What is the expected useful lifetime of a Tesla (not the batteries - in miles)?

What is the expected useful lifetime of a Tesla (not the batteries - in miles)?

I've heard stories of old Mercedes turbo diesel cars hitting 400K miles. I'm sure various bits even major bit needed service over this span. But it make me curious. What is the useful lifetime Tesla is engineering to?



Timo | November 30, 2013

Motor can last several million miles. As for rest of the car, I have no idea. It is quite modular design, so probably with replacement parts a really long time.

David70 | November 30, 2013

Well, I doubt I'll live long enough for more than 200k to 300k miles, but I hope to be driving mine until I'm so old that my kids make me stop driving.

richardriver01 | November 30, 2013

If Tesla warrants the battery for unlimited millage and 8 years. I suspect it to go well beyond 250K miles before it start noticing some apparent degradation. In reality, depends how deep are the discharges cycles. I will always limit my charge to 80% and discharge above 20%. Only charge 100% and discharge below that when necessary (long distance ). I am not sure if the same applies to Tesla batteries, but in the Nissan LEaf ( which I have ). I have not use CHademo Chargers and only charge from 20-80% and a few times to 100% for longer trips. at 16K miles there is still no degradation of the battery it actually shows 101% of capacity. Other Nissan Leafs with about the same miles show low to mid 90%s capacities, most of them routinely charge to 100% and use the Chademo charges frequently, also, they are in hotter climates. There can also be other factors such manufacturing defects, driving habits, etc.

ian | November 30, 2013

@richardriver- I don't know if the Op changed his thread title after your post or not but he specifically asked about the car itself NOT the battery.

@rpomeroy - I can't seem to find it but I believe did a look at how the car was engineered and came away thoroughly impressed. They said many components in the suspension specifically looked to be over engineered and looked quite robust.

Knowbody knows for sure but I would guess the S will last a long, long time.