When will Model S get the new Mercedes stalks?

When will Model S get the new Mercedes stalks?

One disadvantage (except perhaps for long term Mercedes drivers) of the Model S is the awkward placement of the steering wheel stalks, where the blinkers' stalk is placed lower than where most drivers expect it to be. Luckily Mercedes (finally!) rectified this issue in 2011 by following a more industry standard stalk placement, albeit that the blinkers' stalk is still combined with the wipers. Also the gear stalk on the right is positioned slightly better in the 2011 design.

All new Mercedes's since then have the new stalks. But Tesla is still stuck with the old Mercedes stalks, so I was wondering if anyone new if / when they would be upgraded. It's probably best to ask this question to Tesla directly, of course.

Maybe it will only happen for the Model X or Model E, or maybe Tesla will design their own and not use Mercedes as organ-donor any longer. In any case, a relatively easy upgrade for the Model S would be to swap to Mercedes' new stalks.



New (front view):