What's it like to wake up with a full charge every morning with a Roadster?

What's it like to wake up with a full charge every morning with a Roadster?

In the Tesla Model S Forum, I posted a discussion group where we talked about this. However, all of you veteran Roadster owners have this experience that all of us Model S future owners are awaiting.

I am interested in hearing from Roadster owners regarding how the change was from going to having to get gas every few days and now just waking up with a full "tank".

I was imagining a world in the future where gas was no more. Then I thought, what would that world be like if they never used gas to begin with? I then realized how ridiculous it is that we have to go to gas stations to fuel our cars when instead, we can wake up to a full "tank of gas (really a full charge)", ever morning that we charge in the comfort of our own homes.

So I wrote a very thought-provoking article titled "Cell Phones and Cars in an Alternate Universe."

Here's an excerpt of the article:

After paying some bills and replying to all my emails, I headed to my garage, unplugged the charging cable from my car, and began my morning commute to my office in Century City, as I do every morning, with a fully charged vehicle. I never take for granted knowing that every morning, I wake up to a full range of 160 miles, even though my office is only 30 miles away.

You can read it completely at the website at:

Max Mindel

Douglas3 | January 31, 2012

Exactly as you say, every morning I get up and I have a full "tank" of electrons. It usually costs me $30 to $40 a month, which wouldn't even pay for half a tank for a gas car. And I don't have to muss about filling up at noxious gas stations in foul weather. I just take 10 seconds to plug in the car when I get home.

While driving the car daily I don't even think about range. I not only can go to work and back, I can run errands all over town or even well out of town; it doesn't matter because the Roadster has plenty of range. At the end of the day I'm rarely below half full, and the next morning it's full again.

I've never experienced so-called "range anxiety", except when my gas tank in my old car was very low.

Brian H | February 1, 2012

One of the "fears" is of forgetting to plug in, and being left short the next day. Ever done that?

SteveU | February 1, 2012

@Brian H: If you get in the habit of plugging in every time you park at home, you are unlikely to forget (I think). If you try to plug in the last time you arrive home for the day, you probably will (or at least I probably will) forget occasionally. In my case it still works out fine as my typical daily drive is 30 miles, my longest daily drive is 125 (never two days in a row) so if I forget once it really doesn't matter. (Yes, this could be a argument for wireless charging. Personally I'd really rather not waste 5% or 1% or even 0.1% of the energy.) | February 1, 2012

Steve, I would love to see wireless charging. Sure there's a cost, but it becomes one of those luxuries we enjoy that make our quality of life that much better, and in this case, compared to gasoline, is still a bargain. Would I give up my air conditioner and install a swamp-cooler or just use ceiling fans so I could save the money I use in air conditioning? I doubt it. Even though air conditioning has a high cost, we've all grown use to it, and we enjoy the benefits, so we accept its cost. I think wireless charging could become a norm in the long run. I currently use it to charge my iPhone 4S which I wireless charge in my home as well as my car.

I think too, it could motivate more people to switch to EV if it were available. "...yes sir, you can purchase our gas-guzzling Lincoln which you'll have to stop off and refuel every 3-5 days, or you can but this Tesla, which you just park, and it charges itself fully by itself whenever you park it in your garage."

Sounds good to me!

Max Mindel

Douglas3 | February 1, 2012

@Brian H,

You quickly get into a routine and don't tend to forget it.

I forgot to plug in once when the car was about a month old, when I didn't quite have my routine established, but as it happened I remembered a couple of hours later. It didn't matter anyway because the car had gobs of range left.

About a year later I somehow got distracted in the middle of plugging it in and didn't push the slider forwards. It didn't matter because the car had gobs of range left.

Most of the time I could easily go several days on a single charge.

Timo | February 2, 2012

My problem with routines is that I forget did I do it or not. I have been well on my way to work countless times when I start to wonder "did I leave a coffee maker on or did I turn it off" and headed back home to check it. It has been off every single time (this far).

I believe plugging BEV in would become similar problem very fast.

SteveU | February 2, 2012

@Max: As Douglas3 says, the routine just isn't a problem for me. So the "luxury" of wireless charging returns exactly zero for me. Therefore it isn't worth any cost greater than zero. Of course others may find they have a different experience and may value wireless charging more.

Brian H | February 2, 2012

As noted, only a problem if you're nearly depleted, or short of range for the next day. Seems to be a rare occurrence.

As for your 'routine forgettery', doing some trivial different and weird thing each time would give you a 'hook' to hang onto. And exercise your creativity!

Timo | February 3, 2012

More seriously about that "routine forgettery", it would be nice to be able to call the car to check out its status, does it still charge, is the cable connected at all, does it feel lonely and should I take it out for a spin etc. Some android/windows/iPhone app or that purpose should be a standard (optional which one you want).

Brian H | February 4, 2012

Sounds like an open trap door into vehicular psychosis. OTOH, it would be sweet to see you driving down the Autobahn singing love duets with your X.

Brian H | February 4, 2012

Or whatever roadway you and she prefer in Norway.

Douglas3 | February 4, 2012

The Nissan Leaf will text you if you forget to plug it in. If you have their app on your phone that will also signal you. It notices that you've parked at a location where you usually charge (using its GPS) and if it doesn't eventually get juice it signals you.

the bonnie | February 4, 2012

There was a long thread last year on the TMC forum about how often people forgot to plug in. It was a rare occurrence, with most situations occurring because of a distraction or other interruption.

I've had my Roadster for over a year now and haven't once forgotten to plug it in. I pull in the garage, I plug it in, I shut the garage door. There's something satisfying about that blue light coming on. Mind you, I do forget to charge my phone at times :)... but not my car. And I suppose if I did, it wouldn't be a big deal - I only use about 40 miles of range/day on average. There would be plenty left if I didn't charge.

dsm363 | February 6, 2012

Also, with software, you could program your car to send you a text message at 10PM for example telling you that you forgot to plug in or you could check with you mobile phone. There are many possible solutions that make forgetting to plug in less likely. I agree though, it is really not a problem.

Brian H | February 6, 2012

Well, it's the prospective buyers who have the worry. They're the ones who need to hear the message!

dsm363 | February 11, 2012

That's why Tesla can advertise their software solution to the potential problem in people's minds. Free iPhone or Android app to talk to your Model S with a built in/optional plug-in reminder feature. | February 12, 2012

Bonnie and Douglas, thank you so much for your great quotes. They really make the message and experience clear! I've put your quotes on the Teslamonials page of the website. They are on the right side of the home page. Thanks!

The more people know and understand the benefits, the more people will adopt this better way of transportation.

Thanks again!

Max Mindel

the bonnie | July 3, 2012

Max, while I applaud your resourcefulness to obtain quotes for your website, I'd prefer if you either 1) asked me directly, or 2) attributed it to the website where you took it from.


Brian H | July 4, 2012

Half a year late, bonnie! |8-0

the bonnie | July 6, 2012

Yep, I don't get over here that often.

Brian H | July 7, 2012

"What's it like to wake up with a full charge every morning with a Roadster?"

Why would you go to bed with a Roadster? Even in a king-size? As for the "full charge" part, no comment!