What the MODEL S Needs

What the MODEL S Needs

I am a reservation holder and i just had y first test drive. The car accelerate greatly but there are things that need fixing.

1)The sound system needs finer volume adjustments. 12 is too few –A Software update to change the sensitivity would be nice.
2)The Air suspension is not adaptive enough. Height control is okay but road harshness needs to be dampened. Software update needed to change its response. Look at the program which other cars like Audi and Lexus use.
3)Need the stop and hold feature like BMW.
4)Need option for creep as well for stop and go traffic.
5)Need an off feature for either screen with a speed limit sensor/chime. At night I don’t want to see the bright screen. Dimming it is not enough.
6)Need a holder or a screen in the back for rear facing child seats. I don’t want my kids looking at headlights. They may want to play games or watch Dora.
7)At the bottom of the windshield you can see distortion perhaps in the way the glass bends . That should be look at.
8)Need a protective coat over the door handle inner part when it pulls out. It wont take long to get destroyed, scratched etc
9)Need option to discharge the battery through the charge port so that it can be used to power your house in a power outage.
10)Need option to adjust sensitivity of accelerator/rheostat/gas paddle.
11)The back seat cushion (not the back rest) needs a sharper incline to make it feel bigger.
12)The door wells need to be lower for entry and egress.
13)Need a softer cushion around the screen (bezel at the bottom) to rest your knee/leg.
14) better visibility out of side mirrors

The steering is perfect
the acceleration on 300 mile batt is perfect

Timo | September 20, 2012

1. Like 120. 12 is very rough for any sound system, I can't agree more with you.

2. can't say this or that for it. It probably is quite nicely balanced based on reviews and I think there was an setting which affects the suspension behavior. Maybe it was in too hard setting in your test drive.

I think 3,4 and 5 will come as software updates, at least 4 has been promised.

6. don't have kids.
7,8 minor issues I believe
9. not really a "need", "want" is more like it. You can buy UPS.
10,11,13,14 personal preferences more than issues or requirement
12 limited by battery frame I believe.


SMahindra21 | September 20, 2012

For 9 ur rite its a want but also a need should be to discharge the battery in the event of accident or fault. Having all that store power can not be good.

thanks for the feedback

Teoatawki | September 20, 2012

re: 9

I believe that Tesla has stated the battery pack is not designed to be able to do that.

Crow | September 20, 2012

GB says 1 is being worked on as a software update. For the other things in your post, I disagree. Those things aren't necessary. The air suspension is perfect.

Michael S | September 20, 2012

14: i think the mirrors rock. you can also have them auto tilt in reverse.
9: i like it.
12: got no problems with any door entry. my 80 year old mom loved the back seat.
6: kids watch too much tv anyway, i would never have something like that in my car.

AndrewB | September 20, 2012

Having put about 800 miles on my car in the past 12 days, I agree with only #1,5 & 7, (I don't have the rear seat option #7) I would however add:

- Seat memory function
- Rear cup holders
- rear fold down arm rest where middle seat is - like BMW's
- doors need to be easier to close, was told the the seals would get better, but thus far no
- more info on power usage, its just one screen now
- timer for charging - like the Roadster
- range feature that cut back on power/torque in range mode

These are relative nits for a car that is spectacular, but no reason to not keep improving

Beaker | September 20, 2012

- Seat memory function <- I thought this was included
- timer for charging <- this one too.

+1 on this:
- range feature that cut back on power/torque in range mode

AndrewB | September 20, 2012

Those two are not included, but was told by my delivery person they will be in a future software update

Beaker | September 20, 2012

Thanks AndrewB for the info.

Docrob | September 20, 2012

There is a range mode which cuts back on power, it is activated by applying less pressure to the accelerator.

SMahindra21 | September 21, 2012

Thank you for your comments. Please keep adding what you think the car should have or needs. Dont get me wrong its a great car but we can make improvements.
CROW you said the suspesion is perfect? It does not have any settings only height control. My crappy R350 felt better on the bumps. Dont confuse quite with smooth. I will drive it again and i hope ur rite. I would love for it to be perfect.
Everyone: what about the door handle in the car. It seems to either be in the wrong spot or poorly configured. Add the Mercedes window button control to the list. Its downward slope makes me open the back window when i wanted the front.

Micheal S the mirrors could be better since the rear end of the car flares out. Tilting down is not that great to brag about. Its convienient but not that great. Lastly i suppose you dont have kids. Kids loe their TV and it saves your sanity on road trips.

Like i said good comments keep them coming.

Cindy.holland | September 21, 2012

Saw the paint armor on a red signature today and Tesla really needs to change this so that they offer full coverage of the entire hood. The current setup really shows in my opinion. It looked like a big scratch across the hood.

olanmills | September 21, 2012

Yeah I don't know why we can't just have it over the whole hood. I've seen other cars with the partial coverage, and I hate it.

michaellboman | September 21, 2012

Interior conveniences:
1. Sunglass holder
2. In-door pocket
3. Pocket in back of driver/ passenger seats
4. Pull down arm-rest/ cup holder in back seat
5. Cup holder in all door arm-rests

BYT | September 21, 2012

Is the pocket still there on the front of either seats on the Model S? Front driver and passenger side seats that is?

Teoatawki | September 22, 2012


If that bothers you, don't get it from Tesla. Get it done by a customizing shop locally to "your" satisfaction.

EdG | September 22, 2012

Apparently, the stuff comes in sheets only wide enough to do what you've seen already. If/when they make it wide enough to cover the hood, there won't be a visible end.

wright151 | September 22, 2012

I am a reservation holder for a 60 Kw Tesla, thinking 95% of the time I drive less than 100 miles per day, so why drag around the extra weight of an 85Kw Tesla battery, but why not offer quick install short term battery leasing for 60 Kw Tesla's for those occasional long trips to temporarily upgrade to 85Kw? There was info earlier from Tesla that 60Kw could be upgraded to 85 Kw. Current plan: drive my other car.

AndrewB | September 22, 2012

Let me add a couple more wants
- rear floor mats
- radio that will scroll thru favorites verses going to next available station
- tiire pressures monitor - like the Roadster

J King | September 22, 2012

to allow me to dispose of my other cars. Extra battery pack that can be rented to extend range. Make a connection in one of the storage areas, and have say 100 mile capacity packs that can be changed out at charging stations.

jcadman22 | September 22, 2012

+1 on the battery swaps
>95% of my driving would be satisfied by the 40 kWh pack but there are a few times a year when it would be great to rent a larger pack for road trips

Crow | September 22, 2012

After all the rave reviews by noted reviewers and my own judgement, I would say you are definitely not in the majority on your opinion about the air suspension. It makes my Lexus seem harsh over bumps and handles corners like the car is on rails. You can nitpick on the car but smooth ride and handling have been universally praised by knowledgable people.

ColonyGolfer | September 23, 2012

Here's a want....actually, more of a need....Rear-view exterior mirrors that fold in, electronically with a switch at the driver's reach. Then I wouldn't have to get out of my car, fold them in manually to drive into my garage. A problem on rainy days and garages in FL are narrow. 3" clearance on each side is too little.

jerry3 | September 23, 2012

+1 on the tire pressure monitoring.

jerry3 | September 23, 2012

+ 1 on the folding mirrors.

suegie | September 23, 2012

I, too, would love to see an improvement on #12. My Camry hybrid (FWD) is easier to get in and out of from the rear seat. I understand that they want to hold as many folks as possible, but a rear wheel drive vehicle just always seems to cause this issue. One of the reasons why I thought about switching to the Model X...AWD. Love those falcon doors...but still can't wait to get my hands on my Model S!

Alex K | September 23, 2012

@jerry3 | SEPTEMBER 23, 2012: +1 on the tire pressure monitoring.

There is some capability built in. I had read about it on some post (here or TMC), but can't locate it using any kind of search function. The author had mentioned that this information was available on a diagnostic screen and that you could bring up the screen before driving and then it would remain there. It didn't sound very convenient, but was better than nothing.

vouteb | September 23, 2012

+1 on folding mirrors
(I thought that was standard anyway!)

jerry3 | September 23, 2012


Manually folding only. The request is for:

1. Mirrors fold automatically when the power is off.

2. A button to fold the mirrors for negotiating tight spaces (parking spots and narrow garage doors).

SamuelZ | September 24, 2012

Tire every new car on the road.

vouteb | September 24, 2012


Thanks, agree completely

mikeadams | September 24, 2012

Regarding item #1 for finer volume adjustments... I have seen others propose adding decimals after the number or changing the numbering so that there are more steps. I think it would be cool to keep the original numbering, but make the numbering scroll up and down smoothly as though the numbers are on a cylinder. That way you can have inbetween settings, keep the large numbers and the spinal tap refrence stays intact.

Teoatawki | September 24, 2012

0.0 to 11.0 in steps of .1 or .2 preserves the spinal tap reference for me.

I am also concerned that 12 steps will have too poor a resolution for my optimal listening. My wife's car audio system has a range from 0 to 40. Still, I occasionally hit conditions where one level is too low and the next one up is too high.

TINO F | September 24, 2012

I had an opportunity to drive the Model S this weekend. It was a P85, and it was very fast. I do have 2 real world concerns, but am hoping it was just the vehicle I drove.
The first concern is that I could hear the Pano Roof making a buffeting sound the entire time, and it was closed. The second item is that while my wife drove, and I was in the back seat, the noise from the rear tires was really loud. The Tesla agent who was very nice, and very knowledgeable agreed with me, and mentioned that he keeps the sound system on so that it was not as prevalent. This drive was in the city, and I can only imagine how this would be at 75mph. Are there any owners out there that can shed some light on this since your in them daily?