Waiting time for new and in stock and used vehicles

Waiting time for new and in stock and used vehicles

Any idea what is the waiting time for a new Tesla Model S after the deposit is made?
Also are there in stock vehicles for sale from cancelled orders?
How about used vehicles for sale by Tesla?

dralroberts | September 30, 2013

Just ordered a P85 two days ago. Delivery date 'December'.

RIsquare | September 30, 2013

Congratulations ! Great Christmas timing.

What day? It wouldn't matter if the wait is 1 year but for 2-3 months wait it does matter if delivery is first or last week of Dec or in between.

tomkist | September 30, 2013

If you order from the dealer inventory list, the wait is a few days to almost the same as a custom order. Really depends on what is available vs. what you like. My Model S was dealer inventory and was a new car, delivery in Fremont in 10 days from order date.

RIsquare | October 3, 2013

tomkist How do I find what is available in "dealer inventory list"? Is there a web site for it?

Mathew98 | October 3, 2013

Call ownership experience or the number on TM website.

mna123 | October 3, 2013

Wait time in US is now 3 weeks on average.

LarsT | October 3, 2013

In Germany the wait time after order right not is between 5-6 month as a German sales rep told me today.

LarsT | October 3, 2013

correction: "now" not "not".

Gizmotoy | October 3, 2013

@mna123: No it's not. If you order a P right now you'll be quoted December delivery. That's 8+ weeks, and the S85 and S60 might be longer than that.

RIsquare | October 3, 2013

Maybe they quote later date to be on the safe side or as the saying goes "...under promise and over deliver" rather than the other way around.
I was wondering if 3 weeks delivery is real life experience or a guess by @mna123.

Gizmotoy | October 3, 2013

@Risquare: Well, people who ordered in September are being assigned their late November delivery dates, so you can probably extrapolate from there. mna123 doesn't have an S on order.

Gizmotoy | October 3, 2013

Sorry, I meant started getting their VINs with Late November still shown on their status. Those who ordered early September may have a late October delivery scheduled.

2kids10horses | October 3, 2013

I ordered an inventory car off the list. It had to be shipped in. Drove it hope 12 days later.

tcoyle | October 4, 2013

I ordered my 60 on Aug 27th and picked it up in NJ on Sept 23rd.

Lou in SoCal | October 4, 2013

People are getting quoted around a 2 month delivery timeframe. Checking the delivery thread on TMC forum, it appears that cars are being delivered in around a month.

This makes sense with the under promise, over delivery concept. When I ordered mine back in November, I was told June/July. Subsequently took delivery mid-February.

dstiavnicky | October 4, 2013

Apparently some guyin Toronto with a thick wallet took delivery of a loaded P85 three days after his test drive.

Not fussy on colour and this 'loaner car' happened to be delivered exactly then... ( I know because it was supposed to be my loaner and I got stuck with a Maxima instead). That's what I was told by Toronto service.

P.S. - They now have a note in their system to never give me non-Tesla loaners again.

Kaboom | October 4, 2013

Order confirmed on Oct 2 for S85, with requested delivery of Novemeber. So far no changes or updates on when delivery with be.

NoMoGas | October 4, 2013

Auto Finalized Aug 13, 2013
Arrived in Raleigh Sept 4, 2013
Drove home (with the grin) Sept 5, 2013 around 7pm

Blue S85, Tech

Subparmike | October 4, 2013

VIN: 24702
Issued 9/30/2103
Confirmed on 9/27/2013
Ordered 9/14/2013.

Spoke with my delivery specialist today. Scheduled delivery of 11/16

S 85, blue with grey leather carbon fiber, tech package, air suspension, parking sensors

TheDoctre | October 4, 2013

Interesting, it would appear the ordered on date trumps the confirm date. I ordered on 09/23/2013 and confirmed on 09/24/2013 but don't have a VIN or a date beyond the "Late November" that I got when I placed the order. Subparmike, did you DS call you or did you call them?

S85, MC Red, Piano Black, Black Perf Leather, Pano, Tech, Sensors, Fog, UHFS, Lighting, Subzero

jjr64 | November 22, 2013

I confirmed my order on a 60 on 10/26. My dashboard status immediately went to "We have begun sourcing parts for your S" and shows an order number (I believe it's the order number, not a VIN). There is a "preferred delivery date" option and "January 2014" is the earliest that has been available since the day I ordered. I was so exciting to the get the process moving.

It's now been almost a month since I ordered and NOTHING has changed. The message is still "sourcing parts....", there is no information on delivery date and there is nothing about a VIN. This is beginning to get a bit discouraging.

crazybrit | November 22, 2013

I bought a loaner vehicle. It didn't have all the options I wanted, but it is a Pearl White P85 and I love it. It was at pre-August pricing, plus a $12k discount, and it arrived one week after I ordered it (had to be trucked up from CA to MN). I went over it with a "fine tooth comb," and it is in perfect condition (5300miles). The warrantee starts from the time I took delivery. Great way to go. The only two things I wish it had were the parking sensors and the winter package. Neither were available when the car was built back in July. Other than that, it is loaded. Oh, and it has 19" rims, perfect for MN.

J.T. | November 22, 2013

@jjruble Be of good cheer. I took delivery on June 17th. My dashboard said that my car was in production until July 12.

crmohler | November 22, 2013

@jjruble, I have a 60 on order also. Things take a bit longer for the 60. I confirmed 10/6 and received my VIN on 11/5 with contact by my DS around 11/8. Delivery is scheduled for 12/21. It does happen, it just takes a while. Believe me, I understand the pain!

togliat | November 22, 2013


I believe the delivery dates for the S60 might be longer than for a P85, per some "priority one month delivery" verbiage on the web site itself. I ordered & confirmed my P85+ on Oct 28 and have delivery scheduled for Dec 6. It just switched from "sourcing parts" to "the factory is building your model S" two days ago. Total interval is just short of six weeks. I hope this info helps. Hang in there.

jjr64 | November 22, 2013

Thanks everyone. I knew when I placed the order that the 60 had a longer lead time than the 85. Hey, money talks - I get it! I'm just a bit concerned about going 5 weeks with radio silence. I called my rep today and she is going to check with corporate to make sure everything is in order.

I think from a point of just placating the (anxious) customer, the website would have more status updates that at least give the illusion that you're getting closer to the finish line.