We are way too supportive of Tesla...

We are way too supportive of Tesla...

...Maybe to a fault. So, I got a letter yesterday from the New York DMV. It was a toll booth ticket dated 2/2/14 for our Mercedes Sprinter RV, which we rent out to others when we're not using it.

We live in Northern California, and usually our renters stay relatively local, so this was a little surprising. I sent the ticket to our rental manager, who said Tesla neglected to tell her about the ticket. Then I remembered the notice we got from Tesla about the recently completed cross country rally...

And boom: There she is, the unofficial support vehicle for the trip. If you look in the background of the photos in this post (, you'll see a blue Sprinter. And they didn't even know we're Tesla owners.

Dear Tesla:

Now look guys: you're welcome to use our RV whenever you want, but you have to pay the tickets. ;)

p.s. As a sign of good faith, I think you should help us electrify the RV. Deal? Imagine the headlines next time: "First Cross Country Road Rally Including All Support Vehicles."

All best,

2013 Model S - "Ghost"

ian | February 20, 2014

D'oh! That sucks. I'm sure Tesla will pay the toll.

Great story though! Haha!

GeekEV | February 20, 2014

I don't know how it works in NY, but here in CA the tickets are automatically issued by camera and sent to the registered owner. I once had a "FasTrak" transponder in the car with me, but it didn't scan for some reason and I got a surprise ticket in the mail. It's likely Tesla didn't even know they incurred the ticket. Your rental manager should have a way of forwarding the ticket on to the rentee. I'm sure they'll pay.