signs point to Tesla selling a minimum of 30,000 cars in the next 12 months. More likely 40,0000.

FranknWC | July 9, 2013

AmpedRealtor | JULY 8, 2013
@ fnealnwc, I finalized two days after you did and my VIN is 16XXX. How did you get such a low VIN number? Are you not in the US

Sorry Amped ! left off the first #. Should of been 16071 | July 9, 2013

All signs point to Tesla selling a minimum of 30,000 cars in the next 12 months. More likely 40,0000.

Great, the SuperCharger threads are really going to get feisty now. :)


Brian H | July 9, 2013

If the factory was closed the 1st week of July, all those chart computations are low.

Benz | July 9, 2013

On the Tesla Motors forum, in the thread "Norwegian Deliveries", j.gjerde just posted that he received an email from Tesla Motors on July 4th, 2013:

Mail from Tesla July 4th;
"There is no delay in Model S deliveries, all we did is that we will start a bit later instead of July in August, but this wont affect your Model S delivery.
As we are going to ramp up production and delivery very rapidly. So you can still expect your Model S in September – October."

If this is true than this is very significant BREAKING NEWS, I would say. Right?

Anonymous | July 9, 2013

Woo Hoo, got my VIN: 16942

Ordered 7/5
Confirmed 7/6
VIN on 7/9

Robert Hodgen | July 9, 2013

Just got my VIN today 16924.

Can't wait!

cfOH | July 9, 2013

Congrats, tezzla and Robert!

Cattledog | July 9, 2013

This great information and news (unless TSLA is doing some weird calculus with VINs). Thanks to all.

kent | July 9, 2013

cfOH - Thank you for taking the time to graph and update Tesla's progress. Your information is invaluable for the investing community between announcements.

justineet | July 9, 2013

Great....approaching 17,000 at mid calendar year!

kmelnuk | July 9, 2013

Got my VIN 16676!!

Ordered 6/25
Confirmed 7/8
VIN received 7/9

Grey P85+

Benz | July 9, 2013

Highest: VIN#16942 (tezzla)

Anonymous | July 9, 2013

does that mean I'm last? :( S85

fyi: I ordered CA personalized plates last week before my test drive (TEZZLA) (how's that for faith)

avanherk | July 9, 2013

Today, July 9th I also got my VIN officially in My garage. S#416 will be delivered in the Netherlands and has VIN# 16777.

justineet | July 9, 2013

Are we getting different vin#s for US customers and oversea ones. If so how come avanherk from Netherlands has vin# in the 16,ooos?? Maybe Tesla trying to keep secret the number of sales overseas??

Winnie796 | July 9, 2013

Vin# 16910

Got it today! Norway P85+

Benz | July 10, 2013

When people receive their VIN numbers, it all has got to do with planning of the production of the Tesla Model S's at the Tesla factory in Fremont.

Production of Tesla Model S's with similar options (colour, pano roof, etc.) are joined in a certain batch (as much as possible). This is done to achieve some efficiency in the production process (among other reasons).

Speed Racer | July 10, 2013

Finalized/Confirmed on June 26th ... keep calling daily to try and get vin for insurance but they told me my vin was not assigned yet but indicated car would come off the assembly line around the 22nd of June .... finally got vin of 1694x yesterday some 12 days later ... not sure why everyone who finalized that same time has vin"s 800 numbers lower ... does that mean I have to wait? has this happen to anyone else?

cfOH | July 10, 2013

@Speed Racer: It may be that your specific configuration was put into a batch that wasn't large enough to schedule for production until just the past couple of days. What type of config did you order?

Benz | July 10, 2013

@ Speed Racer

It all has got to do with the batches that have got to be composed before the actual production of the concerning cars can start.

Don't worry, it's just a matter of days.

By the way, it looks like that you might have the highest VIN number so far. What is the last digit?

Speed Racer | July 10, 2013

my config was non-performance 85khw , tan leather,, pano roof and a kid jump seat, ... nothing fancy.....

Benz | July 10, 2013

@ Speed Racer

The batches are all about the combination of options. Just think about how many possible different combinations you can make with all the combinations of the options that are available.

cfOH | July 10, 2013

I'm not sure exactly which options are used to create batches -- I expect pano roof, suspension choice, perf/non-perf, and child seats may be -- but "fanciness" isn't necessarily the factor.

Benz | July 10, 2013

@ cfOH

That's correct.

But there's more to it. If one option has can result in several different choices (colour), then that already extends the total number of possible batches enormously.

MichelVO | July 10, 2013

Delivery to Belgium: just got my Vin confirmed : #16748

Benz | July 10, 2013

@ Speed Racer

It looks like that you might have the highest VIN number so far. What is the last digit?

Benz | July 10, 2013


Benz | July 11, 2013

Production is being ramped up at the Fremont Tesla car plant.
So, there should be more VIN numbers revealed to customers.
So, where is everybody?

tobi_ger | July 11, 2013

Out, driving, of course! :)

mumanoff | July 11, 2013

On order.....16571, due in August.

Alaa | July 11, 2013

Elon just said that they are making 400 cars a week. Forget the past now there are 26 more weeks to come for 2013; thus 400*26=10400.
So We are sure that Tesla will make that many cars and that is on the conservative side. Earlier it was mentioned that 500 a week was seen while walking in the Tesla factory, and indeed Elon just said that they are doing more than 400 and not marginaly. So the total production for the next 6 months could be 13000, that is if they only make 400 cars a week. I personaly think that this will be more than 400 a week. A geometric progression might help here, but the bottom line is that in 2013 Tesla can make more than 50k cars.

SamO | July 11, 2013

Vin 16927 pickup in Fremont on August 15

Mathew98 | July 11, 2013

Producing 30K is not the same as delivery 30K cars at the end of the year. However, they'll be trying mighty hard to deliver every single one they build (within 2 weeks of production).

There's also a backlog of loaner cars that's needed in the show rooms and service centers. Apparently some lucky soles figured out a way to jump the line by buying these top of the line loaners.

My SWAG is about 23 - 25k delivered by end of 4Q this year.

SamO | July 11, 2013


I think you are likely correct BUT FOR they are hiring for second and third shift, so those numbers will likely grow a bit more with increased production in 3rd and 4th quarters. My guess is closer to 31K

LDC | July 11, 2013

VIN 15692 just notified that pick up will be on July 19--had been previously told to expect delivery between July 18-August 1 --so far, on the early side.

nbw13462530 | July 11, 2013


If you don't mind my asking, where are you picking yours up? I'm VIN 15685. Wondering if I will get notification soon?

dirk.saenen | July 11, 2013

@jmdejong :

Sig ? What's your number ? Thx.

rfriess | July 11, 2013

I am waiting for 16961.


tobi_ger | July 11, 2013

Q: I thought production was done in 12h shifts so that they'd actually would need to add an extra production line? Please correct me if I'm wrong there.

SamO | July 11, 2013


Production is supposed to be done in 8 hour shift, two working, one maintenance.

But Tesla has needed extra line workers and given them overtime to reach vehicles per week (as of January 2013).

On the conference call at the quarter's end, EM stated that P/T employees were being minimized. But on the TM employment website, there are lots of available positions on the production line.

I think that a single "line" will support up to 60,000 cars per year of production.

[All of this does not include battery pack assembly which I heard was already running two shifts].

tobi_ger | July 11, 2013

Thanks SamoSam. How cool would it be to reach the 60K next Q... ;)

Benz | July 11, 2013

Highest: VIN#16961 (Bob)

SamO | July 11, 2013


I think it might be a stretch but my retirement account would be very very happy.

LDC | July 11, 2013

Pick up in Van Nuys CA.
One thing I noticed is that the VIN number the "Delivery Experience Specialist" sent in his email to me is NOT the same as the VIN number in the "my garage" on the teslamotors website. I wrote him back asking if there is a problem that the VIN numbers don't match. Am I just being too picky? I haven't heard back from him yet.

SamO | July 11, 2013


No you aren't being picky. I recall that at least one TM poster reported that the wrong car was delivered.

A 60 instead of the limited 40 that he/she ordered. The VINs did not match either.

LDC | July 11, 2013

Heard back from them--it was their mistake, now corrected the VIN--I guess I better check the car when it arrives too!

eplaza | July 11, 2013

Today 7/11. VIN 17149!