“What you got in there?”

“What you got in there?”

P85D vs ferrari street race.

Just wish there was a rear view cam, will have to wait for another video of Ferrari vs P85D

neilhamrin | December 15, 2014

The day I took delivery of a 98 Lexus GS400, it was the fastest (0-60) production 4 door in the world.
And now I could do it again. But I think my 85 will continue to satisfy my need for speed.

sagebrushnw | December 15, 2014

@ teslaver

At 1:29 in video:

What does "STOP" sign mean in Florida?

teslaver | December 15, 2014

In any state, as long as its a Tesla or an EV... it would mean to slow down as much as the regen makes you in a reasonable time. Dont ever use the brakes - not good for the environment...;)
With the dealership laws, this is just another law that may need to be rewritten.

MileHighMotoring | December 15, 2014

Feels a lot like a fake video.

MileHighMotoring | December 15, 2014

I'm not saying the car isn't faster than a Ferrari. I'm saying it feels like a phony setup.

NomoDinos | December 15, 2014

eco - yeah, that funny smell isn't from the Ferrari's exhaust.

vinny_s85 | December 15, 2014

tesla just posted this video on their facebook page. i'm not entirely comfortable with that, as it looks like they are condoning street racing. still an awesome video though.

jbunn | December 15, 2014

Like sagebrush, I was not amused by blowing off that stop sign. You can't tell if any speed limits were being broken, but the stop sign thing was not cool.

sagebrushnw | December 15, 2014

Whether it is a EV, ICE, school bus, truck,motorcycle, bicycle, etc., a "STOP" sign means STOP, otherwise there should be a "Yield" sign.

tezzla.SoCal | December 15, 2014

That's just a California stop.

sule | December 15, 2014

Maybe he did, in fact stop and accelerate back to speed do fast that all that fit in between video frames, so it can't be seen? :)