Verizon Clamshell phone? Has anyone successfully paired?

Verizon Clamshell phone? Has anyone successfully paired?

Help...If anyone has a Verizon flip phone that pairs with the Model S, would you post the model? While I have an ATT iPhone for data and web, my Verison flip phone is my primary voice phone, and it does not pair. No amount of working with Tesla has helped. Tesla has no answer. I am willing to get a different flip phone, but not another smart phone.

orb | January 28, 2013

I had to enter 1234 when Bluetooth prompted for an ID code after the Model S detected my clamshell phone (Sanyo Taho on Sprint), this appears to be one of the common default codes (0000 is the other).

Hope this helps,

stevenmaifert | January 28, 2013

My wife and I both have Verizon Motorola MOTOKRZR K1m flip phones. I finally got them to pair. Here is what was happening. I would put the MS phone app into discover mode and then go to the K1m's Bluetooth function and tell it to add new device. The phone would see MS, but MS would not see the phone. After much tinkering, I noticed that when I brought up the Bluetooth function on the phone, there was a settings function accessed by the right softkey. The settings function had two options. 1) My Phone Name and 2) Discovery Mode. Discovery mode had on and off bullets that could be selected. I selected on, hit the OK button and the readout said "Discovery on for 3 minutes. Other devices can find you". After a second or two, the MS phone app saw the phone. I selected it on the touchscreen and entered code 1234 on the phone and they paired up. So the takeaway here is look for something on the phone in the Bluetooth section that will put it in discover mode separate from "Add New Device".

Hills | January 28, 2013

Thank You Stevenmaifert!

My phone is a 2.5 year old Samsung Convoy. Here are the Tesla people who tried but failed: Delivery specialist, Ownership guy #1, Menlo Service manager, Ownership gal. I've tried another 30 times on my own. Failed every time. The phone always sees the Tesla, Tesla own saw the phone once, but could not pair. The service manager told me getting phones to pair is one of his biggest problems, and many phones have trouble. He also said he emailed headquarters but my phone was not on a supported list.

Tonight, I tried another 30 times, and Tesla saw the phone once but failed to pair. Finally, the Tesla saw the phone one more time and displayed a code on the 17" screen, the same code appeared on the phone, and I was quick enough to press ok. The phone paired!!!

I will celebrate tomorrow if the phone can connect! FYI, turning the discovery to "on" was important. But there was never an opportunity to put in a code such as 1234. In probably 100 attemps, only 3 times did Tesla see the phone, and the code generated by Tesla only showed up on the phone once.

stevenmaifert | January 29, 2013

Hills - Congrats on getting it to work. Once paired, the MS phone app automatically extracted our phone books. I've had several bluetooth capable cars and that's never happened before. If you make changes to the phone's directory, the MS phone app will update the car the next time they link up. The voice command has also functioned without a hitch.

Hills | January 29, 2013

Failed again! This morning, Tesla still had the clamshell phone name listed, but would not connect. Since it took me 45 min last night to get it to work, will have to try again tonight.

Anyone else has a clamshell that succeeded?

Hills | January 31, 2013

Steven: I was never able pair the Samsung flip phone again. Tried and tried. Smart phone is just not convenient for lots of voicemail work. Going to look for a new clamshell phone, not easy!

stevenmaifert | February 1, 2013

Sorry to hear it didn't work out. So far, so good with our two MOTOKRZR K1m phones.

jat | February 1, 2013

@Hills - I'm confused about how a smartphone isn't convenient for voicemail work - I use Google Voice and I see an inbox with transcribed messages, can play back individual messages as easily as reading email, etc.

If you don't want to use Google Voice, most carriers have some sort of visual voicemail app which works similarly, though generally without transcription.

Hills | February 1, 2013

Jat: You probably know something I don't. I use iPhone for everything except voice. I use clamshell for voice. I get 30-60 work voicemails a day, and frequently need to navigate cumbersome menu tree when I need to forward voicemails. To forward one VM I may need to press 20 keys (old PBX was simple, the modern Microsoft or Cisco user interface horrible but I digress). I don't know how to do that by voice. Either I have to look down at smart phone to press the soft keys, or look down at Tesla screen to press the soft keys. With clamshell it is all tactil and I can press keys w/o taking eyes off the road.